CID full form in police

CID full form in police
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CID full form in Police: Crime Investigation Department

CID is a part of the police. It is comprised of the most intelligent officers of the police. However, such officers are experts in the investigation of a crime and finding out criminals. Above all, the entire department is controlled by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP). CID is considered as one of the most important departments of the police. However, handling the tasks of critical case solving and crime investigations.

According to Wikipedia, CID was introduced by the British government in 1902. It was used by the colonial officers before independence. Above all, the 20th century CID in India is now controlled by Indian officers. Being a responsible and sharp branch of the police. In addition, knowing CID full form in Police is worth it.

Who is eligible for being a CID officer?

To be a CID officer. Above all, one is required to reach a minimum level. In short, the candidate is required to pass the twelfth standard. To become a constable in the CID. However, one is required to do graduation. For joining the CID as an officer or a Sub Inspector. On the other hand, one is required to appear UPSC to enter the crime branch. However, without acquiring the qualifying marks - one can't enter the department of crime.

Moreover, for those who want to be an officer in CID. Is required to get shortlisted in the SSC examination. It is mandatory to be twenty years of age. Candidates younger than twenty are not allowed to appear for the SSC graduation examinations. And neither they will be shortlisted in the process. Likewise, male candidates are required to have at least 165 centimetres height. On the other hand, females with a height of 150 centimetres are only allowed.

Focusing on the selection procedure. It includes a step by step process. The process starts with a written examination, physical fitness test and finally a face-to-face interview. The written examination has a syllabus. It comprises of reasoning (IQ test), English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge (GK) and Computer knowledge.

List of top IAS coaching centres in Kolkata, India:

  • Apti Plus Academy for civil services:
  • TICS IAS Coaching in Kolkata
  • Educrat IAS Coaching in Kolkata
  • Impulse IAS For Civil Services Exam Kolkata
  • Plutus IAS Coaching
  • Trademark UPSC Coaching Kolkata
  • RICE IAS Classes Kolkata

List of top IAS coaching centres in Mumbai, India:

  • Prayas India IAS Academy in Mumbai
  • ALS IAS Coaching institute Mumbai
  • Dronacharya IAS Coaching Mumbai
  • Lakshya IAS Coaching institute in Mumbai
  • Royale IAS Coaching Institute in Mumbai
  • Paradigm IAS in Mumbai

List of top IAS coaching centres in Delhi, India:

  • Vajiram IAS coaching
  • Plutus IAS Coaching Delhi
  • Vision IAS
  • Shankar IAS Institute for UPSC Delhi
  • ALS IAS Delhi
  • Drishti The Vision Foundation IAS coaching Delhi

List of top IAS coaching centres in Punjab, India:

  • Anil Narula’s IAS
  • Abhimanyu IAS Institute
  • SNM IAS Academy
  • IAS Today
  • Chanakya IAS
  • Dronacharya IAS Institute
  • Gurukul Vidya Institute

List of top IAS coaching centres in Chennai, India:

  • Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai
  • Ganesh IAS Academy in Chennai
  • Officers IAS Academy Chennai
  • All India Civil Services Coaching Centre Chennai
  • Smart Leaders IAS Chennai
  • Cracking IAS Chennai
  • Periyar IAS Academy

List of top IAS coaching centres in Bangalore, India:

  • Plutus IAS Coaching Bangalore
  • National IAS Coaching Bangalore
  • Shankar IAS Academy, Bangalore
  • Himalai IAS Coaching Bangalore
  • INNOVATIVE IAS UPSC Coaching Bangalore
  • Analog IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore
  • IAS BABA Coaching, Bangalore

Facts to know before joining crime branches:

It may be a bad fit for you: Therefore, be aware of your sense of investigation. Firstly, know your interest. Then go for it. But going for crime branches for someone's dream is not a good choice. Consequently, you have to handle several different criminal cases. To clarify, from murders to some serious crimes!!

Needs a clever mind: CIDs are intelligent people. However, they are not normal. They are people with the presence of mind. Moreover, investigating crimes and other stuff requires the presence of mind. However, you have to find clues from whatever you have around. Requires the sense of a dog!!

Institute rules: Becoming CID officers is not that easy. Just set your mind for that. Moreover, remain aware of your coaching institute. Be an obedient student. Above all, obey your teachers and professors. Moreover, don't even try to show off to your elders!! It will simply give you victory!!

Scores: Taking admission to a coaching institute is easy. But scoring accordingly is not that easy. You are required to study hard. Just set up a daily routine to study. Moreover, the maintenance of good academic scores is necessary. Just study hard to score well.

Arms: Knowledge of arms is necessary. CID is an armed police force. Being a CID requires you to have good knowledge of arms. Moreover, learn the tactics, the style and the control like a professional. Certainly, having good knowledge of arms and explosives is necessary to attack and defend yourselves.

In conclusion, knowing the CID full form in Police is worth it.


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