NGO full form name|| Indian NGOs, their history & role

NGO full form name

NGO full form name: Non- governmental organization.

Above all, NGO's are organisations, that are not controlled by the government. Neither the state nor the central. NGO's are completely free from the control of any level of government. However, they are made with the prime objective of promoting a helping hand. Moreover, are not aimed at making any kind of profit out of its establishment. Most of them are social icons in themselves. However, others are made to promote and maintain a lot of activities. They may also, by some random group of people. Staking themselves for doing a particular task. However, they are all non-commercial activities. Maintained only to promote and encourage. Some of the most trending and old social beliefs and practices manually.

The concept of these non-governmental organisations has a very old history. The concept was known to exist as back as in the eighteenth century. However, the term NGO became well known. It happened after the year 1945. Just after the establishment of the United Nations organisations. However, globalization is the reason, NGOs had become so popular. The world trade organisation is a great example. Moreover, NGO's are focused on providing humanity and progressive intention. All with an attempt to provide sustainable development side by side. However, it is believed that the United Nations and all the international NGOs. Has a healthy connection between them. However, knowing the NGO full form name is worth it.


India is an incredible country. Being the home of millions of people. From different cast, religion, beliefs, dressing senses and a lot more. There is always a need for help and relief. However, having a non-governmental organisation in such a country. Is not less than a boon to its population. Since they are known to provide help and assistance. Even in the extreme conditions. NGOs work for non-commercial purposes. Mostly as a relief group or body of people. Like other countries, India also has a well-known past. Regarding the formation of these NGOs. They started to take shape somewhere in between the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries.

However, Indian NGO's were mainly focused on the provision of cultural encouragements. They are greatly involved in social reforms. Encouraging people to participate in it. And aiming to strengthen these activities. Moreover, NGOs has played a great role in independence. Whether it may be the independence of India or the independence from any kind of social evil. Like the child marriage, satti, getting freedom from women abuses and much more. Since they are free from the government. They are free from being ruled. Such organisations have their own rules and their own beliefs. And they function on their own abilities. Without the help of any kind of financial banks or business. They have their own investments and their own outputs. However, knowing the NGO full form name is worth it.


NGO's are considered as the helping hand of society. It has a very valuable ambition. Most of the non-governmental organisations are aimed to provide help. To such sections of the society, that are left backwards. That is left behind, due to some of the social evils. For instance, the backward castes, and the untouchables. They are greatly benefited by those non-profit organisations. Making it a kind of service for help, relief and protest.

They also have a major role in promoting equality among people. Irrespective of their gender and caste. India is a country, that has a painful past. Having a hell lot of cases, of the same. From gender inequality to caste discrimination. NGO's had played it well in erasing the cast inequality. Moreover, girls and women have had to face a lot of restrictions. Being a country like India, NGO's had become a necessity. To get away from those killer social evils. And also, having relief from various kinds of social discriminations.


  • Particularly, in India, there are a lot of NGO's. And most of them were set up to promote some social reforms. Women empowerment, being the prime among all. According to the primitive mindset, Indian females are not allowed to go outside. They are forced and tortured to stay indoors. And are also isolated to take part in general social activities. From political, to social and even business. Nothing was permitted to be accessed by the females. Agrani foundation, Eklavya and a few other NGOs. Are known to exist, acting against these social evils. Moreover, helping Indian women to access and utilise their rights.
  • The NGO's are non-commercial in nature. They are not aiming to make any kind of profit. They are completely made to provide relief. And severe help to the general people. People can rely on these groups, expect help and care. There are several different advantages/pros hidden behind the name of NGO. But they sometimes fake it up. Buzzing the news, with their frauds and fakes. A very few NGO's are known to do massive frauds. Losing trust, relations, respect and getting a shade under their name.
  • Since NGOs are not controlled by the government. They have complete freedom to do anything. In this competitive world, no field of work is left clean. NGOs are also under the same case. Getting their name shamed from doing frauds and faking the people. These are independent organisations. And runs by generating funds. Pressurised by increased competition and a lot of requirements. These organisations are often suspected. In the name of social assistance and care.


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