LPG gas full form|| Manufacturing process, history of LPG, & The American Gasol Company

LPG gas full form

LPG gas full form: Liquefied Petroleum gas.

Above all, gas cylinders - is the first thing. That comes in our mind, hearing the word LPG!! Isn't it? LPG is the liquefied form of petroleum gas. Chemical sciences, defines it as the flammable mixture of hydrocarbons. It is used as a fuel in cooking food, heat-producing appliances and in several different motor vehicles. LPG is, however, the most widely used fuel. LPG contains complete hydrocarbons inside it. However, hydrocarbons such as isobutane, butane, propane are prominent among then. It has a lot of carbon and hydrogen chains in its chemical composition. Industrial techniques, such as pressurization is common. And it is used to convert the petroleum gas to its liquid form.

Elgas.com, claims Dr Walter O. Snelling as the father of LPG. The year 1910 brought us the discovery of LPG. In this year, LPG was discovered as an element of petroleum. It all started with the disappearing gasoline. Out of market frauds and duplicates with gasoline. A Ford car owner was in great doubt. Asking, Snelling about the disappearance of the gasoline. He has had in his car's fuel container. Till now, the fact that gasoline evaporates was quite unknown.

But Snelling tried his best to expose it. Above all, he brought out a glass jug. That is already containing gasoline and is cork sealed. Due to the ongoing process of evaporation. The cork of the container was often pushed out, making a popping sound. That little conclusion, helped Snelling to discover the LPG. Moreover, the world became aware of its existence. Getting to know about its contents of hydrocarbons in addition.


After, the discovery of the LPG through that little jug and cork experiment. Snelling became sure about the existence of the Liquefied petroleum gas. However, this brand new discovery helped him to promote it. He decided to expose his discovery in the most advanced, industry level. Making it available for the general people in his locality. Following this goal, Snelling set up his own industry. It was named as the American Gasol Company. However, the Company came with technology. To convert the petroleum gas to its liquefied form. The Company was appreciated by the local people. Moreover, Snelling was awarded for his efforts in discovering the LPG. It was the very first time. When the American Gasol Company has done its commercial work. After, achieving this milestone. LPG became popular, and people began using this regularly.


The LPG is made during the processing of natural gas. However, LPG manufacturing is mostly seen in oil refineries. The way a refrigerator works. The same way LPG is separated from the raw natural gas. However, a distillation tower is involved in this process. It is used to extract LPG gas. From the hot crude oil floating beneath. The next step is to separate the extracted LPG. Into its three different hydrocarbon derivatives - the isobutane, butane and propane. Then it is pressurised into tanks and stored in them for regular domestic use.


  • Above all, the oil and gas mixture is sucked off the ground. Industrial suction pipes and heavy metaled tunnels are used for it.

  • However, the gas trap that gets the transfer of the oil. Is then used to separate the stream of oil into two different parts. The parts are crude oil and wet gas. This contains the LPG and natural gas.

  • Since the crude oil is heavy. It sinks down and got collected on the gas trap. Then the oil is flown down to an oil storing tank. This is the ultimate spot, from where refining of the oil takes place. However, industrial refining is fast. Due to its variety. Refining can be done by processes of catalytic cracking, crude distillation, filtering etc.

  • Ultimately, when LPG is completely prepared by the industrial process. It is then stored in metal tubes or in LPG cylinders. The only process to do is by pressurising the gas and storing them in desirable containers. The containers are mostly cylindrical in shape. Moreover, LPG is also made through the distribution network. Enabling the common people to get their supply. LPG can be further used in heating purposes, helping people to cook food, litting fire etc.

  • Moreover, knowing the LPG gas full form is worth it.


People have a misconception with the LPG cylinders. They have a misconception that using cylinders may be risky. They may explode in case of leaks and gas emissions.

However, it is a fact that LPG cylinders explode. However, LPG cylinder explosions are very rare. They hardly do explode. There is a severe risk of LPG burst, only having a pressure more than 6895-kilo pascals. However, this amount of pressure is rarely seen, being five times more than the normal pressure. So it is concluded that, under normal room temperature and pressure. The LPG gas cylinder can never- ever explode. However, it is the fact and it should be known and accepted. Moreover, knowing the LPG gas full form is worth it.


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