POP full form in construction|| Applications, Pros, Cons & Related terms

POP full form in construction

POP full form in construction: Plaster Of Paris.

Plaster of Paris is actually used as a construction material. Plaster of Paris is a white coloured powder. However, it is made of gypsum that is found in Paris. Moreover, the chemical name of the composition of POP is calcium sulfate hemihydrate. It is mostly used for creating objects and stuff. Mostly for decoration purposes. A number of mini models of some real-life monuments, multistoreys or even in a regular school project. However, it is used everywhere when it comes to modelling and crafting. Moreover, it is also used for crack filling, repairing and levelling of walls.

According to the Times of India, POP's history dates back 10,000 years from now. Moreover, it is actually a product obtained from the heating of regular gypsum. People of Egypt, Rome and Greece are known to use them for the first time. However, it was used in the construction of the walls of their buildings. The 1600s brought misfortune to London. Wooden walls are catching fire on a large scale, resulting in massive destruction. But worried by the nation's future, the French ruler ordered to cover their walls with the Plaster of Paris (POP). It will prevent them from catching fire.


However, the answer is simple. It is the same case explained above. Due to some natural disorder. Moreover, the atmosphere in London started catching fire. Which caused a huge burn and destruction of the walls of the people homes. As they are made of wood. Worried about the effects of the atmosphere on wooden walls. Above all, the French ruler ordered every single person to put Plaster of Paris on their walls. But plaster i.e gypsum is not present in London. However, it is needed to be brought from Paris. Paris had massive stores of gypsum. Moreover, this made the plaster being called as the Plaster of Paris.



  • Construction: Plaster of Paris, for sure is used in construction. Moreover, it is widely used in the construction of small models. Mostly the models of buildings, stadiums, a monument etc. POP is used in a number of school projects also. However, Plaster of Paris is even used to build the decorative design on walls, small statues of god or in some kind of random craft.
  • Prevention of fire: The POP is a wet mixture. However, it is not completely dry. So, whenever it catches fire. It uses to release all the water in the atmosphere. The water being released is always released in the form of water vapours. It actually used in costly buildings. To prevent burning down of the walls from catching any amount of fire. As long as, POP is present, the fire will simply get converted to water vapours.
  • Decoration: Being a mixture of gypsum. It lefts a nice, clean and tough structure after mixing with water. Once, dried it lefts a decorative structure. It is used to carve adorable designs on the ceiling. They are mostly found around a ceiling fan. With the mixture of paint and design, they literally beautify the ceiling. Moreover, several different models of decoration are also made.


  • Medical field: It is used in the medical field. The moment it dries, it remains still like a concrete. Once you have a broken bone. Applying POP in the outer region of the fracture. Simply helps to remain the bones remain in their place for a long period of time. This the way how broken bones are kept in order and in their place.
  • Home interiors: Likewise, ceiling POP is also used in decorating the interiors. They are used to create and design eye-catching designs on the walls. They are mostly made in the walls of an average living room. Making it more stylish, creative and eye-catching.


  • It is used due to its lightweight and low rigidity. Being made from gypsum, it is a very lightweight powder. The colour is generally white.
  • It is a good insulator of heat and electricity. The final product contains moisture in it. That results in vapourization of the heat, whenever it comes in contact with heat.
  • Used as a good quality of fire insulator. Applied on walls, due to its heat insulation properties.
  • It never gets cracks on drying. Due to its durable particle complexion, it never lefts cracks on the surface.
  • A great semi-solid, when mixed with water. It is easy to be mixed with and applied for construction purposes.
  • Settles down very well. Can be easily converted to any shape. The smooth structure helps the settling down of any kind of paint on it.
  • Pop gives us the way to display the paints in the brightest version of themselves. They are very catchy to the eyes. And literally beautifies the entire place.
  • Can be used to cure broken bones. Mostly used to keep bones in their place for a long period of time.


  • Can't be used for permanent constructions. Not so strong, that it can replace the use of cement or concrete.
  • Not so suitable for exteriors. It can't be used for exterior designing of walls.
  • Always, takes a form having moisture in it. Not usable in humid regions.
  • Very costly. Even having a little use in the field of construction. It is costlier than cement/concrete.
  • Includes a chemical reaction for its manufacturing. It is lengthy, time-wasting and an expensive process. Knowing POP full form in construction is worth it!!


  • Plaster: It is defined as a mixture of water and cement. It is used for putting bricks together. It works as a type of adhesive used for pasting bricks or blocks together.
  • Fireproof: It is defined as the quality of avoiding fire. POP is mostly used for resisting the flow of fire through it. POP is a moist construction material. It is used to save walls from catching fire.
  • Durable: It is a characteristic property of the POP. POP is made from raw material gypsum. Is a durable solid. Once, it dries and settles down. It results in the formation of a durable structure. The structure is strong, clean and ultimately durable. Knowing POP full form in construction is worth it!!


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