Full form of GATE examination|| history, additional facts & syllabus and eligibility

Full form of GATE examination

Full form of GATE examination: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

The GATE is an entrance examination. And it is conducted for the engineering graduates. It is conducted every year. To test the comprehension skills of an engineering graduate. Moreover, it also tests the logical, reasoning and other mental abilities. Passing the exam of GATE for any engineering graduate. Is simply a matter of proud. It has made many students capable. Of joining professional career paths. The aptitude test is conducted on behalf of the MHRD. By several different IITs and the IISCs all over the country. The GATE is a national test. And hence its qualification ratio is small. 

Likewise, the IIT-JEE, GATE is another toughest examination. Conducted for engineering graduates. And precisely, at the national level. However, knowing the full form of GATE examination is worth it.


The candidates are eligible to appear in the GATE examination. Must comply with the basic rules and regulations it has mentioned. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

1. Under graduation: The minimum education qualification required for the GATE is undergraduate. That is, he or She must be a bachelor degree holder. Or a final year student of any engineering course. According to the branch of engineering, the candidate will be allotted question paper. Moreover, the candidate is required to have a proper higher secondary (10 +2) certificate. That is completed prior the graduation. Via a regular full-time course.

2. Post-graduation: The next level qualified candidates. That have either completed their post-graduation. Or are final year students of any P.G. course. Are also eligible to appear the GATE examination. However, the candidate must have completed the U.G course. Prior to the P.G. course of two years or so. However, the admission checks all the two certificates of class 12th and under graduation.

3. Education by professional societies: The candidates who have completed any course. Recognised by any one of the professional societies. Are also eligible to appear the GATE examination. Those societies (UGC, AICTCE) are providing. An under graduation equivalent course to its students.

4. Age limit: There is no official age limit mentioned by the authorities conducting GATE examination. However, a maximum of five attempts is allowed. That is a candidate with the same identity. Can only appear a total of five times in his lifetime.


The GATE examination will be on a total of twenty-five different disciplines. All of them are several different engineering branches. From Electrical, Electronics, to other IT, telecommunication and computer science papers. Moreover, in the pure engineering branches. GATE has involved a total of fourteen different paper sections. To be very specific it includes sections. Like the engineering mathematics, chemistry, biology along with some other sections too.

Coming to its duration, it is a three-hour-long examination. The paper contains both. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and Numerical answer type questions (NATs,) it helps the authorities to find out the level of skills, candidates have. Moreover, it also examines their time management and accuracy. The three-hour-long exam contains sixty-five questions in total. And the maximum marks a candidate can score is 100.


Although, talking about its syllabus. The GATE examination covers a handful of brain teasers. The questions are really tricky. However, the syllabus comprises of four different sections. Starting from verbal ability, numerical ability. And ending to technical ability and engineering mathematics.

Verbal ability checks the knowledge of English grammar. However, its prerequisites are English grammar. In which the candidate must know how to form sentences. That has proper meaning and the use of various verb forms in them. Moreover, the knowledge to use various auxiliary verbs, helping verbs and other verbs is a must. Knowing about the right way to form word groups and other sentences is also a must.

The candidate should solve the mathematics section very wisely. And should know the right method to solve numerical and sums. Moreover, having knowledge about numerical estimations, algebra, arithmetic, calculus is a must. However, it also asks questions about data interpretation and graph analysis. Reading pie charts, bar graphs and other showcases of sets and relations is also a must. However, knowing the full form of GATE examination is worth it.


  • There will be a total of 65 questions.
  • 10 questions will be asked from General Aptitude.
  • Other 55 questions will be asked from the Technical section and Engineering Mathematics.
  • The General Aptitude section will contain 5 one mark. And 5 two mark questions.
  • However, the technical section and mathematics section. Will contain 25 one mark. And 30 two mark questions.
  • Moreover, it should be noted that there is negative marking.
  • However, knowing the full form of GATE examination is worth it.


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