Full form for WIFI, Applications & some useful facts to know

Full form for WIFI

Full from for WIFI: Wireless Fidelity.

We are quite familiar with this term. Many of us, have demanded hotspot from our friend. Once we are out of our data balance. All this stuff revolves around one single technology. And that technology is the reason. Wifi is available now. Wifi, wireless fidelity is a technology. Completely working on the transmission and reception of radio waves. The Wifi is used to share data balance. Only to provide its users, access to the internet. The complete system of Wifi. Is used to receive data from a hotspot. And the hotspot providing system - already has an active data balance present in it.

According to pink.ai, the Wifi was initially released and introduced. In the year of 1997 for its customers. It was not in trend immediately after its release. Though, due to its ease of use. It has expanded its popularity after some time. The Wifi network is based on one of the 802.11 standards. That was developed by the Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE). The known standards developed by the IEEE are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac.


  • Synchronize: Wifi technology has enabled the feature of auto-sync. It has enabled its users. To synchronize their files and folders in a wireless mode. However, wifi has enabled sharing of multimedia and text. Within different available platforms. Like accessing, iPhone from Linux, or iTunes from android etc. It can help its users to share data. From their PCs to mobiles or to laptops. Without the use of a USB cable or any type of hardware device. However, there are a ton of apps out there in the play store. That helps one, access their SD card of android.
  • An automated speaker: A mobile phone is a device. Moreover, it is an artificial device. But what if it speaks? Awesome no? Wifi has enabled a feature like that. Your mobile phone can speak to you. The exact instant, you reach a particular destination. The feature of GPS combined with Wifi has made it happen. Your mobile phone can detect, the location. And speak in its computerized voice. However, wifi also enables one. To find out his/her mobile phone's location. In case, it has lost somewhere.


  • Photo transfer: The wifi has given access to transfer photos. From one device to the other. In case, you are tired of plugging in the card reader/pen drive/harddisk. Or any kind of storage device in the pc. You may opt the second way. That is - using a wifi-enabled camera. Nowadays, wifi-enabled cameras. Can automatically transfer all your photos. To you PC or laptop. Directly after being captured. No requirement of wire is required. It's a completely wireless process. The Eye-fi wireless storage disk is the best option for your DSLR camera.
  • Wireless streaming: Principles of the Internet of things and the internet. Have combined together to form the wireless streaming. We are able to listen to our favourite music. From any speaker present in our house now. The wifi enabled control system. Has enabled us to do so. We can stream any track via our smartphone. All credit goes to the wireless fidelity. 
  • Similarly, the user can also stream movies to any television in their house. All these things are possible due to the wifi. We can stream and watch our favourite television shows. Via LAN connection at domestic levels. Once, again the wifi-enabled televisions. Enables us to do so. With only a single tap on our smartphone.


  • WIFI, phone and your laptop: Modern-day technology is advanced. It has enabled us to use our phone and laptop at the same time. With the availability of the concepts of the hotspot and wif. one can easily share data balance in between. With one single intent of accessing the world wide web. The device having data balance. Acts as the hotspot. It may be a laptop or a mobile phone. You can use either your mobile or laptop as the hotspot. And the other as the device to access the web. However, knowing the full form for WIFI is worth it.


  • Password: Wifi networks are buzzed with a password. Every one of us is mad for the password. The password is like. The gate to a new world. Personal hotspots have their personal passwords. So, before accessing the web, with these hotspots. The user is required to crack the security. By entering the correct password. This often leads to serious conflicts. Everything is tried to get that, hacking, spamming, scraping and what not.
  • Note: Don't ever do that. Hacking anyone's hotspot. Is a kind of cybercrime. As it leads to loss of data balance. It may get you some serious trouble. Don't ever, try hacking!!!
  • Hotspot: The spot is hot. Isn't it!!! The term is actually a synonym for the wireless router. A hotspot is a spot. From where the internet is shared. It is actually given by a device. That already have an active internet connection in it. And consequently, whose internet can be further used. Wifi helps, to detect active hotspots around. And helps the users to connect to them. Entering the required security details in it.
  • Tethering hotspot: The hotspot shared by a mobile phone in particular. A hotspot shared by any device. Other than a mobile. Is not considered to be a tethering hotspot. Tethering hotspot is only shared by a data-enabled mobile phone. It can be further used by a laptop, tablet, PC, game console and by a lot of other devices. However, knowing the full form for WIFI is worth it.


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