ICSE full form in English|| History, benefits, ICSE v/s CBSE

ICSE full form in English
ICSE full form in English: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is actually an examination. Even if it seems to be a certificate, it is an exam. Conducted by the council of Council of Indian School Certificate Examination. Even if, the board's name starts with a prefix of India. It is actually not a national board. It is actually a board operated on the Indian schools that are privately owned. The academic syllabus provided by this board is vast and requires quality work. The schools affiliated to ICSE, are gentle and civilized. They don't allow a single member to speak. Any language other than English. It expects students to be hard-working, skilful and thorough in spoken English.

Going to the past, the year was 1986. When ICSE gained recommendations from the New Education Policy. It was after 1986 when ICSE became popular. And almost all the private schools started getting affiliation from the board. ICSE has grown over the years and now it is considered as a brand. In gaining a private level education all across the country of India. Unlike, CBSE, ICSE doesn't promote any kind of national-level examinations. Not even the professional ones. However, knowing the ICSE full form in English is worth it.


1. ICSE is not a classic government scheme. It is privately owned and hence has its own importance. Charging heavily maybe the reason, ICSE is very serious with its teaching style. Making their style unique and attractive. ICSE has done a lot to make students skilful. The ICSE syllabus is based on basic and in-depth knowledge. Helping students to get both. Conceptual and in-depth knowledge at the same time.

2. Apart from imparting appropriate knowledge. Via its broad and informative academic syllabus. The board gives the students a chance. To choose between the subjects, they want to read. There are several different subjects listed under the ICSE certificate. This helps students to learn the subject they want. And also helps them to gain knowledge and skills. However, they may do some career setting work in their field of interests. ICSE affiliated schools have it all. From laboratories to research equipment. Helping students to apply the exact knowledge in the exact place.


3. ICSE is completely inclined to the language English. It is compulsory in ICSE affiliated schools to speak English. The entire board wants their children to be fluent in the language of English. Making their speaking speed and fluency nearly to a hundred per cent. ICSE is aimed at bringing the international culture within. Making its students literate about the western style of secondary education.

4. Unlike other learning systems, ICSE is focused mainly on only imparting real-life knowledge. It sets up an environment helping students to tackle real-life problems. It encourages students to become real-life players. Rather than depending on textual memories. It helps them to become real-time problem tacklers. However, motivating them to enlarge their stock of skills for facing real-life challenges.

5. Not only in India, but all over the world. ICSE has become a brand in the name of private education. It has helped several thousand students. Gaining and applying some real-time problem-solving skills. The brand has gained the attention of many elders and parents. They are investing a lot of money on their children. Sending them to ICSE schools and institutions. For the sake of quality gains in the field of education and knowledge. However, knowing the ICSE full form in English is worth it.


1. Popularity: When it comes to popularity, CBSE wins the position. CBSE being older than ICSE. Is more popular and well known all around the nation. Along with its, foreign locations also. But being expensive and quality-oriented, ICSE is not so popular. According to certain records. Schools and institutions in India are inclined mostly to adapt the CBSE board. Since ICSE is new and hence its syllabus is followed. By a comparatively lesser number of schools and institutions.

2. Syllabus: Coming to the academic syllabus. CBSE once again wins the race. CBSE is known to have a small and convenient syllabus. But ICSE is just the opposite. It has a broad and lengthy syllabus. But taking quality in the account. ICSE is known to impart quality education along with its syllabus and teaching methodology. Whereas, CBSE is no far. But the style is classic and is of the old pattern.

3. Careers: Talking careers is risky. It involves risk with a student's future. The CBSE board is a career-oriented board. However, it is the best board for engineering and medical aspirants. Whereas, ICSE is best for management aspirants. The old classic Indian parents find CBSE as a good board. getting a vision towards their dream careers of engineering and medical science.

4. Awards: CBSE awards for a ton of talents. However, ICSE hardly cares about it. Having a wide range of talent hunts and curriculum. CBSE is spread in all domains of a student's life. Helping them get exposure and positions. In several different extracurricular activities. Thereby, making their wins memorable by awards and trophies. However, ICSE is rarely seen to do the same.


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