MCB switch full form|| History, Working principle, pros & cons

MCB switch full form

MCB switch full form: Miniature Circuit Breaker.

As the heading suggests, MCB is a switch. Technically, it is actually an automatic working switch. Likewise, any ordinary fuse, MCB is also a fuse. Moreover, it is more than a fuse. As it works faster and smarter than any ordinary fuse. Whenever an extra flow of current is detected. The Miniature Circuit Breaker simply breaks the circuit. Resisting the further flow of current through the circuit. The breaking of the wire almost takes place instantly. And it is done by a response to heat system. Whenever excess heat is detected, the fuse wire simply gets melted.

Unlike ordinary, tiny fuses. MCB's has an almost instant though faster response to the levels of current flow. The circuit breaker immediately detects the level of current. And takes action accordingly. It is an instant safety device used in electrical networks. MCB's are mostly used in large electric networks. The only motive behind it is to keep the other network elements safe.

To keep various different domestic appliances safe. Household networks are mostly installed with Miniature Circuit Breakers. On the other hand, fuses are not long-lasting. Once, the level of current increases in a network. The fuse gets damaged and consequently, needed to be replaced. But MCB's can be used further, even after getting damaged. MCBs are required to be reset and it becomes ready to be reused. No replacements, no reinstallment costs, and no compromises!! Knowing MCB switch full form is worth it.


According to Wikipedia, the earliest known fuse was invented by Thomas Elva Edison. He was known to invent a casual circuit breaker in the year of 1879. The purpose was the same as the present days. It helped the circuits to remain free from unwanted short circuits and overloads. However, the invention of modern-day MCBs was done by three inventors. It was the year of 1924 when Brown, Boveri and Cie had invented the modern-day MCB. Moreover, it took over more than 40+ years. To get the refined form of the old version of the circuit breaker. However, MCB is the modern succeeder of the ordinary fuse. Moreover, knowing the MCB switch full form is worth it.


An MCB works with two unique ways. The essential wire breaks either due to the thermal or the electromagnetic effect. It should be noted that. An MCB works only when there is a current overflow in the circuit.

So, the thermal effect takes place by the breaking of the bimetallic strip. The strip receives excessive heat and just breaks. In other words, the strip just bends away. During this time period, a mechanical latch is released. As the mechanics inside the MCB comes in contact with the mechanical latch. The contacts of the circuit breaker open up.

On the other hand, the electromagnetic effect of the MCB. Is caused due to the short circuit conditions inside the circuit breaker. Whenever the plunger is electrochemically displaced. It hits the trip lever inside. Consequently, that results in the instant release of the latch mechanism.


1. MCBs are very sensitive to the current levels in a circuit. However, they can sense any kind of disturbance instantly. And hence turns off the circuit immediately. Sensing any kind of abnormalities in the current flow (maybe overload or faults). MCBs are super fast to be used in domestic circuits.

2. A used-up fuse needed to be completely replaced. However, a used up MCB is only required to be resettled. In case of an MCB, as the switch operating knob goes to off mode. The faulty area can easily be found out. But a fuse is required to be checked if it is blown off.

3. Restoration can only be imagined with an ordinary fuse. But a miniature circuit breaker can be instantly restored. A quick and steady supply restoration is impossible with a fuse. Since they have to be replaced. With a brand new wire in place of the old wire. But an MCB can be instantly replaced by just flipping the switch.

4. It is safe to handle a Miniature circuit breaker. However, handling a fuse is risky. It is not easy to handle severe damages caused due to that ordinary fuse. But the circuit breakers can be controlled remotely and in a more convenient manner.

  • CONS OF A MCB is near to nill. So, writing an entire section of MCB's cons. Will simply be a trash writing!!


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