ENT full form in medical|| History, work, eligibility & skills that are required!!

ENT full form in medical

ENT full form in medical: Ear, nose and throat.

ENT is the short form for specific body parts of a human. E refers to the ear, N the nose and T the throat. The person who examines those parts of the body is known as an ENT doctor or surgeon. In other words, it is often called as ORL-H&N. Short form for Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. The surgeon being specialised in ENT. Is required to have sufficient knowledge about the functions and work. Of a human ear, nose and throat. It is to be noted that, diseases that occur in those specific parts. Can be only due to some bad-habits. That a person (he or she) has acquired while eating, drinking, speaking. Furthermore, also during breathing, swallowing, or hearing. Some cases may be needed to be dealt with high risks. For instance, cases of cancer, tumour, infections or some deep internal disorders.

Coming to its history, it dates back to the twentieth century. It was actually a product. Formed by joining several different departments of otology together. Even if the time was primitive. There were not many developments in medical science. Medicinal scientists have discovered methods. To treat anaesthesia without using modern antibiotics. However, individuals belong to the same field. Have brought the term Otolaryngology. And discovered ways to operate the so-called neck, ear and nose. It was considered a great development in the field of medical science. However, knowing the ENT full form in medical is worth it.


It is already known, that ENT doctors are involved in working. ith human's ear, nose and throat. However, to be very scientific. The doctors are involved in checking some critical parts. Including the upper pharynx, larynx, oral cavity. Moreover the nasal passage, ear, nose, nostrils, mucus etc. Some regular and busy surgeons handle some really serious cases. However, they are dangerous and require instant attention. They are, for instance, cases of nosebleeding, adenoidectomies, tonsillectomies, sinusitis etc.

Moreover, ENT's focusing on the ears treats hearing problems and disorders. However, tinnitus, nerve pain, carnial nerve disorders etc. Are other crucial problems needed to be handled. Those focusing on the nose specially. Treats and solves cases of sinusitis specifically. Furthermore, those who focus on the throat in specific. Deals and treats cases of throat disorders. Ranging from the larynx, oesophagus troubles, upper digestive tract etc. Moreover, those who are concerned with the head and related regions. Usually deals with cases of tumours, infections, deformities, holes, etc. However, knowing the ENT full form in medical is worth it.


The Candidate is required to pass the higher secondary (12th) board examination. However, the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are compulsory. One should have a minimum of 60% score in all three. He/She must know to speak and write the language English. Furthermore, the candidate is then required to clear. Some of the general medical entrance examinations. They may be of the state level or the national level. But appearing and clearing the national level exam is recommended. AIPMT, NEET and others are national level examinations. And securing a good rank in them can get the candidate selected in any national medical college or institute.

After that, a five (or five and a half) year-long course is a must. One is required to complete an MBBS course for the first five years. However, he/she is required to complete M.S. (ENT) for the next three years. It is actually the training period to gain practical knowledge.


Working as an ENT doctor is tough. It requires the person in the position. To be mentally and physically strong. Otherwise, handling some serious could become tough. A doctor should be the synonym of God. And acquiring his characteristics is not that easy. A doctor must be rock-hard from inside. But should be soft as fur from outside.

1. Calmness: A ENT specialist must remain calm. He must not argue with the patient at any situation. Doctors are required to be pleasant and presenting. They must know the craft of handling life killing situations. They should not get scared of any muscular scene. It is being tested in the training period though. But still, some of them are not that good in it.

2. Potential: A doctor is required to be hard working. He/ She must not consider the work as a burden or load. Developing friendliness with work is required. The person must have enough stamina to develop that potential. That is required to remain awake overnight, or even for several nights. Stamina must be inherited to such people. They are required to work to their full potential even in low energy levels.

3. Handcraft: Being a doctor is nothing different than being an artist. A doctor is also an artist. Knowing the art is a necessity to become a doctor. So, the craft is a crucial part of a doctor's career. Knowing the right way to handle the equipment. And applying them the right way, in right direction is necessary. A doctor is required to develop that eye-hand cooperation. To operate several body parts successfully.


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