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IIM full form in English

IIM full form in English: Indian Institute of Management.

The IIMs are institutes that specialise on providing the various management programs. IIMs are Indian institutes that helps students to get management degrees. Those are the hottest institutes. Providing the hottest courses of managements to all its aspirants. They may be undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and executive courses. Above all, a candidate is an aspirant. And requires to hold anyone one of these mentioned degrees. However, the Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru have initiated. The establishment of such institutes. Also, they have proved their potential. Consequently, which helped them decide their own courses. Along with fees and all other stuff.

According to Wikipedia, it was the Indian government. That had bend forward to set up the elite institutes of management. However, the IIMs were established along with the IITs in India. The first IIM was set up in 1961 in Calcutta, getting the suffix Calcutta. Afterwards, IIM Ahmedabad was taking its shape. And, due to their outstanding performances. They began to get recognition and consequently one more institute get added to the list. It was the IIM Bangalore. Furthermore, IIM Lucknow also has a similar past. So, due to their popularity and trust levels. IIM topped the position of the management institute body of India. Knowing the IIM full form in English is worth it.


The reputed Indian Institute of Management is a world-class institute. When it comes to providing management courses, they are the best. However, being institutes of national importance. These institutes have a unique selection type. Aspirants are required to follow their guidelines and terms. However, most of them are based on a national level entrance exam. Students are required to pass those examinations to take admission into these institutes. However, there are different tests for different candidates. Indian candidates are required to become eligible on the basis of their CAT scores. However, GMAT is the option for international candidates. However, knowing the IIM full form in English is worth it.


1. CAT examination: The common admission test is the test for Indian students. It is an entrance examination. IIMs all over the country takes the scores into account. Moreover, a regular full time PGP course requires a CAT clearing cut off. Being a national level examination. Candidates should be aware of the bitter truth. That CAT only accepts one out of a hundred applicants. However, there is no denying the fact. That CAT offers a cut-throat competition to its candidates.


  • The CAT is now a computer-based online examination. It was in 2009, the whole new system shifted to an online platform. Earlier, it used to be a pen and paper-based examination.

  • Due to lack of enough security and invigilators. Moreover, the CAT authorities have made the company of TCS as the server's care-taker. It has received a 5-year contract for the same.

  • The brand new IIMs have taken a decision. To conduct a pen-paper assessing examination. In place of the regular face-to-face group discussion. Moreover, a written exam will check one's thinking and comprehension skills.

2. Reservation system: Above all, IIMs have a great focus on the selection procedure. They are in a great collaboration. With the caste system and the constitution. Hence, they have promoted the reservation policy. Under which, candidates belonging to the backward classes. Have their seats reserved for the admission process. However, to be very specific. Scheduled castes candidates owes fifteen percent. Of the total available seats. However, seven and a half percent for the scheduled tribes. Moreover, twenty-seven per cent for the other backward classes (or OBCs).

All the aspiring candidates will have to pass the CAT examination. Even the reserved candidates also. From solving the objective type questions. There is negative marking, so only the known should be attempted. However, it also includes the group discussion round. Along with the personal interview round.


  • The IIM Calcutta (IIM-C),
  • IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A),
  • The IIM Bangalore (IIM-B),
  • IIM Lucknow (IIM-L),
  • The IIM Kozhikode (IIM-K),
  • IIM Indore (IIM-I),
  • The IIM Shillong (IIM-S),
  • IIM Rohtak,
  • IIM Ranchi,
  • And the IIM Raipur.


1. Management consultant: Above all, the IIM graduate will likely deserve a job as a management consultant. The job will be of providing a solution to the client's needs. Mostly, from the business point of view. However, the scope is infinity. It includes core strategic developments. Along with large scale implementations, process optimization. And a handful of other jobs. Including change management and new technology developments.

2. Financial management: The IIM graduates deserve the one word of the manager. They became professional managers. And are involved in providing the right direction of managing a service. Moreover, the officials are involved in making investments, producing financial graphs and reports. Moreover, are also involved in promoting their financial services and ideas. For further development of a company or organisation.

3. Investments: The graduates are welcome to work on the investment field. Assigning the right investments the right time is their work. And it ultimately benefits the company. Investments are the best branch for having a job with.


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