Full form of AC cooler|| History, Applications, Pros & Cons

Full form of AC cooler

Full form of AC cooler: (Air Conditioning ) cooler.

The process of controlling the moisture, humidity, heat and other elements. Present in the floating air is known as air conditioning. And the device used to do the same is known as the air conditioner. However, in most of the cases, room AC is used to cool the air inside the room. And, consequently, it is the reason it is known as the AC cooler. An AC is installed inside rooms and halls. Only to increase the comfort of the people and pets inside. Looking at it, it appears as an average rectangular machine. Hanged on the top of a room or hall. That is adjusted according to the desire of the occupants.

According to Wikipedia, the technique of cooling by electricity dates back to 1902. The first air conditioner was invented by Wills Carrier, in Buffalo, NY. It was the first time, man became aware of the process of air conditioning and of air conditioners. Cooling can also be done with electricity. Was known for the very first time. It was Wills college time when he invented the air conditioner. Past graduating from Cornell University, New York. Carrier began to work for the Buffalo Forge Company. And in that project, the technique of air conditioning took its birth. Furthermore, the invention of the AC can be considered as a beneficial accident. However, knowing the full form of AC cooler is worth it.


1. The air conditioner is used in households to provide comfort to the occupants. However, it should not be confused with the task of cooling only. An air conditioner doesn't cool the air. But it only brings the room temperature to the most suitable one. In case, the air is hot. The AC lowers the temperature and makes it cool. However, if the air is cool, the AC simply increases the temperature. And brings it to the most suitable one.

2. The AC cooler often helps with the design of the buildings. Highly modernised building designs. Needed to be pre-planned, before they could be made. The process of air conditioning supports the idea. Of making building taller. The geographical reason behind it. Is that, with the increase in height, the wind speed also increases. However, the entry of natural air becomes nill. Consequently, artificial conditioning is required to keep a continuous supply of fresh air.


3. Furthermore, ACs are often used in every other multi-storeys. Including offices, malls, shopping complexes, gyms, institutes, companies etc. The entire work culture remains healthy, with artificial conditioning. ACs plays a major role in hot places. Where the sun shines bright. ACs are a must. In the equatorial regions, ACs are even installed in every second building. From a small ATM room to seven-eight star hotels.

In addition, ACs are also used in different research centres and laboratories. None of the research labs and centres is found without a conditioning system. They are installed to make the processing and researches go easy and smooth. However, the fresh supply of fresh air can help the occupants to work efficiently. Even zoos and other animal centres are equipped with an artificial conditioning system.

4. Moreover, the industries requiring 24/7 refrigeration and cool temperatures. Can't even start with an air conditioning system. Industries that make ice-creams, chops meat, stores dairy products, make medicines are some of the most popular examples. However, there are endless industries where air conditioning is a must. Moreover, knowing the full form of AC cooler is worth it.


1. Helps to remain free from respiratory problems. The air conditioner helps to supply fresh and disinfected air breeze. This air is completely free of pollution. However, air conditioning the air cuts off the flow of pollens, dust and other unwanted particles in the air. It simply filters the polluted air and sends the fresh air in. Moreover, it helps the occupants to remain free from asthma, allergies and various different respiratory problems.

2. Solves the problem of dehydration. Air conditioners are known to send cool air. That avoids heat, reach our bodies. This helps us to remain free from the risk of dehydration. In excessive heat, the body loses water in the form of sweat. One can dehydrate, due to lack of water content in their body. But remaining under the air conditioner, will not make you sweat.

3. Improves mood and air quality. A human being needs a cool and nice environment to live in. It must be suitable and comfortable to live in. An air conditioner is able to make it possible. The supply of fresh and cool breeze. Simply enhances one's mood and mind. Helping him/her to concentrate on her stuff. Without getting disturbed by the atmosphere inside.


1. Air conditions help to remain free from respiratory problems. But the same could promote such problems. If not cleaned and dusted regularly. Since the conditioner runs on a small proportion of water. However, it may develop some dangerous bacteria in it. That may make the air smell weird. And breathing in that smelling and rotten air. May cause some serious respiratory allergies and diseases.

2. Skin loses moisture. An AC develops an extremely cold and dry atmosphere. Living in such an atmosphere will remove all the moisture. From your body's skin and will make it dry. You may lose the glow of your skin. Furthermore, it may lead you to catch some serious cold and cough. Remaining in a cold atmosphere can consume all your body's heat. Consequently, leading you to catch a cold or fever.


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