SBI full form in English|| History, functions, awards & its logo!!

SBI full form in English

SBI full form in English: State Bank of India.

The State Bank of India is one of the most popular and trusted banks in India. It is a public sector bank and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. It has achieved some of the top positions in terms of its assets and liabilities. Apart, form having a bank in its full form. SBI is one of the biggest and trusted public corporation in India. Due to its name and fame. It had become the 236th member of the Fortune Global 500 list of corporations. Apart from being an Indian bank. SBI is spread internationally. It is known to have its reach worldwide. Due to its banking products, memberships and trust. It has made a good name in the share market also.

Coming to its history, SBI has connections to the early 19th century. It was the period when the Bank of Calcutta (BOC) was about to change. It was the time when the Imperial Bank has taken its birth. However, the Imperial Bank in British India. Was formed by the merging of three different banks. The Bank of Calcutta, the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras. These three British banks altogether form the Imperial Bank. Furthermore, this bank later took the form of the State Bank of India in the later months of 1955. And due to its increasing popularity and national importance. The Reserve Bank of India began to take control over it. However, taking a 60% stake of it in the same year. Moreover, knowing the SBI full form in English is worth it.


SBI is simply a viral bank and corporation. It is spread all over the country of India. Moreover, the most important cities in India has links to it. However, it also has its reach outside India. In a few though important foreign countries. SBI is known for its products and services. NRIs or Indians who are living abroad are even satisfied with it. The number of regional and zonal offices it has is small. But it is spread among the most important Indian cities.

1. Indian links: Talking about SBI's reach in India. It is spread through its 24k branches nationwide. Furthermore, it has helped it to collect some seriously big revenue. SBI has collected over millions and billions of Indian rupees. Through its work and style of business. Collecting a revenue of about 2.5 trillion can simply make us frown. However, 95% of this sum is only through national services.

2. International links: The SBI is a leading public sector corporation. This is the reason, it is spread in foreign also. SBI is known to have its branches. Spread over thirty-six different countries worldwide. The major countries that it has links to. Varies from the island country of Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal. To Moscow, Indonesia, Kenya, America etc.

3. Ancient links: Becoming a trusted brand and corporation in no time is simply impossible. The State Bank of India has its links to the ancient past. The year was around 1960. When the SBI was known to have links to its former associates. Every single one of them contained the prefix of State Bank. Moreover, they even have the same logo. Making it clear, that the SBI and its branches are not apart. Moreover, knowing the SBI full form in English is worth it


Due to its excellent products and services, SBI is recognised and respected by providing several different awards. All credits go to its outstanding services and facilities. However, the quality of trust they are able to make with its customers is simply out of this world. Some of the awards they have won until its establishment in 1955 are listed below:

1. Bank of the year 2008 - India: SBI received this award in the year of 2008. Due to its international services and products. The Banker Magazine, London. A leading British magazine awarded it with the same.

2. Outlook Money Awards, 2008: The State Bank of India, was even recognised by Oracle's outlook. SBI has won the title of Best home loan provider and the award of The best bank. Outlook recognised SBI and awarded it in the year of 2008.

3. An award for being social: SBI is a storehouse of funds and money. It is known to make some huge profits. By its unique and effective trading style. Being a trusted community of corporates. It has its edge of providing assistance to the rural community. SBI has received the Pegasus corporate social responsibility award for giving some notable contributions. To the needy and poor rural communities.

4. An award for INR: INR, the Indian currency is the only currency that is valid in India. However, Asia Money voted the SBI as the best bank in terms of its style. Of managing and controlling the cash management services in the local currency of India i.e. INR.


SBI full form in English
The SBI logo is structured as a circle coloured in blue. With a small cut at the bottom of the circle. Symbolically, the blue circle represents unity, fullness and strength. However, the white-coloured region represents wisdom and intelligence. Since the region in white forms a key-shaped structure. The key in the logo represents safety, security and a right guard.

Unlike symbolically, the SBI logo also has its geographical meaning. The white coloured region. Showing a vertical line and a tiny dot-shaped circle. Has its own meaning. The vertical line represents the streets and pathways of a colony or a city. Trying to convey the presence of the bank everywhere, one goes. However, the city of Gujarat also has its presence in it. The entire logo is seen from the top. Looks the same as the Kankaria river in Gujarat. And even the white region corresponds to it.

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