JIO full form in English|| Owner, history, popularity, facts, products & headquarters

JIO full form in English

JIO full form in English: Joint Implementation Opportunities.

Above all, JIO is a privately owned company. It is actually a subsidiary of brand Reliance. The entire company is controlled by its headquarters. Present at Mumbai, India. Moreover, it's a telecom company. Providing a decent network to its users. However, it has the name world-wide. Being the third-largest network provider in the world. And the largest in the country of India. According to Wikipedia, it was established on 15 February 2007. It is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Moreover, it is known to launch the cheapest 4G services to its users. It has its network spread. Over twenty-two different telecom circles in India.

According to, Shri. Mukesh Ambani is the owner of JIO. It has great respect for Indian users. Promising them to provide the right services. And at the speed of the rocket. However, the JIO services enable a lot. Superfast online streaming, free calling. With monthly or yearly plans and even more. It has a big coverage area. And known around the globe. For its quality of work. However, knowing JIO full form in English is worth it.


Even being an Indin company. JIO has its reach worldwide. Above all, it is known all around the globe for its large number of subscribers. Moreover, it has around 370.07 million subscribers. Acquiring the position third worldwide, first in India. It has a massive user count though. It is becoming more and more popular due to its services. However, the JIO Giga fibre is the most unique among all.

Jio has flooded the internet with its user engagement. There is no social platform left - where JIO hasn't its reputation. from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. Moreover, they are flooded with tweets and feedback. However, the official website of JIO is getting millions of visits per day and month of the year. Alexa gives it rank among the top 1000 in the country of India. However, knowing JIO full form in English is worth it.


1. 4G provider: The Jio network is known to provide only 4G services. It has a superfast and the cheapest 4G network. In the entire country of India. Due to its cheap and quality services. Above all, it has a gigantic user count. Almost a gigantic population of 133 crores. Uses their services. Jio is a multi-millionaire company in itself.

2. Doesn't provides 2G or 3G: The Jio network doesn't provide 2G or 3G services. JIO is considered to be the revolution. In the field of Indian mobile network. However, it is known all over the country for its excellent 4G services. Starting form calling to streaming. To downloading and uploading. Everything goes with the speed of 4G.

3. Headquarters in Mumbai: The multi-millionaire company JIO, is owned by Shri. Mukhesh Ambani. Above all, it is headquartered in the city of Mumbai. In the busy state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, it is one of the most used and trusted telecom company in India. Beating its competitors of (Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, etc.)

4. Revenue: Being a leading telecommunication company in India. India - the country having a 130+ crore population. There is no way it can't be a millionaire in itself. The daily revenue earned is really shocking. However, it's yearly turnover is deathly. Most noteworthy, JIO makes a revenue of about two hundred billion rupees.


1. Broadband: Above all, JIO is one of the leading distributors of mobile broadbands. It is a great broadband manufacturer. Providing highspeed 4G speeds. It completely supports 4G communication. Providing 4G speed video streaming, calling and also downloading.

2. Jio fibre: The Jio fibre has a buzz in the market. The company is planning to supply JIO fibres. Mostly to the domestic homes itself. The connection will be wireless. And straight connecting to the data provider. Moreover, it supports television and telephone services. The speed of the cable may vary. From 100 to 1000 megabytes per second.

3. Jio- fi: The Jiofi is a physical hotspot for data. The Jiofi has a data hotspot. The data can be used by anyone connecting it via the Wifi. However, Jiofis lets you use your SIM card. And make use of the data balance in it. However, it comes with a pre-installed Jio SIM. But it also enables you to use SIM of any other operator.

4. Jio Phone: The recently launched mobile phone is the Jio phone. It is one of the cheapest mobiles in India. It can be bought in exchange for another working mobile phone also. The Jio Phone has a nice and good getup. And also supports, multimedia, gaming, internet, social media and Wifi.


Above all, the company Jio is headquartered at Mumbai, India. In the state of Maharashtra. JIO is one of the leading telecom companies. Present in the country of India. However, being the most powerful city in India. Certainly, Shri. Mukhesh Ambani made a plan. To make its headquarters in the busy streets of the city of Mumbai. Moreover, being established in the year of 2007, now it is one of the best company. And a leader in the field of telecommunications and networking.


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