CFL full form in English|| What is a CFL?, its uses, pros & cons

CFL full form in English

CFL full form in English: Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

Above all, a CFL is a lamp that is used for emitting light. While saving electricity consumption at the same time. It is used widely due to its bright light and low energy consuming properties. CFL is mostly used in households. Being a great alternative to the incandescent lamps. CFL's usually uses a glowing tube to provide light. The light-emitting tube is folded and curved to fit it in the place of the incandescent lamp.

CFL's saves energy, using almost point two times the normal electricity consumption. Moreover, they are made of long-lasting material. Very rare to damage and provides quality and bright light. Having a bit greater price than the incandescent lamp. Buying the compact fluorescent lamp is worth it. As it provides with five or six times more and better service. But CFL also has a toxic disadvantage. Damaged or used up fluorescent lamps has a toxic effect on the land. Not getting decomposed easily, is the main among them.

According to Wikipedia, CFLs found now, are different. From those used earlier. However, Peter Cooper Hewitt is known to provide this invention. Trending this invention, in the running market of the 1890s. He is moreover, considered as the father of CFL. Peter's lamps were used for industrial and commercial uses. Later on, a number of other people and researchers. Helped to provide more and more advanced designs and technologies. To get the design of the lamps better and evolved. Moreover, the tubes were moulded in targeted shapes. The U and circular shapes are the most trending among them. These targeted shapes are made, to reduce the overuse of the coils involved in making the filament. Moreover, knowing CFL full form in English is worth it.


  • CFLs are almost four to five times more efficient than normal incandescent lamps. Moreover, CFLs are great when it comes to life. CFL's are long-lasting, in addition to being energy efficient. Almost there is a lowered consumption of electric power. It may vary from sixty to almost eighty per cent. Such lamps, lights more bright than normal incandescent lamps. Utilising the same electricity as the incandescent lamps.
  • Due to its characteristic property of low power consumption. A CFL is used to has a low cost, than a normal incandescent lamp. They may initially cost more. But in the long run, their cost may get reduced. Due to its reduced consumption of electricity. CFLs are tending to use almost one-third of the electricity used by an incandescent lamp. Just, shop some quality CFLs. And you will see magic. Your electric bill will get reduced sums.
  • Being cost and power-efficient. CFLs are great alternatives to incandescent lamps. They can be easily used in place of incandescent lamps. A 20 watt CFL can be easily used. In place of a 100-watt incandescent lamp. The reason is: a CFL will give brighter light than an incandescent lamp. Moreover, the coils of a CFL can be moulded in any shape. To cut on the length of the coil materials.
  • Apart from being so much efficient. CFLs are a great friend of the environment. Those lamps are eco-friendly. Helping to cut on the carbon dioxide releases. Unlike normal incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps have a longer life. And also provides some great environmental benefits. Only a single CFL can reduce the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere. By about a half kilogram of atmospheric CO2. Moreover, knowing CFL full form in English is worth it.


  • Being electricity efficient is CFL's advantage. But it can become obsolete or get damaged. If any CFL is switched on and off frequently. The coil may stop glowing and emitting light. It is an observed disadvantage. However, they are expected to be used in places. Where a long time use is encouraged. Moreover, CFLs should not be turned on and turned off instantly. There should be enough time gap in between.
  • CFLs must be used indoors. Or in places where it is not exposed to extreme weather conditions. Having a CFL under a rooftop is always recommended. However, these bulbs should not be used in icy outdoors. CFLs are lamps that need outer protection. Since they don't produce much heat. They are not suitable for icy regions. However, people in cold regions can use them indoors. But using them outdoors can result in severe loss and damage.
  • Apart from other cons, marks the most important one. It mentions the very unknown fact of a CFL. It is unknown that a CFL contains mercury in it. The presence of mercury is being alarmed by Being a coil present in it. The CFL has a small content of mercury in it. The mercury is a toxic metal. And it is non-disposable also. However, while in use, the CFL does not cause any damage. But in case, a CFL gets damaged or breaks out of some accident. The non-disposable mercury comes out of it. And it should be handled with care!!


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