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LLB full form in law

LLB full form in law: Bachelor of Legislative Law.

Above all, LLB is an undergraduate course. In the field of law and politics. It is the starting level of educational degree. Required to become a pro-lawyer or legal advisor. Moreover, it deals with the art of understanding and applying the laws. In real-life situations, solving illegal cases. However, it is a course originated in England. Pronounced as Legum Baccalaureus in Latin English. It is a course for helping students. To understand both canon and civil law.

The LLB degree is now spread all over the world. Moreover, there are a ton of colleges and institutions. Providing the degree to all the interested students. All the colleges, giving law classes. Are controlled by the Bar Council of India (BCI). The entire course has been divided. Into six different semesters. However, the degree consists of a laborious schedule. It consists of theory classes, moot courts. And paid cum free internships and animated tutorials.


Above all, a candidate is required to be a graduate. A candidate is required to pass a three or four years course. In any subject/discipline. It is required to study the LLB course to be very first. Then, admission to a relevant college/institution is required. It is required to comply with. The institution's minimum cut-off percentage. However, the cut off varies with the location and type of college. For general candidates, the cut off percentage varies from 45 % to 55%. Moreover, for scheduled casts and scheduled tribes. The cut off percentage varies from 35% to 45%.

Apart from having the required percentage. The LLB workforce demands. Some great and serious skillset. The LLB degree is a very popular degree. However, law graduates have heavy demand. In the current market. They are required to have a particular set of skills. Moreover, law candidates are required to be strong. Moreover, they should be capable of working. Very long hours - regularly. However, knowing LLB full form in law is worth it.

A law student should be a good orator. They are required to be able to speak fluently. Moreover with full self-confidence. However, they must help the system. With the researches and original content. Regarding any kind of case to be solved. Apart, it requires an intelligent mind. That can understand and analyse facts well. Moreover, they must be good at doing debates. However, they are required to be experts in debates. Must have good and well judgement skills. But, they also should have the beautiful skillset. To present something in front of people. However, knowing LLB full form in law is worth it.


  • National Law School of India University
  • The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
  • Symbiosis Law School
  • ILS Law College
  • Faculty of Law Banaras Hindu University
  • Faculty of Law University of Delhi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed To Be University New Law College
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed To Be University New Law College
  • National Law University Odisha
  • Faculty of Law University of Lucknow
  • School of Law Christ University (SLCU)
  • Faculty of Law Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Dr B.R. Ambedkar College of Law
  • Army Institute of Law
  • ICFAI Law School
  • Institute of Law Nirma University
  • Lloyd Law College
  • Ramaiah College of Law
  • NLSIU Bangalore - National Law School of India University
  • NLU Hyderabad - Nalsar University of Law

Note: Above all, these are the top universities in India. Likewise, to have a great future in the field of law. However, to have a good score in their career. They must attend their classes attentively. To maintain their scores in the LLB course of three to four years. Law is a memorizing subject. Moreover, students are required to study hard. And memorize the constitutional laws. However, a tiny shift or replacement of these laws. Can't be considered by the real world. Law is a vast subject. Likewise, covering a vast number of topics in the field of law.

Above all, being a lawyer is a crucial job profile. A lawyer is the most responsible person in the court. The lawyer must know everything beforehand. Otherwise, presenting arguments for the case. Is not that easy. The lawyer should be clever enough. To solve cases. Providing arguments and pieces of evidence in favour of them. However, arguing and cancelling the opposite's arguments.


  • Lawyer: Above all, the job of a lawyer is not easy. Being in such a profession requires skills though. Apart from an LLB graduate. The candidate is required. To have some awesome debate skills. Moreover, they are required to be a great orator. Advisor and are capable of providing arguments. Lawyers are generally hired. For solving cases. Moreover, of fraud, murder, property etc.
  • Advisor: The job of an advisor requires intelligence. They must be able to provide some useful advice. They are required to be an expert. In some specific part of the law. The job profile requires experience. However, they should think out of the box. And try their best in keeping their clients. Free from any kind of illegal consequences. Moreover, being an advisor is beneficial. Regarding the intent of making money.


  • Advocate: A another job for an LLB graduate. However, it is for those who have decent thinking ability. And an intelligent mind. And work out of the box. Moreover, collecting and finding evidence in real life. Since analysing facts make them. Moreover, better and better to solve them.
  • Lecturer: The LLB graduate has a bright future in this field. Promoting the knowledge they already have. However, nothing can be better than this. The LLB graduate can join any university/college. To become a lecturer. Delivering lectures and teaching law students. Moreover, it's a great career though.


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