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NDA full form army

NDA full form in army: National Defence Academy.

Above all, the National Defence Academy is an academy. For defence aspirants. It is a joint services academy. Made for the Indian armed forces. For all the three services of defence. It comprises of a training schedule. That is made for all the three streams. That is of army, airforce and navy. Moreover, this academy helps the candidates. To graduate with the particular course of Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Furthermore, it helps them to become a reputed and ranked officer.

Wikipedia says, that the National defence academy. Was established on the month of December and in the year of 1954. However, it was commissioned on the same date. Making it a property of national importance. A property of national pride. However, It was commissioned immediately. After an inauguration ceremony. That was scheduled and held on the date of 16 of January 1955. However, the NDA was formed after the transfer of the 10th Joint Services Wing (JSW) program. From Clement Town in Dehradun. To the National Defence Academy situated in Khadakwasla. However, knowing NDA full form in army is worth it.

NDA is one of the most dreamt institutions. However, it is a dream of many students. To join the armed forces. To become a soldier in the future. However, aspirants began to join several training centres. Before coming into the academy. Sainik schools have a trend in that. Students having a passion. To serve the nation. Just join the Sainik school. To prepare themselves. Not only academics point of view. But also, physically and mentally.

The Indian armed forces. Doesn't focuses on physical training alone. It also has an attempt. To make their students aware. Of academics, values, culture. And above all, respect to mother India. The academy makes students an able soldier.


1. Nationality: The NDA follows a particular set of rules and regulations. They should be Indian by nationality. However, must belong to Indian neighbouring countries. The academy accepts subjects of Bhutan and Nepal. However, refugees have a certain restriction for it. Only Tibetian refugees are allowed. However, they are required to be a settled citizen. Arrived before the date of 1 January 1962. Emigrates from certain countries are also allowed. They may belong to Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya or Uganda. However, Tanzanians and Zambians are also allowed. Moreover, those who are from Nepal and do burkha. Not require any kind of validity with their government certifications.

2. Candidate age: NDA is strict with the candidate's age. It has restricted its age to a certain time period. Anyone, who has not born earlier than July 2001. And not after July 1, 2004. However, the system demands the birth certificates. The system demands the certificate dates. The system expects the candidates. To submit their respective certificates. Immediately, after the written examinations.


3. Qualifications: In case, you are an army aspirant. The land defence forces. Require a 12th pass candidate. Moreover, the Naval and Airforce streams. However, have different criteria. Air defence and water defence forces require a candidate. Among those, who have passed the class twelfth examinations. Along with Physics and Biology as their additional subjects. Moreover, those who are going to appear in the class 12th exams. Are also eligible for the same. However, a student of class 11. Prior to class 12th. Is not eligible to sit in the exams.

4. Married candidates are not allowed: NDA is strict with its candidate selection process. Moreover, the system resigns those. Who marries in between the training period. The defence guy can't remain married in their initial phase of service. A candidate having a single marital status. Is only eligible to get into the process.

However, marrying during the training period. May make you pay your expenditure/allowance. To the government instantly. However, knowing NDA full form in army is worth it. Being a soldier is not easy. It's not a job. But more than that. It has greater value than a job. Being the most reputed service. To your nation. Being a soldier is a matter of sacrifice. A soldier must work for his nation. Giving it the right service needed.



  • Registration: Above all, the registration form, asks you to fill it up. However, they ask one to fill the credentials of Name, Gender, Date of birth (in the format of DD/MM/YYYY). However, it also asks for parents (father's and mother's) name. Along with nationality, marital status, community. All of these are personal credentials.
  • Choosing a desirable branch: The next step is the branch selection step. Branch refers to the stream in defence. They are known as the army, airforce and navy. In the sequence of numbers from one to four. Zero is required to be marked. For those alternatives. Where none of the options is desirable. However, candidates are free. To chose their branch. Completely dependent on their choice.
  • Verification: The NDA form and its credentials. Are required to be verified by the candidate. The system only accepts verified and real data.
  • Receiving email and uploading documents: The next step is done. After receiving some email. That contains all the filled up details.
  • Payment: Can directly pay by their debit/credit card credentials. Starting from, the card number, to the ATM pin. And finally completing the process. By filling up the CVV number. (The three-digit number found at the back -end of the ATM card)


1. Tattoos: The NDA selection process is unique. It doesn't support physical abuse. However, it has several restrictions. For several body parts. The inner side of the forearm should be free from tattoos. Moreover, lower skin of the elbow to wrist section. Should be free of any kind of tattoos. However, belonging to some tribe. Where making and keeping tattoos is a tradition. They may harm your skin. Moreover, tattoos consist of a sticky chemical. It may damage your skin surface.

Apart, from that. Tattoos may damage your physical appearance. However, permanent tattoos. May become a matter of concern. For the future time to come. They may distort your presence. However, tattoos are a great enemy. Of formality.

2. Spiral disease: It may be spondylosis, spine granulomatous, or arthritis. Being a worker of the defence. Requires a man made of steel. A fit and a fine soldier. Who can fight enemies, win battles and are rock hard.

3. X-ray: The X-ray is required to determine the internal condition of the body. NDA blindly believes in them. Moreover, making them an essential part of their selection procedure. Furthermore, the armed forces conduct the X-ray examination of each and every candidate.


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