IIT full form in education|| Read about 19 IIT's in India & their respective rankings!!

IIT full form in education

IIT full form in education: Indian Institute of Technology.

It is a recognised and one of the most prestigious institutes in the country of India. Considered as the heaven for engineering students. It has recognition worldwide. It has even conquered the top rankings in QS BRICS University Rankings. According to the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. Moreover, they are the dream institutes for many engineering aspirants. Knowing IIT full form in English is worth it.

According to Wikipedia, the IITs has a history. That dates back eighty years from now. It was in the debate of 1940s. The country presidentials were planning of creating national institutes. For the promotion of tertiary knowledge to the students. After a good number of plans and committees. The Indian institutes received a quality amount of expenditure. Especially on its infrastructure and system. However, the investments were around 70 million rupees. But now, the country has twenty-three IITs of its own. Moreover, knowing IIT full form in English is worth it.



1. IIT Kharagpur: It was established in the year 1951. This institute has a ranking in the top 500 in QS BRICS rankings 2020. Its motto is: Excellence in action is Yoga.

2. IIT Bombay: It has a ranking in the top 200 in QS BRICS rankings 2020. Its motto is: Knowledge is the Supreme Goal. It provides undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in disciplines of Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral levels.

3. IIT Madras: It has a ranking in the top 300 in QS BRICS rankings 2020. Its motto is: Success is born out of action. Provides undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. It is located in the city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

4. IIT Kanpur: Established in the year 1959. In a top 300 ranking in the world QS BRICS rankings 2020. It supports the motto of From darkness, lead me to light. Both in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

5. IIT Delhi: Delhi University is one of its main competitors. However, it has its own importance. Achieving 182nd position in the QS BRICS world rankings 2020. Provides U.G, P.G. and doctoral programs.


6.IIT Guwahati: It has gained a ranking in the top 500 of QS BRICS rankings. Has its motto of Knowledge is Power. Being one of the most popular colleges in Guwahati itself. It is a dream institute for the Assamese engineering aspirants.

7. IIT Roorkee: It is one of the oldest universities in India. Has a top 400 ranking in the world QS BRICS ranking 2020. Likewise, other IITs also provides U.G, P.G and doctoral courses.

8. IIT Bhubaneshwar: It was established in the year of 2008. This institute is ranking on the seventeenth position by NIRF. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 according to careers360.com. Likewise, other IITs it also provides undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses.

9. IIT Gandhinagar: It has a ranking of 51 according to NIRF. However, ranked 14th according to India Today. It encourages the courses of B.tech, M.Tech, MSc, MA and PhD.

10. IIT Hyderabad: It is located in Sangareddy, Telangana. It supports the motto of Inventions and Innovations. Above all, it is one of the best institutes in entire Hyderabad. It is the 198th position holder according to the QS BRICS university rankings 2020.


11. IIT Jodhpur: It is one of the best and reputed university in the entire Rajasthan. However, IIT Jodhpur is for the general public. Moreover, it supports the motto of You are the entire Knowledge and Science. Above all, it lands the 50th position according to the NIRF rankings.

12. IIT Patna: Above all, it is one of the coolest institutes in the state of Bihar. Moreover, this university is known to have a motto of One who aspires wisdom, attains it. However, it lands the 22nd position according to NIRF 2019. IIT Patna is a dream college for the aspirants from Bihar.

13. IIT Ropar: Above all, it was established in the year of 2008. It follows the motto of Guide in the Right Direction. Moreover, it provides bachelors, masters and PhD courses in various disciplines of engineering. It was made for the eligible Ropar students.

14. IIT Indore: Above all, IIT Indore was established in the year of 2009. It was very well in its education and infrastructure. Moreover, it lands a ranking between 300-400 according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2020. However, it follows the motto of Knowledge is for the well-being of everyone.

15. IIT Mandi: IIT Mandi is an established institution. Established in the year 2009. IIT Mandi is located in Kamand, Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, it is a public engineering college in Mandi. A reputed IIT situated in Mandi.


16. IIT BHU: Above all, it was established in 1919. The institute was recognised by various newspapers. Moreover, it is given a rating of 4.2 out of 5 by shiksha.com. However, IIT BHU is located in Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

17. IIT Dhanbad: It was established in the year 1926. It is known for its motto of Arise, Awake, strive for the highest and be in the light. Had gained a rating of top 250th position in QS BRICS world rankings.

18. IIT Tirupati: Above all, it is the youngest IIT. It was established in the year 2005. It is a high-status engineering college in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, it is well known for providing masters, bachelors and doctoral programs.

19. IIT Palakkad: Likewise, IIT Tirupati, it was also established in the year 2015. Moreover, IIT Palakkad is recognised for its programs. Four of engineering and others like PCM and humanities.


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