Computer full form name in English|| Applications, Pros, Cons & Terms related

Computer full form name in English

Computer full form name in English: Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used For Technology, Education and Research.

A computer is a machine that does computations. However, it is the fastest calculator ever made. Along with possessing the ability to do computations. It is also able to do them logically. Computers are the backbone of the tech world. Moreover, if computers were not there. Then nothing could make man modern. However modern-day computers are not limited to solving arithmetic only. They are capable of doing everything. From playing 4k videos. To rocking the spot with beats, animations, slideshows, gaming, three-dimensional motions, social media, everything. Most importantly, computers have now converted man's life to its fastest version. Knowing the full form name of the computer is worth it.

According to Wikipedia, the abacus was the first device made for calculations. It was a model made up of beads and rods. It was the idea of Charles Babbage. Later, he planned to make analytical and difference engine. However, it was the initial mechanical approach to the design of the modern computer. Full form name of computer is worth it.


1. Calculations: Moreover, a computer is a device used for complex logical calculations. It is used for solving several different problems.

2. Motion graphics: Likewise, it can be used for motion graphics. High-resolution display of videos, images, slideshows everything is possible with it. We can create slideshows, design animations and play high-resolution 4k videos.
3. Gaming: However, the display is always liquid crystal. Which provides the best user experience of the images on the screen. They are all of the 4k megapixels.
4. Internet: Most importantly, a computer is the building block of the world of the internet. We need computers to access the internet. However, it helps us to send and receive emails, do chit-chatting and even communicate with anyone face to face all around the globe.
5. Official work: There is no office that does not use computers. Likewise, most of them are like creating spreadsheets. Creating presentations or writing a text document.


1. Enables fast work: Computer helps you complete your assignment as fast as possible. It has automated features. Which help you remain consistent and error-free. However, creating a text file or a presentation is easy. It is not less than a child's play. Computers help you perform fast work hence saving your precious time.

2. Full access to solo entertainment: Moreover, you can fill your hard disk. With millions of videos and music. It will simply help you remain entertained. Just croon your fav song and dance on the beats.
3. Virtual social life: Computers help you connect to the internet. Which in turn helps you to access different social websites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and numerous other social websites have just brought the entire world together. It is a great way to enjoy a virtual social life full of entertainment and fun.
4. Earn knowledge: Computers helps you earn knowledge. There is nothing in this world, your computer is not aware of. Just got to the web, and type anything you want to know about. There you go! Remain knowledgable!
5. Earn internet money: Make money online. There are numerous opportunities out there. You have to work for some time and you will be flooded with a decent amount of money. This is the power of computers and the internet.


1. Physically weak: Computer engages you to sit and relax all the time. The more you use the device, you are just working your fingers and eyes. No physical movement of your body. It will make you physically unfit. Ultimately which will result in laziness and consequently make you physically unfit.
2. Poor eyesight: Remaining stick to the attractive computer screen can make your eyesight poor. Modern computers use liquid crystals that emit harmful radiations. Ultimately affecting your internal eye muscles and making them weaker day by day.
3. Wastes your time: Modern-day computers come with a ton of games and stuff. Playing games can make you a game addict. That is bad for your health as well as your eyesight. Moreover, it simply wastes your useful time. Sticks you to play all day. And all night. It is a venomous effect of computers.
4. Real emotions are replaced: The world of the internet brought social media. And the world of social media had empowered the life of virtual communications. That has no match with real emotions.
5. Risk of getting hacked: With the internet comes a ton of information. Your information is available online. Due to the lack of security, they may be stolen by hackers.


1. Virus: Virus is not a living worm. It is defined as a corrupted file. Which when enters your system can damage certain functions. Or may steal your personal information. Viruses can eat up your empty memory space. Or may restrict certain software to run properly.

2. Modem: An USB that is used to access the internet. With the help of your data present in your sim card. Modems help you access the internet in a safe and secure way.
3. Cookie: A cookie is not a snack. It is actually a tiny text file. When several different websites are visited. They send cookies to your computer. That later helps them to show you targeted advertisements.
4. Hack: When your personal data is being stolen by some other users. Those users are illegal. Mostly are convicts of cybercrime. Your private data may be stolen and used further. One should be aware of using their bank credentials on online platforms.

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