PPT full form in English|| Applications, pros, cons & terms related to it

PPT full form in English

PPT full form in English: Powerpoint presentation.

Powerpoint presentations are presentations - used for presenting anything in a digital way. Moreover, it is used for displaying any topic in a particular sequence. However, in the most interesting and attractive manner. However, with the addition of multimedia. Like music, images, videos - the PPT looks even better. Moreover, Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin are the inventors of this software. Above all, giving it the name of Microsoft Powerpoint. However, the company Microsoft invested over fourteen million dollars to prefix its brand name before it.

According to Wikipedia, and as usual, early PowerPoint presentations were not so much advanced. They are normal and not so beneficial. Moreover, the early versions were only helpful up to projectors. But those days, PPTs are more advanced and beneficial.


1. Modification: Every sector of the technology world - uses PPTs. They use them to simplify their presentations. With the wide variety of options available - in - PPT. However, it makes it easier to assemble. The information in a more systematic, simple and attractive way. However, modern-day PPT software has a ton of options - to display both minors in the most traction-gaining way.

2. Boring text: Who likes reading a piece of the page - printed with some paragraphs of text. Nobody....right? Moreover, PPts helps one to convert these boring text into meaningful interesting presentation slides. Showing one slide at a time is worthful. And however, using images for doing the same is even more worthy.
3. Multimedia: Above all, it has enabled access to the addition of multimedia. Moreover, one can animate the text in a slide. Add images, gifs, music, video clips and even tell a fantastic story by importing meaningful clip arts. However, the use of multimedia to the PowerPoint slides has made it more attractive and presentable.
4. Grasping: The uses of slides in PPTs - has made it easier for the viewers to grasp anything very easily. Moreover, one can grasp the motive and knowledge of anything shown through the slides.
5. Teaching: PPts are greatly used in schools and teaching institutes. making it easier and more convenient for teachers. To make their students understand any concept of any subject - in the easiest way. However, adding images to the slides makes it cooler and attention gaining. Moreover, one can easily understand the concept of anything with these slides of a PPT.


1. Boon for teachers: Those people who are involved in the profession of teaching or instructing are greatly benefited by it. PPts helps the instructor to provide great content to their students or followers. However, the projection of slides on the screen makes it even better. Modern animations help the students to grasp the mechanism very quickly and easily.

2. Boredom killer: Above all, PPts are a good source to remove boredom. Moreover, this is a fact that reading and showing boring texts can simply make you bore and feel exhausted looking at them. However, going through each and every line of that alphabet - is simply a boring task. The PPts has solved this problem. Enabling the users to understand anything via the images and multimedia of the targeted material.

3. Office work: Many officials are enjoying the benefits of PPts. It has made their life easier. Enabling screening of various slides via the projector screen. It is good and helps the officials to express their material in the most convenient way. The use of graphs, flowcharts and numerous other stuff has made their life easy.

4. A number of options are available: PPT software comes with all of it. One can insert stuff like - images, clipart, equations, a variety of shapes, a number of symbols, date, time and a lot more. Transitions like - fade, dissolve, news, spiral, wheel etc, animations like - appear blinds, box, checkbox, circle, crawl in etc, a handful of colourful designs and a lot more. Knowing PPT full form in English is worth it.


1. Electricity: Investment on current electricity is required. One can portray their presentation only in the presence of electricity. The computer - projector setup requires a continuous flow of current electricity. Portraying slideshows and presentations - requires a certain amount of money.
2. Experience: One should have a certain minimum experience - for setting up a PowerPoint presentation. The formation of presentations requires a skill set. And setting them up in the right order. Being skilful is necessary.
3. Proper space: The successful presentation requires a proper setup. The projector must face the screen and there must be decent space between them. It consumes time, space and manpower.


1. Screen: The white surface - where the projection of the projector is presented. It should be at a decent distance from the projector to get the proper reflection of the light.
2. Slide: It is referred to as the individual block of a PowerPoint presentation. Containing the text, images and stuff often referred to as data.
3. Clip art: The tiny little drawings of the characters. it is used to put life on the data of your PPT slides. They make the presentation more convenient and understandable.
4. Theme: The look of a slide is decided by its theme. The theme helps us to modify the look of our slides - inside the PPT.
5. Animations: The art of giving life (in the form of movement) to any element in a slide - is known as animation. Knowing PPT full form in English is worth it.

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