BDS full form in medical|| Eligibility, top dental colleges & facts to know prior BDS

BDS full form in medical

BDS full form in medical: Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

BDS is an undergraduate course in the field of dental sciences. It is the starting level of educational degree required to become a pro-dentist. Moreover, it deals with the science of fixing and maintaining gums, jaws and teeth. Furthermore, it deals with the study of the human mouth. Above all, it is a course originated in America. However, it is now taught at every corner of the globe. Moreover, there are educational institutes and training centres providing the same. This undergraduate-level, of course, is a must for further studies in the field of dental sciences. The course takes five years for its successful completion. It is a study of the science of the oral cavity.

According to (, BDS is a modern type of bachelor degree. Moreover, it has a very ancient history. It has a history that dates back to 5000 BC. People then do have cavities and they do have required dentists. However, one who has a successful BDS degree - is called a Dentist. He or she adds Dr. as a prefix to his/her name. Likewise, Knowing the full form of BDS in medical is worth it.


Any mandatory marks are not declared. However, every different institute has its own criteria. Above all, a minimum of fifty per cent could be considered as a requirement. Some institutes conduct their own entrance exams. However, others consider the NEET score.

Moreover, In the secondary level of schooling. The candidate must be a regular student. However, he/she is required to have passed the disciplines of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. However, there is a certain reservation for the backward castes. Candidates - belonging to the backward castes. Has a relaxation of ten per cent. However, different institutions have different entrance procedures. Some conduct their own examination. However, others shortlist candidates on the basis of their NEET test score.

However, in America, the BDS is referred to as a doctor of dental surgery (DDS). Above all, various American institutes promote this course to residential students. American students have to study for two years only. American institutes have an entirely different teaching methodology in contrast to Asian countries including India and China. Knowing the full form of BDS in medical is worth it.


  • Maulana Azad Institute Of Dental Sciences
  • Manipal College Of Dental Sciences
  • Government Dental College
  • Nair Hospital Dental College
  • Government Dental College
  • Faculty Of Dental Sciences, King George's
  • Christian Dental College
  • SDM College Of Dental Sciences
  • Post Graduate Institute Of Dental Sciences
  • Dr R. Ahmed Dental College
  • Manipal College Of Dental Sciences


    • Azeezia College of Dental Sciences and Research
    • Century International Institute of Dental Science and Research Centre
    • Educare Institute of Dental Sciences
    • Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences
    • Kannur Dental College
    • KMCT Dental College
    • Mar Baselious Dental College
    • MES Dental College
    • Malabar Dental College
    • Noorul Islam College of Dental Science
    • Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences
    • PMS College of Dental Science and Research
    • PSM College of Dental Sciences
    • Royal Dental College
    • St Gregorious Dental College
    • Sri Sankara Dental College


      • Harvard University
      • New York University
      • The University of Alabama at Birmingham
      • UCLA School of Dentistry
      • University of California San Francisco
      • The University of California
      • University of Florida
      • University of Michigan
      • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      • University of Pennsylvania
      • The University of Pittsburgh
      • University of Washington


      1. It may be a bad fit for you: Therefore, be aware of your sense of cavities. Firstly, know your interest. Then go for it. Studying the oral cavity and its processes. Maybe not your cup of tea. Moreover, it requires some serious memorizing skills. Certainly, it is not easy to get through them easily.
      2. Needs a sensible art: Do you have a sensible art? The study of teeth and cavities is easy. But practical work requires art. It requires enough knowledge and practice. And it's not a child's play. Even a small mistake can be sufferable. Misplacing teeth can give your patient some serious pain. Sometimes leading to death!! So be careful and attentive!
      3. Institute rules: The dental institutes comes with some serious rules and regulations. You may have to face your seniors and the staff members. Be good to everyone and respect them. It's necessary to pay respect to the staff and to your professors.
      4. Scores: Getting into a college and studying the course is easy. But maintaining your scores is not. Just don't get upset with your scores and mark sheet. However, your scores may suck!! But learn to accept the truth. BDS is new to you - just learn it!!
      5. Hostel: In case you are new to the place. However, the most problem may remain with hostel accommodation. Moreover, it is required to follow the hostel rules. Eat what you get. Remain happy for what you have!!

      However, knowing the full form of BDS in medical is worth it.


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