Internet full form name|| Origin, applications, Pros& cons!

Internet full form name

Internet full form name: Interconnected Network.

Above all, the Internet is the short form of Interconnected Network. The Internet actually functions like a spider web. Being called the world wide web. This web is actually spread all over the world. The surfer is like the spider. And it can easily grab its food (data) from it. But however, surfing the web can help you in a ton of ways. You can obtain several different types of data. From text information to multimedia (videos and music). However, it can help you get images, graphics, games, animations, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Internet is known as the child of Vinton G. Cerf. He has a major part in making the internet go live. Cerf is known to design the TCP/IP protocols. Along with, giving the structure of the internet. Cerf was awarded by the American government. To develop such a helping hand. For the upcoming future. Of the technology world. He was awarded the U.S. National Medal of Technology. Cerf is considered a mastermind. In the field of technology. Giving the world with such great invention.  


1. Electronic mail: Above all, the internet can be used to send electronic mails. It is a kind of end to end. And instant communication. However, emails can be sent to anyone having an active email account. Moreover, emails enable the user to send a text. Along with attachments. However, these attachments may be music, images, videos, animations etc. Google mail is the most popular among all. Providing access to sending emails. To multiple recipients at the same time. It also supports the sharing of multimedia. Moreover, it can classify your emails. According to its type. Into primary, promotional and social.

2. Social media: Among the ocean of applications. Floating on the internet. Social media is a unique one. However, it is distributed widely. In the form of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Social media is the child of the internet. That means, it is nothing without the internet. Moreover, these social media platforms are widely spread. For common people. They can use it. Moreover, for sharing their personal pics, videos and motion pictures.

3. Browsing: Internet has connected the entire world together. Internet helps us to browse. Over millions and millions of web pages. Moreover, it gives us access to all kind of web pages. These webpages may contain text, images and also videos. Internet surfing is necessary for many industries. However, there are over billions of businesses present online. If the internet is dead someday. However, the world will simply die of hunger and fascination.


4. Daily life applications: Above all, the internet has changed our life completely. Moreover, it has become a daily need. From waking up to going to bed. We are busy with our digital gadgets. Moreover, most of them are ruled by the internet. People busy with their mobile phones. Can be seen everywhere. However, they use the internet all the time. From uploading photos to selfies and even videos. Moreover, social media is flooded with such private photos and videos.

However, daily life is not all that. We use the internet even more. In several different spheres. Furthermore, the internet is used for a ton of things. From ordering food, clothes to doing important bank transactions. However, from using GPS to watching television shows. However, many short and private institutions. Also, uses the internet. To run their business. To take classes online. For selling stuff online and a ton of other things.

5. Making money: Above all, the internet is viral. Nothing is more viral than the internet. Consequently, it can be used. To make money. Anything needs to be viral - to make money. For instance, a movie. If it doesn't get viral. It will not make any money. Similarly, any online business requires to be viral. Moreover, to reach more and more people. To get more and more exposure. The virality will help the business grow. Over future time to come.


6. Apart from online business. Think of websites and applications. The entire smartphone market. Is dependent on the internet. If it dies someday. All the tech world will be eaten up. In the same vein, a website needs to get viral. For making money and gaining popularity. If there are no visitors. The website developer. Will be left without any money. However, mobile applications are also required to get viral. If they don't rank on the app store. Exposure will be zero. moreover, it will be unable to earn any money. However, any digital products. Like games also work like that.

Something, having applications. Must have some pros. So, there are endless pros of the internet. But the cons of the internet is needed to be known. Knowing the Internet full form name is worth it.


1. Cybercrimes: Internet is a great spot. Promoting cybercrimes. To those who know it well. There are unlimited hackers and spammers. Present out there in the market. Hackers just steal online property. By simply hacking it. Or by filling it with spam links. There are often cases of cybercrimes. It includes using fake identities. To blackmail, steal or bankrupt. Anyone or any online organisation. These crimes are very hard to find. However, cyber intelligencies have to sweat it out. To find out the criminal. And bring it out on the spotlight.

2. Adult content: Internet provides a worldwide vision to share and promote porn. It includes undressed video footage of pairs. Having some kind of abusive fun. These are extreme scenes. And are categorised under illegality. Reputed search engines simply ban such websites. However, some do promote it. Making it viral and viral. They lead to cases of rape, sexual harassment and even murders of women.

Furthermore, knowing the Internet full form name is worth it.


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