MMS full form in English|| Pros,cons, MMS v/s SMS, their working procedure!!

MMS full form in English

MMS full form in English: Multimedia Messaging Service.

Multimedia messaging service or MMS is the advanced version of the classic SMS. To be very precise, SMS is a facet of MMS. MMS is the better version of SMS providing more advanced options. Along with the sharing of text, it also supports a ton of different options. Besides black inked text, one can also share and receive a number of things. From a simple png image to all other versions (gifs, tiff, image etc.). However, the sharing of videos, graphics, music and other files is also supported. MMS gives us an entirely new world of sharing stuff. One is free to share anything that can be shared digitally. However, MMS is just the ancestor of modern-day telecommunication applications. So, it couldn't be considered as the ultimate version of communication.

The technology of MMS was invented as late as 1984. It was built as a cousin technology to SMS, that runs on a cellular network. However, it was initially made for collecting a fee every time one snaps a photo. And sends it over the cellular network to another receiver. Being a massive manufacturer of mobile phones. And having the maximum use of cellular network all across the country. The United States has a record increase in the usage of MMS. Over a period of three years, from 2010 to 2013. The states have recorded an increase in its usage to seventy percentage in total. However, knowing the MMS full form in English is worth it.


MMS full form in English

From the above diagram, we get to know about the way an MMS works. An MMS is sent from the sender to the receiver. So, technically the and first of all, the MMS passes through the sender's MMSC. To the receiver's MMSC via the internet. However, once the MMSC is present on the same carrier. The MMS directly reaches the receiver via the HTML source. The multimedia message get opened in the receiver's screen. Once it is received from the web itself. However, knowing the MMS full form in English is worth it.

  • SS: Senders screen.
  • RS: Receiver's screen.

  • MMSC: Multimedia Messaging Service Centre.
  • MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service.


1. Above all, SMS are only limited to sending text messages. Whereas, MMS provides a ton of other options too. Using the classic messaging application. One can send a piece of black inked text. However, MMS enables the user to embed a number of different stuff. From the text to images, videos, slideshows etc. MMS has gained a plus point in it.

2. With the SMS, we are capable to send a piece of text. But with the only additional option to embed a link in it. No multimedia can be shared over the cellular network. Whereas, MMS allows us to send a piece of text to a certain limit only. But the sending of multimedia is also supported.

3. Coming to the cost. SMS are used to be cheaper than MMS. It is to be noted, that MMS charges thrice the price. Of that, a single SMS will charge. It is an obvious cause. Once we add more services, the cost goes up. MMS provides additional services and hence it has a high cost.

4. Bending towards the marketing part. MMS is more effective than SMS. It gives a lot of option to gain retention. And attracts its viewers more than its potential. MMS has potential, having the flavour of multimedia in it. It increases the chances of attracting viewers and hence getting more views.

5. Not as important as the others. Popularity. MMS is not that popular as SMS are. However, with the increment of technology. both of them are getting popular. However, SMS allows only a limited amount of text to be sent. Maximum 160 characters and not more than that.


1. MMS is the better version of end to end communication. Unlike short messaging services, MMS provides more advanced options. It provides the user with a handful of tools to make and send the best version of a message. Moreover, it is an application. That enables the transmission of the exact message, the sender wants to send. Adding, images, audios, videos, slideshows and other decorative stuff. Makes it attractive and exciting!!

2. The average SMS is not more than 160 characters. So, SMS limits the transmission of text length to the users. However, with MMS one can send that black inked text of any length. Furthermore, they are supported in different fonts, colours and styles. Moreover, the addition of images and other decorative stuff. Makes the message more attractive and traction gainer.

3. MMS is impactful. Having the flavours of multimedia in them makes them effective. Unlike, SMS, MMS messaging helps the viewer to get the idea of your message directly. Since images speak a thousand words. MMS is used to put a non-textual message to the receiver. Making it more impactful and easily understandable.

4. MMS is good to receive. They are experts in conveying the message. Picture messages especially play it cool. When it comes, the season of festivals and occasions. People have made it a trend to send related MMS all over the market.


Being a facet of the technology world. Everything has its pros and cons. However, MMS is not known to have that amount of cons. The highlighted cons are cost and support. MMS charges a higher cost, on any operator. It may be any network of the telecom market. Moreover, there are certain handsets that are unable to show the receive MMS. This could be considered as the prime disadvantage of the multimedia messaging service or MMS.


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