Full form of ISRO in English|| History, applications, facts to know!!

Full form of ISRO in English

Full form of ISRO in English: Indian Space Research Organization.

ISRO is a government organisation. It is situated in India. Is one of the biggest and most reputed space agencies in the world. It has worldwide recognition. Having a responsible chairman Shri. A.S. Kiran Kuma. And the latest products for space research is the only reason. ISRO works under a certain vision. That is of development in the field of space technology. Along with, becoming property of national importance. ISRO is managed by the Indian government. Under the authority of the Department of Space (DOS).

According to britannica.com, ISRO was founded in the year of 1969. Functioning for over 51 years now. ISRO has proved itself. However, it was possible only due to its well-working bodies. Furthermore, U.R. Rao Satellite Centre uses to design and program satellites required for ISRO. Moreover, the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is in Thiruvananthapuram. Certainly, there are numerous functioning bodies. Moreover, for it's well and good functioning. However, knowing the full form of ISRO in English is worth it.


1. Satellite communications: ISRO has one of the world's best satellite networks. However, it uses its satellite networks in different spheres. Mostly in geographical navigations and water management. Also in natural disaster management. Furthermore in radio networking, weather forecasting and in space imaging. Small research centres, businesses, institutions are benefited. Certainly by its satellite technology. It is known to run the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

2. Military: Having one of the world's intelligent satellite services. However, it seems like, ISRO has its direct applications. On the country's military. The military telecommunication equipment is greatly benefited by its services. Moreover, machines like the RADAR, all get real-time navigations from ISRO's satellites. Orbiting in the outer space.

3. Academic: Above all, ISRO is playing a great role in academics. Moreover, it is great to support. To all the institutions and colleges. Based on aeronautical engineering. For future engineers and aspirants. Moreover, they have their direct courses linked to it. ISRO provides a world-class environment to learn. Furthermore, about satellites and space-ships.

4. Geographical navigation: ISRO has some of the best 4k satellites. However, these satellites help numerous companies. Furthermore, providing real-time images of the space. They are capable of recording everything in HD quality. Moreover, it is often sent to various geo-navigation centres. The data can be further used. Mostly, to navigate places. That can't be explored by humans physically. However, knowing the full form of ISRO in English is worth it.


1. Unique symbol: Being an Indian space organisation. ISRO is considered as one of Lord Shiva's creation. The Trishul held by Shiva is respected. However, each and every equipment of ISRO. Comes with a unique symbol. The symbol is of three horizontal lines. It is similar to the sign found on Lord Shiva's forehead. Furthermore, ISRO supports a spiritual vision. Supporting the spiritual protection of it. And it's systems via Shiva's sign - the tripund.

2. Prayers: India is a land of prayers. Everything done here is solely related to our Gods. Indians, has a spiritual relation, with the almighty. However, in every sphere of life. We are habitual to this process. And ISRO is so. It has a scheduled prayer before every launch. Lord Manjunathaswamy is the one, it offers prayers to. Expecting success in each and every domain of its working body.

3. Use of bullock carts: Indians are open-minded. They don't follow a system. However, they do whatever they find good to be. ISRO once engaged a bullock cart. To carry its apple satellite for its antenna-range testing. This was the incident of the year 1981. The only motive to do it was material. Bullock carts are made of wood. But trucks are made of metals. To avoid distortion in signals. ISRO used a bullock cart!


1. Mars journey: ISRO is an Indian organisation. Even having limited knowledge and services. It has developed a system to travel the space. And reach the planet Mars, to do experiments. It was, however, a sure shot success in the first attempt only. ISRO made India the first country. To have a successful journey to Mars. And the Mangalyan is known to have the credit for.

2. Moon journey: ISRO has a dream to land on the moon. Moreover, it achieved its dream in the year of 2008. Through its incredible spaceship known as the Chandrayan. India is the fourth country to make it up to the moon. Moreover, due to ISRO's impeccable efforts. India became the fourth position holder. In the field of placing its flag on the surface of the moon.

3. Status winner: Among other space organisations all over the world. ISRO is awarded the status of Miniratna. By the Indian government. Due to its commercial part called as Antrix. However, its task is to promote the ISRO's products and services. Due to its excellent services. ISRO received a turnover of about Rs. 18 billion.

4. Application: The Indian Space Research Organization has India's most advanced developers. Developers working in the field of science and space. It has developed a great application. Moreover, the application enables its users to view the earth's surface in both. Two dimensional and three-dimensional views. The mobile application is known as Bhuvan.


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