IMA full form in army|| History, ambitions, & top 5 ways to join it!!

IMA full form in army

IMA full form in army: Indian Military Academy.

Above all, IMA is the short form for Indian Military Academy. It is a training academy for the shortlisted army aspirants. It is situated in the cold state of Uttrakhand. Geographically, it is located on the foothills of Himalaya. Coming down the NH-72. IMA is located near the city of Dehradun. Specifically located at a distance of 7.9 kilometres from it. The entire academy campus is spread over a clean area. However, that sums up to a total of 1400 acres of land. Being in the cold region, it serves as a challenge for the candidates. Moreover, to face and remain motivated even in extreme conditions. Moreover, the academy is dedicated to training candidates for the army. Each and every candidate of this academy. Comes out with officer rank. However, IMA is a dedicated academy, involved in making interested candidates, as ranked army officers.

The academy's establishment date was as old as 1932. It was simply the result of the need for an academy. To train them and make them war-ready. It was established under the recommendation and direction. Of the central military committee of India. That is known to run under supervision. Of British India's Field Marshal Mr Philip Chetwode. As the academy began to grow old. It started to gain popularity and name. People all across the country began aware of this academy. However, starting from a small academy, holding a batch of only 40. It has grown over time. And in the present time, it can hold the strength of more than 1k candidates. Moreover, knowing the IMA full form in army is worth it.


The Indian Military Academy runs. With a specific motto and ambition of its own. It is aimed at providing the right knowledge to the right people. It has its motto of "Valor and Wisdom". Is completely focused on the candidates all-round development. Along with being strong physically. The candidate is also required to have mental and emotional strength. One of the most important components of this academy is that it is highly disciplined. It learns it candidates the art of facing hardships. Changes their mind to focus on themselves. Helps in providing a vision to their mind and body.

IMA demands some qualities from its candidates. However, the prerequisites of joining it are listed below:

  • A healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Must have a good physique. Moreover, the body should be completely fit. Shouldn't contain a bit of disease or any bone disorder.
  • The chest must be broad, should be extendable up to five centimetres.
  • Must have a set of healthy organs. No organ-specific disease should be found.
  • Skin diseases or any kind of allergies will not be entertained.
  • Must have a decent sprinting speed. Should be able to cover a distance of 2.4 kilometres in 10 seconds.


To achieve a goal, there are multiple different ways. Similarly, joining the IMA also has multiple ways. One can join the army via his successful completion. Of the training and education plans in the IMA. Moreover, there are several different examinations through which, one can join the IMA. Check the list below for the same:

1. The NDA way: A ton of students, who are army aspirants. Can be seen to spell the name of this academy most of the times. The reason is that. NDA is an after the twelfth examination. Moreover, to successfully join the army direct to an officer rank. After, choosing for army branch. Deserving candidates will be moved to IMA and will be trained for a year or so. But the entire journey takes a time of four years in total.

2. The CDSE way: Interested male army aspirants. Can join the IMA via passing the CDSE also. One is required to appear for the pen and paper, written test. Followed by successfully clearing the SSB interview round. And then, have to pass their respective medical fitness exam. Furthermore, after completing all these three rounds successfully. The candidates have to make it up to the final merit list. This way they can directly enter the officer rank. The media has a usual announcement of the same. Either in the month of March/April or in the month of September/October.


3. The TGC way: A candidate is required to be in the final year of any technical U.G. course. He must be a good performer in all subjects. Thus, having the most deserving GPA. TGC helps technical students (b.Tech/B.E) to directly enter the army. However, this Technical Graduate Course is only for certain ranks. Of technicians and technical engineers in the army workforce. However, the announcement of this one year course. May be heard sometime in the month of May/June or Nov/Dec.

4. The Institute entryway: There are certain though rare institutes. Accepting the candidates in the final or third year of their graduation. But it is a gateway to those students. Who are either an army aspirant or may want to join other branches of the army. Furthermore, those candidates are required to hold that minimum GPA requirement. To get a job in the defence.

5. The AEC way: The candidates who are pursuing a post-graduate course. Are only allowed to join through this way. Army also accepts some aged, though experienced candidates. They may be of any discipline of education. Moreover, the Army Education Corp is known to accept only MA and MSc students. The announcement of the same can be heard. In the months of May/June or Nov/Dec. Moreover, knowing the IMA full form in army is worth it.


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