PNR full form in railway|| It's meaning, what it depicts? & how to check the PNR?

PNR full form in railway

PNR full form in railway: Passenger Name Record.

 Above all, PNR, as the name suggests, is the record of a passenger's name. Moreover, it is found in the computer memory/database. The particular storage element, that stores the name of a passenger. Is known as the computer reservation system (CRS). A CRS is a kind of system, mainly found in the computers of reservation centres. Moreover, it is used to store the crucial credentials of passengers. It is mostly installed in computers of railways, airlines and in a few shipyards. The credentials are mainly a passenger's name, address, contact number and relevant stuff.

According to Wikipedia, the concept of PNR was initially established by airlines. They have made the PNR go live. To help passengers know their respective seats and classes. It also helps people to chose among several different planes. Running the same route and reaching the same destination. Being stuff of common people. IATA and ATA are helping people. Making them aware of their recent PNR status. By sending computer-generated updates. Moreover, there is no such MNC. Working separately, to send regular updates to the passengers. Moreover, knowing the PNR full form in railway is completely worth it.


The PNR is full named as passenger name record. Along with storing the passenger's name. It contains a lot more information. And the entire information is stored. Only in the ten-digit PNR number, appearing on the ticket. Personal information like name, age, gender etc. is saved on the computer database. Moreover, it is saved against the reference number. And this reference number is referred to as PNR number.

The PNR database includes passengers with personal information. And the information may include the following credentials:

  • Passenger details (Name, age, gender, birthplace)
  • Ticket details ( Train number, date of journey, from, to, station name, reservation up to, class, berth, specialised quota)
  • Transaction (Transaction identity -ID, Payment mode, Ticket charge).

In an entire ten digit PNR number. The first three digits and the last seven digits have their unique meanings. Moreover, the first three digits, of a PNR number. Shows the PRS (passenger reservation system) from which the reservation has been done. Moreover, it should be noted that the(PRS is developed by the CRIS). The first digit of the three digits shows the starting station of the journey. However, the last two digits give us information about the PRS centre.

Moreover, the last seven digits of the PNR number is completely unique. The last seven digits of the PNR is created through the function of rand (). It is a collection of seven random digits. That is added after the first three digits. To only make the PNR number unique. Having a record of millions of PNR's. The last seven digits help, the computer operator. To differentiate it from the rest. Taking the starting station and the zone in the account.


The PNR number is the longest number on a ticket. It may be the ticket of a flight or of the railways. The ten-digit long PNR number is always different. For every different piece of the ticket. Moreover, it is always a unique set of numbers. The PNR is always printed on the top left-hand corner of a railway ticket. However, the PNR shown in a flight ticket looks like the one-time password (OTP).


  • Above all, to check the PNR status. We are required to send a short message. It is required to type PNR <YOUR PNR NUMBER>. Then the typed text must be sent to 139. 
  • Alternatively, one can dial 139, to get their live PNR status displayed on their screen. Moreover, there are several different websites and mobile applications. That only asks you to enter the PNR number. Once the PNR is entered, the application automatically displays the live PNR status. Likewise, websites also work in a similar way.
  • One of the most used application to check the PNR is the ixigo android application. It is a great android application. Allowing you to book tickets. And check their live status online. However, there are thousands of applications. Enabling it users to book tickets online. But being a user of ixigo, for several months now. I would highly recommend this app to use!!



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