MLA full form in English|| Work, Eligibility to be an MLA, selection process, powers of an MLA!

MLA full form in English

MLA full form in English: Member of Legislative Assembly.

Above all, an MLA is referred to as a person. Who is an elected member. Of a single and particular constituency. Moreover, each and every state of a country. Is divided into several parts. Mostly, on the basis of the state's population. However, these parts are known as constituencies. The person being elected is the representative. Of the entire part called as a constituency. Moreover, an MLA is selected by votes. However, the person getting the maximum votes. Wins the election and the seat. Becoming a member of the legislative assembly.

However, the work done by the MLA's are different. From that of the work done by the government departments. Moreover, the government department is under control. Of a minister. He/She is a member of the legislative assembly. Moreover, from the movement of a pen to make some big deals. However, everything is controlled and managed. By the approved minister. On the other hand, the MLAs are responsible to do work. That has a connection between the department and the assembly. Moreover, they have joint control over both domains. Knowing the MLA full form in English is worth it.


The eligibility criteria to become an MLA, in India is as follows:

The candidate sitting for elections. Is required to be at least twenty-five years old. Any candidate is older or younger than this age. Is not allowed for the MLA elections. However, there is full of freedom. To the caste and gender of the candidate. Both male and female, irrespective of their caste. Is allowed to sit for the MLA elections.

However, the candidate (male or female) is required to be an Indian by nationality. He or She can't sit for the elections. Moreover, it is to be noted that his/her birth date and birthplace. Will be well verified before allowing him or her for the candidature. However, passing any fake information to the election commission.

The MLA seat is open. However, only to them, who is a voter. Of the immediate state constituency. Moreover, he or she must belong to the state. To the election commission. Regarding his/her identity. And belongings, according to the state politics. Moreover, knowing the MLA full form in English is worth it.


1. Nomination filling: The candidate willing to be an MLA. Is required to file a nomination. In the brand name of the party. He/She is a part of. Moreover, the candidate seeking candidature. In the time period assigned by the Election Commission of India. However, failing to file one. Can lead you to serious loss. Sometimes losing the chance of becoming an MLA.

2. Security deposit: The candidate is required to make a security deposit. Of rupees ten thousand (10,000 INR). However, the amount is different for Scheduled casts. And also, for Scheduled tribes. Any person belonging to these two casts. SC or ST is required to fill an amount of rupees five thousand (5,000 INR).

3. Symbol: The next step involves symbol. The Election Commission is now responsible. It is its duty to shortlist candidates. On the basis, of their respective preference and availability. The EC will shortlist. And immediately after that. The candidate is required to select a symbol. The symbol may be the same as the party you belong to. Or something completely different and unique.

4. Winning: After, the poll. Results will come. In case you win the candidature. You are now an MLA. You will now receive a winning certificate. The Election Commissioner will send it to you. failing to win the poll. May lead to some serious loss. Forgetting the security deposit. Will be the main part of it.


1. Control over the legislation: The major task of the legislative assembly. Is to frame laws for the constitution. An MLA reserves power. To frame important laws. These may be in any domain of politics. Moreover, focused on the items of the List II and List III. However, the Seventh Schedule (Article 246) permits the MLA to do it. The important domains are police, prisons and irrigation. Also, in the field of agriculture, local governments, public health, pilgrimages, burial grounds, etc. Others are in the field of education, marriage and divorce.

2. Finance: MLAs plays an important role. In deciding the finance for several domains. They are given power. The budget according to the production in several domains. However, they take decisions according to the government in control. They are responsible for the amount of money flow. The money amount must be adequate and meet the margin.

3. Power to execute: An MLA reserves the power to judge the executed laws. An MLA can change or fix some decisions. That is implemented by the execution. They are supposed to keep an eye. On the work and decisions of the executive. They have accessed to judge the quality of work. They judge the responsibility, accuracy. Along with transparency and efficiency of any law.


4. Electoral and Constitutional powers: The MLAs reserves the electoral and constitutional powers. Each and every MLA's opinion matters. Moreover, in electing the country's President. They also have a hand in creating changes. To the Indian Constitution. Moreover, with the opinion of half of the state legislatures in a state. The Parliament can forward. Some serious changes to the Constitution of India.


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