COVID 19 full name|| History, symptoms, face masks and how is it spreading?

 COVID 19 full name
COVID 19 full name: Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Above all, Coronavirus is the virus causing the COVID 19 disease. As it began to spread in the year of twenty nineteen. 19 is added as a suffix to the short form of COVID. Biologically, coronavirus is considered a human disease. That strengthens due to the SAR syndrome. Often known as Severe acute respiratory syndrome. However, it is not limited to humans only. It is spread over several different animals. From chickens, birds mammals (like a bat), cattle (like cows, pigs, buffaloes, sheep) etc. This threatening mass killer virus is known to arrive earth. After every 98 to 100 years of its discovery.

According to Wikipedia, coronavirus was initially discovered late back in the 1960s. Furthermore, it remained a site of focus. For several different years of its discovery. Coronavirus has made its awe overnight. Doing mass skills in countries like Spain, Italy, China and others. The entire world is threatened with the virus corona. Today, the world's situation is similar to that of alien abduction. Moreover, Asian countries like India. Has made their population safe. By making them aware to stay indoors. We are all threatened of this alien kinda virus. The COVID -19 is similar to an alien attack, though!!


  • The coronavirus is known to be very dangerous. Though firstly attacking mammals and birds. It has extended its reach to humans also. COVID - 19 has become today's trending problem now!! Doing mass killings in several different countries.
  • Fever and cold: Above all, the corona disease have symptoms. That is quite similar to that of the flu - influenza. Starting from fever to cold and cough. It shows it all. However, the person may have a certain rise in body temperature. Or may have dry coughs. Either continuously or periodically. In the entire period of twenty-four hours. In case, the person caught a fever. He/She is required to remain isolated. Not going to mass gatherings is advisable. Moreover, this is quite different for aged people. Or those who are having a baby bump. It is recommended to remain isolated. Or shift somewhere else for a certain time period.
  • Moreover, Coronavirus has some other symptoms also. Form runny nose, to dry cough, or a sore throat. Even, cause shortening of breath. Moreover, can also force people to have hospital treatments.


Every one in five cases may lead to something serious. Cases like pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome. Leaving some mechanical ventilation and in some circumstances, it can cause death now!! Having a mortality rate of two per cent. COVID 19 is known to kill two people. Out of the total number of people having it. However, the rest ninety-eight per cent of people. Are getting even better than before. The COVID is not that worse. It is better than Ebola and SARS. However, knowing COVID 19 full name is worth it.


Corona is a virus. It is enough to have decent physical contacts. To spread it from person to person. Well, and good contact is enough. however, the main cause of the spreading of the novel coronavirus. Is through the respiratory droplets. That comes out of our mouth and nose. Whenever we talk or sneeze. Scientifically, it is observed. That the coronavirus survives. More on non - porous materials like plastic and steel. The way it is spreading is simple. Whenever, we touch any non -porous materials.

We are just catching the germs. From surfaces of those non-porous materials. That directly get stuck on our hands. And from our hands. To our body parts. Like the nose, the eyes, and mouth etc. These materials are generally of daily use. Starting from your toothbrush to the basin's tap. Again, from your mobile to your laptop. From the door's handle to the window's handles.

It is also greatly caused by mass social gatherings. Whenever you are out in a mass gathering. You are surrounded by thousands of people. In such a case, the spreading of novel coronavirus is easy. An infected person may sneeze or cough in the public. The viruses emitting from the nose. May find its new prey to hunt on. So, be very careful. One should use a mouth mask. While being in social engagement. Moreover, sanitizer is recommended. To apply on hands, before every single touch. People are required to stay out of social fun. Attending parties, dinners, functions, ceremonies etc. should be avoided. Along with, they are required to stop going to their routine workplaces/ educational institutions and schools. However, knowing COVID 19 full name is worth it.


It is often misconceived. That wearing masks can protect them. From the viruses in the air. But the fact is that viruses are not floating in the air. And wearing a mask. Has nothing to do with that. Moreover, viruses may present on the palms. That got stuck to it. After some kind of handshakes or hugs. These viruses may stay on our face - while rubbing or scratching it often!!

Being around people with face masks. Makes you feel weird. You may also like to put up one. But the fact is that. If you are alone if you are not close to people. Sneezing and coughing on you. You don't require any kind of face mask. Since there is no virus around. There is also not the fear of getting infected. The virus actually enters our hands. To the body parts, we touch them with. Especially, the nose, eyes and mouth. Likewise, remaining around sneezes. Inhaling the droplets inside. Is just another case, we may get coronavirus inside. However, knowing COVID 19 full name is worth it.


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