Facebook full form in English|| Applications, pros, cons & terms related to it

Facebook full form in English

Facebook full form in English: It has no full form, but it is often short formed as Fb.

Facebook (Fb) is a social platform that is spread all over the world. It is counted among the most expensive social site in the world. Helps people like me and you to socialize via the internet. It was born in America. It's often referred to as the child of the internet. Moreover, Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg during his college life. However, this social website has changed his life and the entire world too.

According to Wikipedia, the first attempt in creating such a wide social network was the invention of the application - Facemash. Above all, even being the first attempt it has gained a decent visitor count. It has gained four hundred and fifty visitors along with 22k photo views within the first four hours of its launch. A massive achievement!! Fb has taken its birth from Harvard - and then it got viral all around the world. Knowing Facebook full form in English is worth it.


1. Virtual engagement: Fb is a social platform. It allows its users to engage virtually online. Moreover, Fb allows us to be friends with someone, who we even don't know. We can virtually engage with that person, but can't meet him/her in real life.

2. Worldwide access: Fb allows us to engage and interact with people all around the world. It helps us to meet and speak to people worldwide. However, we can connect to people all around the world - irrespective of geographical boundaries and restrictions.
3. Multimedia sharing: Facebook is a gigantic network of people. It has connections from all around the world. Above all, being an international social platform - it allows us to share videos, images, music etc. via its platform.
4. An instant status sharing platform: Above all, Fb provides an instant status sharing platform. It allows its users to share your status instantly. Ultimately, helping you to stay connected with your near ones instantly and frequently. Moreover, knowing Facebook full form in English is worth it.


1. Socialize: Full access to social entertainment. It allows you to socialize with your friends and family. It allows you to socialize virtually though. Updating your status and mood via text and multimedia.
2. News: Being a social site spread all around the world, helps you to connect to the world. Moreover, viral platforms are enough to get news - daily and updated. It helps the news to reach a greater audience, making them aware of it.
3. Earn knowledge: Fb supports the engagement of several different groups. However, some of them are educational groups - helping you to gain enough knowledge through them. In fact, allows interacting with some top experts in that domain.
4. Earn internet money: Being spread all over the world, it has a giant network. It is quite easy to understand - the potential of Fb in helping you earn money through its advertisements. Fb Ads are a great way to earn exposure for your business and hence make money. Moreover, knowing Facebook full form in English worth it.


1. Only virtual involvement: Fb allows its users to engage only virtually. Physical involvement and interaction are not possible. Making friends from all over the world is easy - but interacting with them is not. However, Fb only supports virtual engagement - physical engagement is not supported.
2. Fake emotions: Social platforms like Facebook, just makes us fake our emotions. The word is now equipped with such stuff. people are sad naturally - but they are sending the smiling emoji online. It is a matter of concern regarding the emotional health of a person.
3. Hackers: With such a huge network - comes the real threat of getting hacked. People using Fb - always have the risk of being hacked by internet hackers. Hacking is done to steal your personal data. And leakage of such data is literally risky and embarrassing.
4. Wastes your time: Having the best platform to chat with your friends. Facebook can make you stay hours and hours in its platform. Wasting a lot of your precious time. People are noticed chatting overnight till the morning. A great threat to your brain cells!! Knowing Facebook full form in English is worth it.


1.Chat: The chat is a feature offered on the platform of Facebook. It helps you to connect with anyone - in your friend list. It helps you to share your thoughts through text, multimedia and emojis. Nowadays, the update provides an option of video chatting through its platform. One can talk with their contacts face-to-face.

2. Feed: Facebook provides its feed. The feed is the platform present in it - used to show you the updates up to the recent time. It is like a blog page containing all the posts of the last several days - having the recent post at the top of it.
3. Poke: A fun feature of Fb. It is meant to make one aware of your attention to his/her post. Poking a friend's post makes him/her aware of your's presence. The term sounds funny though!!
4. Fb page: The social network provides its users with a unique feature. One can easily create a Fb page and get it ranked on the search engines (like Gooogle, Yahoo, Bing etc.) It is similar to as of a webpage. Due to its high domain authority, the Fb page is easy to rank though!!

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