IPL full form in cricket|| History, audience & brand worth, updated teams,2020

IPL full form in cricket

IPL full form in cricket: Indian Premier League.

Above all, IPL is a professional T20 cricket match. It is organised every year by the Board of Control for Cricket. Moreover, it was known to exist in the year twenty, not eight (2008). Furthermore, IPL has India in its full form. It is a game organised and powered by India only. But its popularity is not limited to India only. It has reached worldwide. over the years, since it was originated. It has made a kind of craze worldwide. Making millions and billions of fans all across the globe. The commencement of this seasonal game on 18th of April, 2008. Has just made its name thereafter. However, IPL should not be doubted. To be limited to the involvement of Indian cricketers only. IPL is an international seasonal T20. And players all across the globe are invited for it.

The Board of Control for Cricket was known to launch a franchise based rivalrous cricket match. It was 13th of September, 2007 when the T20 cricket match began to take form. With positive critics and energy, the very first season of the premier league was started on the month of April 2008. Lalit Modi - a renowned personality and vice president of BCCI. Considered to be the mastermind and the founder. Of the renowned Indian Premier League. However, he has proudly announced the details, format, prize money. Along with the detailed revenue model and the rules of the squad formation. Moreover, knowing IPL full form in cricket is worth it.


Unlike other cricket matches being going on. The Indian Premier League has its own shine. It is like the northern star - fixed in the concept of popularity. After, the year of 2008 IPL has grown tremendously. Gaining millions and millions of fans worldwide. It is one of the most-streamed cricket matches. However, the year was twenty fourteen. When IPL T20 was ranked at the sixth position. Regarding its record-breaking, massive audience count. The audience is the reason, it has an increased worth than before. According to some known resources, the brand has been reported.

To have a net worth of four hundred and seventy-five billion rupees. Having popularity worldwide, it's worth is approximately equal to seven billion American dollars. Being an international and valuable brand. IPL is also considered as a property of national importance. Being a huge contributor to the nation's economy. IPL has strengthened its name and fame at the same time. However, due to its heavy revenue collections. It has to pay a sum of approximately twelve billion rupees to the government. Helping the nation's GDP to get high. Moreover, knowing IPL full form in cricket is worth it.


Chennai Super Kings: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a Tamil Nadu based IPL cricket team. It plays since the year of 2008, under the coaching of Stephen Fleming. It has the Chidambaram Stadium, as its home stadium. Situated in the Indian state of Chennai. The team is known to perform well. Under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It has a record to lift its fame thrice. Continuously in the years of 2010, 2011 and 2018. It has beaten the other squads in terms of its net worth. Having the record worth of about 104 million dollars.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a West Bengal based IPL team. It was founded back in the year 2008. However, it plays well under the coaching of Brendon McCullum. Eden Gardens is its home stadium. And it is situated in the busy city of Kolkata. Dinesh Kartik is the team captain. And the team performs well under his captaincy. Having the world-famous motto of: "Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re". KKR has made its brand worth pretty high. As of twenty nineteen, the brand worth was 104 million dollars. Second highest among all other squads.


Mumbai Indians: This is a Maharashtra (Mumbai) based IPL cricket team. Likewise, CSK and KKR, it was also founded in January 2008. It is coached by the Srilankan top cricketer Mahela Jayawardene. Is known to have Wankhede as its home stadium. It plays under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. And is proudly owned by Shri Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries. Furthermore, it is the only cricket team that has a record-setting success rate. Due to its hard work and dedication. It has become the most successful team among all the IPL teams. Furthermore, have a net worth of about 115 million dollars.

Kings XI Punjab: This Punjabi team is a Mohali based IPL cricket team. Likewise, other teams, it was also established in 2008. It has its home ground on PCA stadium, Mohali. Moreover, it is coached by Anil Kumble, the top most Indian cricketer. Furthermore, it has the fame of Preity Zinta as its owner. This team performs well under the captaincy of K.L Rahul. A newbie, though excellent Indian batsman. The franchise of Kings XI Punjab was however bought. By its owners, for a big price as seventy-six million dollars.


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