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FCB full form

FCB full form: Football Club Barcelona.

A Messi fan? You must know his team. He plays for Barcelona. And so is the full form about. Above all, FCB is the short form of the football club of Barcelona. Barcelona is actually a city situated in Spain. And FCB is the short form for the professional team of Barcelona. This team is known to produce some of the richest footballers of the modern generation. However, Lionel Messi is one among them. He is simply a real footballing legend. In fact, he has contributed a lot to his team of FCB. FCB is counted as one of the richest clubs around the world. Having a net worth of about four billion dollars. However, it is also known to produce a lot of income annually. Having an annual turnover of almost 800+ million dollars.

According to Wikipedia, FCB was founded in the year of 1899. However, the club was founded by a group of people. That majorly belong to the Spanish, Swiss, English and Catalan population. Being a world-class and legendary football club. FCB is considered as a consciousness for the Catalan culture. As a result, it is regarded as a crucial symbol for the same. This international football club is a property of international importance. And having diversity in its members. It is considered as a club that can be trusted upon. In fact, the motto of "More than a club" confirms the trust. Moreover, knowing FCB full form is worth it.


  • The FCB logo is incomplete with its every single part. The current logo was created back in the year 2002. It is made around a bowl shape. It has four different sections. And each of them is necessary to complete the logo's meaning.
  • The top left region comprises of the Saint George's cross. Connecting the club to the Catalan culture. Moreover, the cross is a holy symbol of the Catalan culture.
  • The top right region contains four red coloured stripes on a yellow-coloured background. It has been put on the symbol to resemble the Senyera. Being another important component of the Catalan culture.
  • The middle portion is covered with the text of uppercase FCB. This takes makes it visibly quicker. To recognize the resembled logo.
  • Likewise, the bottom part is covered with red and claret Blaugrana colours. These colours used to be the FCB uniform's colour in the 1900s. The overall, logo shows that - the FCB is entirely connected to the native land of Catalonia.


Barcelona is one of the most followed clubs in the globe. Having a massive number of social followers. FCB has gained a high authority in the eyes of the topmost brands. Consequently, that helped them to grow as a valuable brand in themselves. Moreover, FCB has the largest fan following among all other football teams. The authority of the FCB club can easily be known by its winnings. FCB has collected a record quantity of awards and trophies. Making a total of twelve Ballon d'Or in their name. Furthermore, making the club pride, winning a total of eight European golden shoe awards.

Lionel Messi is the major winner in it. Followed by winning a record number (seven) of FIFA world player (of the year) awards. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario being the major contributors. Apart from all the medals and trophies. It has some of the world's best players in it. Those are Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi. However, these players are an example setting for others. A perfect example of how players should be. They are simply legends. Can teach the world the perfect way to play football. Moreover, they are the synonym of jewels. Not only for FCB but for the entire world. Moreover, knowing FCB full form is worth it.


With the increment in quality and fans. FCB has made some example setting, record-breaking changes in its club. Likewise, other international football clubs. FCB is also organised as a registered association. However, like other private companies. The club doesn't allow anyone to buy its shares. Only members can be dealt with. Having a name in international business. It has sold over a total of one lakh and forty thousand memberships aka socis. Moreover, it has earned them a whole new amount of money. The business enterprise marks its worth to be about 752+ million euros.

Due to its remarkable worth. It has achieved the fourth position among all other teams. It has gained it a worldwide reputation in terms of its finance. Setting up a branded example in terms of both quality and finance. However, every new year made them achieve new rankings. The year was twenty fourteen. When Forbes, placed it on the second position among all other sports finances. Highlighting the net worth to be of three-point two billion dollars.


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