HCL company full form|| Subsidiaries, partners, relations & history!!

HCL company full form

HCL company full form: Hindustan Computers Limited.

Above all, HCL (or Hindustan Computers Limited) is an Indian MNC. It is an IT-based consulting company. Its entire functions are based on Information technology and its applications. The MNC is known to headquartered at the state of Uttar Pradesh. However, it is known to be a subsidiary of the HCL enterprise. HCL is known to be spread all over the world. To be very specific it has a large consumer base. In the superpowers of the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. However, the MNC has a notable revenue collection. Rich enough to be listed in the Forbes list of the year 2000. Gaining the twentieth position in the list of the world's biggest trading companies.

According to Wikipedia, HCL is known to emerge in the year of 1991. It was the era and time. HCL entered the market of the software business. Within a very little time. The enterprise began to take its stake. Consequently, its growth curve kept on growing. Coming to its present scenario. HCL has grown into a trusted enterprise. Having an employee count of about 147k+. However, it also has a suitable and good infrastructure. That is plus pointed by research labs also. Coming to its consumer reach. However, it has recorded the most branded consumer demand ever. That includes 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000 companies. However, knowing the HCL company full form is worth it.


1. HCL Technologies: This subsidiary helps HCL and other organisations. To grow and maintain their digital products and services. Furthermore, it helps companies to grow and develop their business in the digital world. It is primely a technology subsidiary. That majorly deals with the support and assistance to technology-based products. Moreover, believes in research and inventions. To make the consumers happy and satisfied regarding their digital needs.

2. HCL Infosystems: The major and prime IT subsidiary. HCL enterprise has made it. To meet the IT needs of its consumers. It is a world-ranked reputed organisation. Focused on providing information and communication support. Moreover, helps consumers with its updated IT services. Furthermore provides valuable, flexible, and consumer supportive IT products.

3. HCL healthcare: The enterprise made it for solving the health-related issue. It may be addressed as a hospital in itself. It is based on a network of health centres. That is known to be the helping hand of the enterprise. Furthermore, it is focused on providing corporate healthcare and services. The services are distributed as dentistry, preventive treatment, healthcare & cure, and wellbeing programs. However, knowing the HCL company full form is worth it.


HCL is a great business enterprise. Due to its excellent and notable services. It is known to have a wide reach, globally. Moreover, it is spread among 44 countries providing its services.

The various business lines it operates on ranges from developing IOT intelligence. To several other business and marketing devices. The lines are broadly divided into Applications Services and Systems integrations, Business services. Furthermore, it becomes more notable. With its service lines short formed as BPO, ERS, IMS, IoT, and DRYiCE. All of them have their own individual significance. And each of them is necessary for the successful operation of the multinational company.


Being an MNC, HCL is known to be a great partner of the UK and Ireland. It is known to have a great ecosystem with both these countries. However, fifteen years from now, it has expanded its services. To the country of Ireland. Armagh and Belfast are the first to receive its services. However, HCL's BPO services began to take a stake in Ireland. The places like Armagh and Belfast turned into the supreme delivery lines. Moreover, HCL spotted County Kilkenny particularly. To handle its BPO services, after Armagh and Belfast. It is in an attempt to sky-high the graph of employability there.

Coming to the UK, it has expanded during the UK trade of 2006. HCL was nationally recognised. The then UK prime minister, Mr Tony Blair promoted the expansion. It was only to support and increase the employability. The number of BPO and IT-based jobs began to increase in that area. Giving the unemployed a chance to make a living.


HCL was known to joint venture with CSC. In order to become a particular banking software and services company. Moreover, it has named themselves as Celerity, Fintech. Furthermore, it was October, 2017th when HCL get a call from IBM. They again bend towards a partnership. Together they became the later versions of the IBM's Lotus Software's Notes. Domino's and of the Sametime & Verse collaboration tools. Once, again in the transportation sector. HCL extended its hands to become partners with Transportation Alliance (BITA). However, the alliance is known to incorporate blockchain in the transport sector.

HCL has also made it to the software giants. It left no attempt to do partnerships with the PC maker. Dell, the world-famous software industry. Known to make a personal computer with an edge. Have announced the official partnership on 9th of June, 2015. Furthermore, it has taken the niche subsidiary of HCL, the HCL Infosystems. Again, for the IT-related work. The HCL has expanded its partnership with Trans Grid. Transgrid signed a five-year contract with HCL. However, chosen its niche subsidiary of HCL technologies. The main work was of outsourcing and managing stuff abroad. Majorly to Australian based organisations.

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