Full form of CEO in English|| History, duties & the world's top 5 CEOs

Full form of CEO in English

Full form of CEO in English: Chief Executive Officer.

Above all, a CEO is the topmost employee of a company. The CEO is often referred to as an executive. Rather than to an ordinary employee. Being in the position of a CEO. However, it requires a lot of hard work and experience. The CEO is the top-ranking executive in the company. Being a CEO requires a special skill set. Moreover, making corporate laws, managing the company and meeting clients. Along with remaining the face of trust and responsibility. Are among the main tasks of a CEO. However, a CEO is the busiest employee of a company.

The term CEO was coined as early as 1972. The Oxford dictionary has its first print of the word CEO. Almost in the late 19th century. It has made its existence. By appearing on the dictionary at that time. However, being new to be known. Fortune 200 was the only company at that time. Calling its head as the CEO. Moreover, others are calling their heads as parliaments and chairmen. However, countries full of corporates and small companies. Have an entire separate definition for a CEO. Moreover, western countries have defined a CEO. To be one of the highly compensated officers in their respective domains. Moreover, knowing the full form of CEO in English is worth it.


  • Providing direction: Above all, a CEO's task is to provide direction to the company. The direction is incomplete. Without its ambition, vision and plans. A CEO should be committed. And should have a grasp over all these stuff. The plans should be made in a result giving manner. A CEO is responsible for making the company progressive and running. Plans should fit in and survive the market competition. Moreover, they must satisfy consumers needs. And at the same time must keep growing and keep making its profits. However, a company can't make profits without lead generations. For any company, the exposure is required. Without exposure and proper strategies, any company can't reach potential consumers. So, a CEO is responsible to maintain them all.
  • Being the company's representative: As similar, to politicians. CEO also has work to represent their company. They are like the face of their company. Likewise, they are the most trusted among all other employees. Every single connection is passed and judged by the CEO's behaviour. He/She is required to promote trust, quality and make a positive social response among people. The media, the people, everyone is after the CEO. The company's deals and their importance for general people. Everything from manufacturing to dropshipping. Is controlled by the one and only CEO of the company. 


  • Relationships: Any kind of company or business. Just works on the CEO's behaviour and attitude. However, it is considered that healthy relations are built with healthy behaviour. Every single person just checks your behaviour. Before interacting any further with you. If you are well behaved. And if you have a decent and welcoming attitude. You are eligible to build relations. However, the CEO's all around the world are psychological experts. Likewise, they have a fully trained mind. Knows the way to interact. Moreover, they can read people minds. Moreover, they have fantastic art to make successful and effective interactions.
  • Learning: Above all, average CEO studies almost four books a month. There is nothing wrong with that. Learning is one of the most important work. Done by a Chief executive officer. Bill gates, the CEO of Microsoft. Has also been a book worm. The stuff he learns reading. Makes him a new piece of content. To be posted in his ongoing website. Learning is earning. Moreover, the more you learn the more you earn. Handling the position of a CEO is not easy. Moreover, it requires a lot and lot of mental intelligence, learnings. Moreover, knowledge must be implemented to boost up and improve anything. However, for a CEO. It is his/her company.


  • Sundar Pichai: Being an Indian American, Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. Having an estimated net worth of 933 million dollars.
  • Elon Musk: Acquiring the citizenship of three. America, South Africa and Canada. Elon Musk is the CEO of Space X. He has a net worth of about 32 billion dollars.
  • Satya Nadella: Being an Indian. Satya Nadella is the CEO of the software giant - Microsoft. Having a net worth of about 200 million dollars.
  • Bill gates: The American CEO is the co-founder of Microsoft. And the CEO of Xbox studios. Having a worth as big as 100 billion dollars.
  • Daniel Zhang: Having a Chinese nationality. He is an icon in China - being the CEO of Alibaba group. His net worth varies from 30 to 40 billion dollars.


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