SMS full form in computer|| Applications, Pros,Cons & Terms related

SMS full form in computer

SMS full form in computer: Short message service.

The SMS is a service made for sending text messages. From one cell phone to the other. It is meant for sending very brief text messages. Usually, via the balance plan, a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) has. Moreover, it is meant for sending texts counted in the form of characters. Certain cell phone have a limit up to which messages can be sent. But emojis combined with text makes the messages more interesting to read.

According, to Wikipedia, the first SMS was sent back in the year 1992. They are considered as a crucial part of the GSM cell phone network. SMS is known to be originated from radio telegraphy, that uses phone protocols. However, these protocols allow the exchange of messages only up to one hundred and sixty characters. Knowing SMS full form in English is worth it.


1. Instant communication: Above all, SMS enables us to communicate instantly. We can send text messages instantly to any number known. It is the quickest and cheapest method of communication. Moreover, the use of emojis makes it more eye-catching.

2. End to end communication: The process involved is end to end. A text message is being typed and then directly send to another number. The message moves from one end to the other. There is no risk of losing privacy. Moreover, this process is completely secure.
3. Enables data downloading: SMS allows us to send text messages. In the form of text, images (in different formats), videos, and other multimedia. However, the receiver can easily download the data being received. It's damn simple!
4. Instant alerts: Due to the facility of SMS in cell phones. We can easily remain aware of the things going around. Big companies and businesses use their daily plans. To send numerous messages to their customers. Regarding offers, and stuff.
5. SMS marketing: Similar to email marketing, SMS is also used by companies. They use to send useful deals and offers to their customer's mobile numbers. This helps such businesses to generate leads and sales at the same time.


1. Quick and cheap: The short messaging service enables its users to send messages very quickly. You can send text messages to your friends and family instantly. However, the SMS sending rates are cheap and affordable.
2. Multiple languages: Modern smartphones support multi-languages of texts. Users can send their text message to anybody. Moreover, in any language. The option provided for language selection is many. From local to international languages.
3. Multimedia sharing: The SMS facility embedded in a smartphone is rocking!! Apart from sending text messages, you can also send multimedia. Mostly, images (any format), videos, animations and even music.
4. Emotions: SMS enables you to send messages. Not only with text but also with emojis. Emojis are a perfect way of expressing one's feelings virtually. Once, you typed your text, the next thing you need to do - is simply putting some emojis in it. moreover, it makes the text full of emotions.


1. Digital compression: Such discs use digital compression. This technique results in the formations of low-quality videos, audios and animations. However, videos may appear blurred, unclear or sometimes fuzzy and vague.
2. Risk of copyright: Discs which are released officially - comes with copyright. Anyone using the stored data further may be at serious risk. However, using such data for personal or commercial use is a punishable offence. He or she may be put behind the bars.
3. Unsupported format: There are certain types of DVDs. They don't even provide the support to display the stored information. Types of DVDs like DVD -VR, DVD - audio, DTS doesn't provide a supported format to display data present in it.

SMS full form in computer


1. Text box: Every smartphone comes with a messaging application. It is found in almost every platform (android, iOS, windows etc.) The message sending application comes with a text area. This is the area meant to write text in.
2. Emoji: In short, the way of virtually expressing your emotions and feelings. The SMS that the user sends to its friends or relatives. Can also combine it with emojis. Emojis are actually smilies, that are utilised to use feelings and emotions in between text.
3. Multimedia: All the stuff, other than text is called multimedia. Moreover, it is actually an acronym of entertainment. Music, videos, animations, graphics, etc. all comprises the set of multimedia. SMS has a great advantage. However, it allows the sharing of multimedia from one cell phone to the other.
4. SIM: Subscriber Identification Module. It refers to a micro card. It is used inside cell phones. However, it functions as the identity storer. technically, SIM is a semiconductor device. It is used to store the identity of the international subscriber.
5. MMS: Unlike SMS, MMS is a multimedia messaging service. This is used to send multimedia as songs, videos, audio clips, images, animations etc. from one cell to another. It is the refined version of SMS. And is not limited to sending text messages only. Knowing SMS full form in English is worth it.

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