Full form of IQ test|| History, applications, critics of IQ, pros & cons!!

Full form of IQ test

Full form of IQ test: Intelligence Quotient.

Above all, IQ is the short form for Intelligence Quotient. However, IQ is used to measure one's intelligence. IQ gives the idea of a person's memory and intelligence. IQ is actually a score. That is collected from a number of standardized exams. Taken only to assess human intelligence. Mathematically, the IQ is actually the product of 100 and the quotient. Obtained by the division of mental age by sequential age. According to some past data. It has been recorded, that there are only a few people. With an IQ score ranging between 85 and 115. However, there are about two and a half per cent of people. That has an IQ score i.e. less than 70 and more than 130.

The history of IQ dates back to 1905. The concept of intelligence quotient was unknown. Until the great psychologist named William Stern gave it. The term IQ was derived from the German language. And particularly from the german term of intelligenz- quotient. The term means nothing, but a test. That was taken to test the intelligence level of students. However, it was coined and used in the University of Breslau, in a book written by Stern. The book is completely niched on human psychology and events. However, it has some really strange facts about the human brain and its IQ. Moreover, knowing the full form of IQ test is worth it.


  • IQ is used to measure a person's intelligence. However, the concept of IQ is not fixed. It is not like real science. The way distance and mass are measured. Has a completely unique method. But measuring the IQ is not fixed. It completely depends on the person and the situation. Even, having the formula to calculate IQ. It is not fixed and can't be decided instantly. The nature of IQ is completely abstract.

  • IQ is dependent on a number of factors. And hence, the factors helps us to find out a number of facts. The factors help us to keep an eye on a person's relations. From his/her parents to ancestors. The nature of their genes, brain cells and the kind of thinking they support. Everything can be discovered from the same process. Factors such as lifespan, mortality, morbidity. Social exposure, marital status and ancestorial IQ. Are some additions to the same memo.


  • IQ of a person is also determined for measuring his/her level of intelligence. The score of IQ is used to help a person get a job. Furthermore, used to test a person's mental strength and employment readiness. However, IQ can't be measured by the score in a test. But it is measured by a number of other factors. Starting from aptitude knowledge, reasoning to speed and presence of mind. Without having these factors, IQ simply becomes zero.
  • Also, used to read the distribution of psychometric intelligence. Moreover, used to identify the links and relations. Between a person's psychology and thinking. The IQ is directly proportional to the presence of mind of a person. The way he deals with present time situations. Helps researchers to record the IQ. Apart, from a mathematical formula, used to calculate the IQ. It can also be identified by a person's action and behaviour. However, knowing the full form of IQ test is worth it.


The concept of IQ is complicated. Though, it has gained some of the most positive responses. Encouraging its task of intelligence measurement. People around the globe respects and encourages this concept of IQ. It enables them, to decide through the steps involved in selecting candidates. It is a good and well practice to select candidates. On the basis of their mind and mental skillset.

It promotes the struggle of the survival of the fittest. But it is necessary to place the right person in the right place. Otherwise, real talent and skill can never be identified and promoted. Furthermore, criticism is everywhere. Every field of this society spins with critics. Some are with them and some are against them. But the concept of supporting the right. Should always be continued.


The prime advantage of IQ: IQ has several different advantages. That is discussed earlier. But the prime advantage of this is something different. The concept of IQ was discovered. From an ordinary page of a book. Earlier, it was not known so much. But the concept has helped the entire system. The whole education system and the processes of selection have changed due to IQ. It helps selection committees to filter out the best. It helps them to filter through thousands and even lakhs of candidates. To find the most suitable one.

Though, it is disadvantageous. To those that are not selected, but rejected by the system. The system is based on the concept of IQ. And it is a big pain in the butt. For those who don't have that required skills and abilities. To overcome the hurdles and fit in. The concept of IQ was often abused. By people, who were rejected and shown back off. Since every coin has its two sides. IQ also has its own pros and cons.


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