ABS full form in bike|| Past, working principle, advantages and disadvantages!!

ABS full form in bike

ABS full form in bike: Anti-Lock braking system.

As the name suggests, the ABS system prevents wheels from getting locked. The system consists of a pair of sensors. They are involved in tracking the speed at which the wheels rolls. Moreover, provides immediate response when they are in a position of getting locked. Technically, the ABS system consists of a set of hydraulic valves. That adjusts the braking pressure involved. Consequently, preventing the locking, and helping the wheels to roll again. Furthermore, this process provides immediate assistance to the steering wheel. And causes a reduction in traction. Resulting in better control to the rider and the vehicle also.


According to itstillruns.com, the history of ABS dates back to the late 1920s. The system of ABS braking took its birth from aircraft and jets. Earlier, it was used extensively in the field of aerospace engineering. Then in railways and ultimately in road vehicles. But the use of the ABS system in bikes is simply notable. Nowadays, every single model of the bike comes with the ABS braking system. However, keeping the risks of skidding and traction exhaustion. Simply made this system adoption a necessity.

However, the development of the ABS system has connections with automobile leaders. BMW, Mercedes- Benz, Robert Bosch are the prime among them. However, Robert Bosch is considered the pioneer of the ABS system. It is spotted that, it was Robert Bosch. Who has collaborated with Mercedes- Benz. To promote the year's most advanced ABS technologies. Furthermore, the company hired a lot of workers. Only to sky-high the ABS system's graph to a great height. Moreover, the following years and eventually an entire era. Received a good production of the ABS brakes. The most noticeable being BMW's brand new attempt. Making the ABS system available for two-wheelers also. However, knowing the ABS full form in bike is worth it.


The prime objective of an ABS is to prevent a vehicle from accidents. It may be for any kind of vehicle. From 2,4 wheelers to wheels of a train and even of an aeroplane. The work of an ABS is to prevent wheels from getting locked, while brakes are applied. The ABS enables a vehicle to stop it smoothly. Furthermore, it also prevents it from skidding and losing traction on the surface it runs. The technique of using sensors makes it more useful.

The ABS system comes with a set of sensors. That senses the speed at which the wheels rolls out. Mainly, senses and figures it out at the instant when the wheels are about to lock. Since locking of the rolling wheels during applying the brakes can cause some serious harm. Engineers have developed the ABS system for safety and assisting purposes. The system is helpful ot both - the health of the vehicle and the driver. Moreover, it helps the rider to maintain stability throughout his/her entire journey. Every time, brakes are applied, the system vanishes the risk of locking the wheels. However, the system is optional to the rider.

Partread.com recommends one to buy the ABS system along with his/her bike. It is necessary for safety and a smooth ride. A happy journey can be easily achieved with it. However, for offroad racers, it will be a bad choice. Equipping a racing bike with the system is not recommended at all. Moreover, knowing the ABS full form in bike is worth it.


1. Stopping length: The ABS enables instant control over the wheels of a running bike. As the braking force is produced, controlled and applied electronically. The stopping length (distance up to which the bike stops) gets reduced automatically. However, the action takes place instantly and quicker as compared to non-ABS bikes.

2. Instant braking: The system has enabled the riders to brake smoothly. Along with smooth and nice braking. The rider is also given full access to steer smoothly while applying brakes. That slows the vehicle immediately along with helping it to get a new direction, thereafter.

3. A great slip escaper: The system of ACS brakes is a great slip escaper. Riding during rainy seasons threatens the rider from slipping skidding. But the introduction of this system has completely changed everything. The system is engineered in a way. That it is capable of giving equal braking force. To each of the wheels, the vehicle runs on. Consequently, providing the vehicle to stop straight without sliding on the surface. It also works well in frictionless surfaces.


1. Cost: The advanced system of ABS is helpful. But it is quite expensive and hence sometimes become unaffordable. However, buying any ordinary ABS is not advisable. One is required to buy only the top quality among. Otherwise, maintaining and repairing them may be a real pain in the butt.

2. Delicacy: Man is capable of creating and inventing new technologies and techniques. But achieving quality products out of them is tough. The case is the same for the ABS system. Undoubtedly, they have a ton of benefits and are useful. But these systems are quite delicate and are prone to easy damage.


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