FDI full form in economics|| Read types of FDI and its plus points!!

FDI full form in economics

FDI full form in economics: Foreign Direct Investment.

FDI is a term that signifies the act of foreign investments. To be very precise, it signifies the investment done on a foreign company by a foreign investor. And in return, the investor owes full control of the company. It is a way of making money in bulk. The companies in foreign (other countries) may have a greater worth. Than in the native country. And, hence investing money on them is a nice way of increasing your bank balance. However, companies mostly doing FDI are MNCs. These companies have foreign links and establishments. That helps them drive more people and hence more results. The OECD states that a company. Is required to have at least ten per cent control over the company. To owe it completely!!

Coming to its history, the concept of FDI was introduced back in the 1960s. The complete idea of foreign direct investment. Was introduced by the neoclassical branch of economics. It's a branch of economics that deals with money, investments and MNCs. However, more specifically, it deals with trade and its principles. It highlights the difference in the costs of good in two different countries. FDI has helped a lot of MNCs. In remaining financial dependent and gaining money even in the time of market crisis. FDI has made these corporations capable of earning money. Throughout the year, and eventually grow their existing assets. To produce even more money than what really exists. However, knowing the FDI full form in economics is worth it.


1. Horizontal FDI: The horizontal FDI refers to a situation, that occurs. When a company or a firm copies its work. That it used to do in its domestic place. To the host country. They are always in an attempt to put in the same values. To their work culture and its manufacturing at the new host country or place. FDI is the only profitable medium. Firms or companies are able to do it.

2. Vertical FDI: The investment in which companies or firms does vertical developments is called vertical FDI. It is the type of FDI in which, the company. Attempts to make upward or downward changes. To their activities and business. However, their main objective is to serve consumers with better services. In such type of FDI, companies are known to provide very valuable and helpful services. Via a stepwise service in the host country or place.

3. Platform FDI: The type of FDI dealing with source and destination countries. However, this type of investments is made. By several different companies from their domestic country to foreign countries. The domestic country is termed as the source country. Whereas, the foreign country is termed as destination country.


4. Greenfield FDI: The type of FDI leaned towards making brand new companies. In the form of their subsidiaries, is called Greenfield FDI. When a foreign country establishes a new subsidiary company. Instead of investing in their own company. They are in an attempt to make huge profits. Via their newly built subsidiary. It even helps them to extend their business to several different foreign countries. For instance, techno giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Have made their corresponding subsidiaries in India.

5. Brownfield FDI: The investments done in the native country. Is termed as the brownfield FDI. In this type of FDI, the company invests on its existing company. Instead of making any new subsidiaries or establishments. It believes in its potential. And either invest in the existing business or continues with what it has. Hutch is a great example of Brownfield FDI. Bought and invested on by company - Vodafone. However, knowing the FDI full form in economics is worth it.


1. Employment: Due to several different attempts at making profits. Investors are using the entire world. They are busy opening and closing new companies in the form of subsidiaries. However, their highly reachable services are providing employment. Places that are prone to employment are even getting better day by day. FDI plays a major role in improving a country's economy. By simply improving the employability of the skilled. And also the unskilled by conducting several training campaigns.

2. Capital: Due to the settlement of big companies and brands. Many a time, they collect capital. However, if necessary invests on capital and expands their total capital collection. FDI is the reason, the country or place gets fresh capital in. The net area of the country expands in terms of land area.

3. Advancement: FDI helps a country to grow. In every aspect. No investment would offer its customers. With the basic level of technologies and facilities. This is the reason. A country faces advancement in technologies and systems. To serve their consumers to its fullest.

4. Economy: The company helps improve the economic conditions of a country. Due to new FDIs, the company invests on new technologies. That consequently simplifies the method of production. And hence, the company reduces the costs involved in the production. However, it is also involved in promoting exports. And making an increment in tax revenues. 


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