PUBG game full form name|| Pros, Cons & The correct way of playing it

 PUBG game full form name

PUBG game full form name: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG popular as only battlegrounds is a survival game. It is based on a survival theme, that is: once a number of players are flown to an island, they are left to survive. The last man standing wins the game. For remaining alive, the player needs to collect a lot of stuff like weapons, armours, and have to deal with deadly dangers. However, going to the negative side of this game will not be appreciable. But it is the most time-consuming game of today's youth. Mostly college grads, and high school students. Moreover, it is so addictive that one can easily play this game 24/7.

Brandon Green is the founder of the game PUBG. It was released in an underdeveloping mode in the year twenty seventeen. However, initially, it was released for Microsoft, later for mobile platforms like android and iOS. It is a branded and battle royal game. Within several months of its release, it has gained a good amount of popularity worldwide. Today this multiplayer has earned millions of dollars to its developers.


1. It is a game for the survival of the fittest. One who becomes the last man standing wins the game. It requires a lot of practice, experience and the right skill set. The way you play the game and fight your opponents. Is directly proportional to the time you will remain in the game.
2. You have to find out your strengths and weak points. Just master your weak points and play like a pro. Playing PUBG is literally rewarding when you are noticing everything. Most probably notice the way you are attacked, practice over it again and again.
3. Remain active throughout the game. Play and play smart still you have life in your hand. PUBG rewards for activeness. Remaining too much active may get you killed. However, remaining too much passive is also not recommended. Just play whenever you have a demand.
4. You are highly recommended to make use of the distractions available. Always use distractions to confuse your enemy. In case, you are very close to your enemies. And you can't kill them without moving close to them. Then you should use the sound of gunfire or the bashing sound of the airplane. It will confuse your enemies about your real position.
5. Always keep track of the circle in the game. The circle is the region in the game where players are supposed to remain. Remaining outside the circle will simply reduce your life within every second passing by. The region outside the circle is denoted by blue colour. As the circle become less in its area, a new circle appears which is white in colour.


1. Improvement of teamwork: It will simply improve your teamwork skills. The more you play in multiplayer mode. it will improve your skillset. You will find yourself in a better position - calling your peers, handling your enemies, killing them and moreover, doing them all alone.
2. Improvement in planning abilities: It will help you sharpen your planning ability. You will be able to develop your abilities to plan. The skills to plan the right thing to do at the right time. You are required to plan your attack. PUBG rewards planning. And planning simply pays off.
3. Earnbucks: In case you are a quality player. You have a good option to earn bucks from playing the game. Pro PUBG players are doing the same. They are fantastic in their skills, their timing and which simply pays off. You can simply run your gameplay live on social platforms or on youtube.
4. Mastery in virtual shooting: PUBG access you to gain mastery in the virtual shooting. However, maintaining your vehicle speed is also crucial. You have to maintain speed as well as shoot at the same time. It is not so easy. But practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practising and take advantage of this advantage of the game PUBG. Knowing PUBG full form is worth it.


1. Weakens your eyesight: Since it is played on mobile or PC. It will simply affect your eyes. Spending a lot of time before the mobile or laptop screen will simply make your eyes tired. However, it has to fight through harmful radiations. You may have to put on spectacles, in case you suffer from some serious eye problems.
2. Kills your brain cells: The game is so fun to play, that anyone will simply get addicted to it. However, you may keep playing for late hours in the night. That is not good for your brain cells. Remaining awake for late hours in the night affects your brain cells. Damage is maximum. Kindly avoid playing it overnight!!
3. Affects academics: Remaining in the game 24/7 will simply make your brain damaged. However, it will also affect your academics. Your studies will get affected, you will fail your exams. And finally, your career will simply get destroyed. It is not good to play it all day and all night.
4. Affects your device: Whether you are playing it on mobile or PC, you are just wasting your battery life. Moreover, gameplays simply ruin your battery. None of the applications drains so much battery as your game. It is an energy eating game with quality graphics and sound effects. Your brightness, sound system and everything are affected during the gameplay. Knowing PUBG full form is worth it.


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