DP full form in social media|| Meaning,correct size & how to create it?

DP full form in social media: Display Picture.

 Above all, the DP is known as the display picture. As the name suggests, it has a direct meaning. DP or display picture. Is a tiny picture that is displayed directly to resemble a user. In most of the platforms, the DP is circular in shape. However, DP is often known as the profile picture. That directly denotes the user, who owns the profile. Moreover, it is used mostly on profiles of social media. Likely, it appears on the popular profile pages of a user. Mostly, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. Modern-day updates of social media are awesome. They provide their users with a handful of options to crop and adjust. Their respective profile pictures. Above all, with the options of contrast change, shade changes the use of DP just rocks.

The display picture had a trend since the invention of online communication platforms. Moreover, nowadays DP's are used in a number of other online platforms also. Mostly in messaging platforms that operate online. However, it is also used in a number of platforms apart. From text sending platforms. To reputed websites, that asks its visitors, to upload a profile picture. Claiming that, doing so will increase their exposure. Moreover, will help differentiate their personal identity from others. Making them as unique as possible. Since the DP contains a face. It will be easier to identify the user. Moreover, knowing the DP full form in social media is worth it.


The display picture or DP is the picture displaying profile images. It displays the face of a person. However, being formal. It is a necessity to upload a picture of your face. But in informal cases, there are several different types of display pictures. Starting from completely black to some sort of jocker quotes. Every single thing, that is inserted as a DP. Has a completely separate meaning of itself. Moreover, they are used to signify a whole lot of things.

Firstly, they may show up some quotes. Otherwise, they may show off something inspirational. However, it was late back from the beginning of the internet. When people use to motivate, support or signify some special sort of message. The entire community becomes aware of that single display picture. The message or the motto that the user is wanting to portray. However, the DP is a picture. And it is well said, that: Picture tells a thousand words! The fact is completely justified by this statement.


The correct size of the display picture is difficult to discover. However, it completely depends upon the kind. It completely depends upon the content of the image. The uploader must initially, know about it. Display pictures containing face images are different. However, those which contains quotes or something inspirational are different. The soul of the statement. Is that, the user is needed to have prior knowledge. About the kind of display picture, he/she is going to use.


Above all, start by creating a 1000 * 1000 pixels blank document. Prefer to use Adobe photoshop. But you may also go with the kind of software you like to. Being a regular user of the photoshop. I will recommend it to you! As a creation of the canvas with the mentioned size. Is easy and convenient.

In the next step, you are required to select the circular shape. Drag it and bring it to the canvas. Once, placed, drag the circle. To a size fitting the complete canvas. It will make the placement and adjustment easy. The profile picture can be easily fitted on the circular shape. Moreover, the circle is the most preferred shape among all. In the same vein, the picture that is inside your circle. Is likely to get displayed on the platform's profile page. Keep it clean and of quality.

It should be noted, that there will be some space. On the four different corners, outside the traced circle. However, nothing will be visible. Apart from the picture inside the circle. So, don't forget to put a high-quality image in it. Moreover, stuff outside the circle should also have a clear image. Because it will get viewed by the users. Coming to your page and visiting your profile. However, until they don't click on the circle. The outside stuff will remain invisible at all.


DP full form in social media


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