BSF full form in English|| history, tasks and facts!!!

BSF full form in English

BSF full form in English: Border Security Force.

Above all, the security force represented as BSF. Is a paramilitary force that works for the Indian population. The force mainly patrols at the border of the land area of India. Moreover, it guards the country of India with the help of its enrolled soldiers. Furthermore, BSF is known to guard the country to help it maintain peace and prosperity. Moreover, it also keeps a problem-solving eye on conflicts and crimes. Occurring at the country's border regarding any issue of fact. However, BSF is completely made for defending. Attacking enemies directly is not allowed. BSF has relations with the country's police forces. The Director-General (D.G.) of these forces is someone, servicing as an IPS officer.

According to Wikipedia, for about fourteen years after independence. The Indian police is assigned responsibility. To manage and control national and transnational crimes. Since each state have its own independent police force. The Central government decided to form the BSF forces. Only to have a centrally controlled police force. BSF is a step taken to bring security and alertness within the people. Moreover, they are employed to guard the border. During the peacetime and when things are normal within the country. The ministry of home affairs controlled force - BSF is not involved in fighting international wars. Security is the main motto for these kinds of forces. However, knowing the BSF full form in English is worth it.

The Border Security Force is known to have two different kinds of roles. It is involved in the nation's work. Mostly during the peacetime and slightly during the wartime.


1. The firstmost role of the BSF is during the country's peacetime. The people having their homes near to the country's border. Are never left without fear. For such residences, the BSF promotes a sense of security and trust. Most importantly, they have made them aware of their presence and guaranteed a fear-free life to all of them. The entire army of soldiers standing straight at the border. Simply helps the border residencies live a peaceful life.

2. Dealing with crimes and conflicts at the border: The security force at the border is also responsible for the conflicts. That tends to happen at the border areas. They are completely responsible for guarding the residencies nearby. Regarding any kind of attacks or notable quarrels. Furthermore, they are also involved in checking. The flow of people and products within the national borders. Must point and report any small malpractice if found.

3. Securing the border: The security force operates mainly in the border. Consequently, they are required to make the border secure in all aspects. Moreover, duplicate, smuggled, illegal or robbed entry of products and services is strictly prohibited. Moreover, each and every soldier is trained and instructed. Regarding the entry and exit of anything within the nation's borders. However, knowing the BSF full form in English is worth it.


1. Additional duties: Standing at the border, during the war is challenging in itself. Moreover, handling duties in addition to it. Simply increases the risk factor they have to go through. The security forces are assigned some of the necessary responsibilities. Needed to be completed, when the nation is already facing the war.

2. Response to stimuli: The forces are instructed to respond to the stimulus. In a bit aggressive manner. Rest of the work should be left to the military. Moreover, the mediocre attack is required to be pushed. To control the small conflicts and fights in the border regions. BSF is required to control whatever the situation becomes.

3. Law and Order: Apart from all other attacks and actions. BSF includes trained professionals, that are trained to maintain law and order. No matter how worse the situation gets. However, maintenance of the law and order is a necessity. Every single step taken by the force must follow the laws properly.

4. Intelligence: Since the security forces are under the control of central police. They are included with enough intelligence officials. However, super officers are also employed as simple soldiers. Guarding the border individually. Coming to intelligence, the BSF is often employed in cross border raids. A selfless task of risk and intelligence. However, knowing the BSF full form in English is worth it.


1. Above all, BSF is the only armed forces, known to provide a handful of its soldiers to the UN Mission services. There is a healthy collaboration between the BSF and the UNs.

2. Along with being the world's largest land guarding force. BSF has won a number of appreciable awards. However, most of them comprise the reputed Arjuna, military, civil and police awards. Moreover, due to its excellence, the force is recognised. Among India's one of the five largest Central controlled police forces.

3. BSF has crawled through the position of an elite police force operating at the borders of India. It is a distinction winner for the war with Pakistan. These forces are well known for its motto of "Duty Unto Death".

4. BSF forces are great relief workers. They are among the first personnel to reach the affected region. From earthquakes to all other natural calamities. These forces are all there to help the people in need. The Gujarat earthquake of 2001, is a great example.

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