CAT examination full form|| History, changes, eligibility and pattern!!

CAT examination full form

CAT examination full form: Common Admission Test.

The common admission test is also known as CAT. Is a common entrance level examination. Conducted by the various Indian Institutes of Management. For admission to various graduate programs of management course. It is a computer-based examination. Coming to its contents, CAT consists of three major sections. Made with three different objectives. They are to test verbal ability, logical reasoning and aptitude respectively. Among three different sections. Each section provides a time limit of one hour.

Coming to its history, the exam was introduced by the IIMs. Earlier it was a pen-paper test. But it was the year 2011. When the IITs announced its grasp over the CAT scores. After 2011, IITs are also ready to consider the CAT scores. However, to make a candidate eligible to appear. Their respective management exams. In the early time, JMET used to be the only test. Whose scores were considered. For entering the IIMs all over India. But now, CAT is the second way. For a management aspirant to be successful. The Indian education system has turned. The various IITs, IIScs and the IIMs. To even consider the CAT scores for selection. Moreover, knowing the CAT examination full form is worth it.


On 1st May 2009, CAT became a computer-based examination. The system involved in conducting such a national level exam. Was simply tough, as it was demanding secured invigilation. Since invigilation was manual. Invigilators had a tough time with it. Consequently, it has turned into a computer-based online examination. That enables completely secured and strict invigilation. But, initially due to several different software problems. Moreover, the national test server faced a lot of loading problems. Staking foreign countries for maintaining the servers. Was simply a mistake by the Indian government. Consequently, it had hired Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). For maintaining and updating the test server.


1. Bachelor's degree: The candidate should have a bachelor's degree. Moreover, the minimum percentage cut off is fifty per cent. Furthermore, Indian candidates have some relaxation. In case they belong to the backward communities. Five per cent relaxation for scheduled caste, scheduled tribe. And also for physically challenged candidates.

2. University under UGC act: The candidate should have a bachelor's degree. From any university that is consolidated. By an act of the Parliament or other government bodies. The university is required to be one. Considered as a university under section 3 of UGC act, 1956. However, carrying an equivalent qualification will also be accepted. And MHRD must have promoted and recognized it.

3. Super seniors: The candidate must be a super senior. That is the candidate must be in the final year. Moreover, he/she must have completed the degree prerequisites. Prior to applying for the examination. The exam is the gateway to various different professions. So, the candidate must have at least this level of knowledge and capability.

4. Certificate: The management aspirants are required to issue a certificate. For entering the program on a temporary basis. However, the candidate is required to join the program by the month of June, every year. Above all, the institute is required to issue a certificate. Mentioning that the candidate has completed the pre-requisites in advance.


  • The CAT examination is a computer-based online examination. The entire set of questions appears on the screen. Along with the virtual timer, showing time in (hour, minutes and seconds). The paper has a strict marking scheme. +3 for every correct answer and -1 for every wrong answer.
  • The candidate should be very aware of that. The examiner assesses one's CAT paper with two types of scores. One is the raw score and the other being the scaled score. The raw score refers to the score. That the examiner provides for every correct, every wrong and unattempted answers. Placing of the respective raw scores on a specific metric. Helps the examiner to provide the scaled score.
  • Moreover, clearing the CAT examination lefts one. With a ton of job opportunities in this competitive world of existence. From management jobs. To other jobs in the business and administration world. However, good students always make their future shine, with such courses. Furthermore, knowing the CAT examination full form is worth it.


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