Rebellious things to do as a teenager|| A list of sixteen

Rebellious things to do as a teenager

Rebellious things to do as a teenager. Every country has its own laws. Some of them are liked by people including teens whereas, others are not. In such a case, teens (a part of the people) may be either satisfied or unsatisfied with the law. Rebelling against something should be done with two main intentions. It should be either against the law that forces to fit in or it may be aginst the wrong authority. In short, teenagers must rebel for their choice and rights. They must build a rebellious attitude towards unwanted law. Rebellious things to do against wrong authority. The authority may be of the school or of the teachers. School is the place, teens found unbearable and being pressurised. If they find it wrong, they must rebel against it.

Check the following list, showing how to become a rebel:

  • Build your attitude: The most important thing to be a rebel is to build a killer attitude. It will help you fight against the restrictions. In case you are being pressurised by some teacher or someone, you will need an attitude to fight it back. Nothing will last before your killer and sharp attitude. You have to fight against the wrong authorities. The moment you feel pressurised, you must show it off. Remember that "attitude is everything!"
  • Develop a rebellious mind: Doing it is not easy. It requires a lot of determination to dot the same. Just think about what you want. If you know the things you want. You will simply be successful in developing a rebellious mind. Most importantly, you are required to find what is going wrong with you. If they are wrong enough, you will simply be uncomfortable. Once, you become uncomfortable. You will certainly, develop a mindset. That can completely fight the wrongs.
  • Find the reason: Remember, that rebelling alone is not recommended. It may create some undesirable conflicts. It may create some solid problems for you. If there is not a valid reason. Any kind of step taken by you must be valid. You must know it clearly and completely. You should know about your problem. And then rebel against it. Finding the reason is necessary. Because there will be a solution, only if there is a problem. It is a crucial factor in doing rebellious things to do as a teenager.
  • Build your team: Build your team and your support. We all know that "united we stand, and divided we fall" In case, you want to completely get rid of something. You must be strong enough to go against it, rebel against it. You can't rebel against anything, without support. In case you don't have support. You may fall in some serious trouble. Build your team, which agrees with you and your beliefs. It will make you stronger and drive you towards your victory. Another incredible factor of doing rebellious things to do as a teenager.
  • Say it aloud: In case you are ready. With your team and your wants. There you go! You are now ready to say it aloud! You are now ready to keep your opinion and want. Wanting, something alone is not beneficial. If you won't say it aloud. You will never get the results. Once, again building a strong team is necessary. Raise your voice, say it aloud. Say what you want, raise the voice if it's not according to you.

Now, know about the most recommended rebellious things to do as a teenager. Just check the following list for the same:

  • Don't wear the uniform: Either it may be the school uniform or the sports uniform. Simply don't wear it. You must give priority to your health. In case, the uniform is made of terry cot. It will be simply uncomfortable for your skin and your body. Just go with simple clothes. Do it with your entire built team. Being comfortable is prior to gain knowledge and also to play a sport. Remaining uncomfortable with your dress can't help you learn something new.
  • Don't do the homework: In case, you are in school. And you are being burdened with unnecessary homework. Just don't do it. Doing homework that is not necessary is recommended. As homework is not meant to do. If it is given as a punishment. Just do it to an amount that is necessary. As spending extra time before the little study lamp may damage your eyes.
  • Don't be the puppet: Don't be the puppet of the teacher. Just build your support. Make your classmates agree with you. Don't do everything the teacher says. Never-ever try to become over-obedient. Just do whatever you think is necessary. There are certain teachers, thinking of themselves as a boss. Just don't get blindfolded. Never obey such kind of teachers.
  • Never get pressurised: If you are a teen. You may have come across certain pressurising situations. It may be by the teachers, the principal or by your seniors. Never get pressurised. Just take rebellious steps against it. Do anything you can. To rebel it. To go against it. Build your own team, and raise your voice. Rebel as a rebellious teenager.
  • Study as long as you want: Don't give a f*** to your peers. In case, you want to spend a long time studying. Just go for it. just study as long as you want. Your peers may try to resist you. But don't give a f*** to them. Do what you want. Again raise your voice. You are left with your own career. Just build it and study hard for it.

Check some of the fun rebellious things to do as a teenager listed below:

  • Earphones: In case you are a girl, or you have long hair. You can simply enjoy music. Just hide the earphones with your long hair. This should be done when you are attending an extremely boring lecture. Just, put your earphones and start the music
  • Wear intentional T-shirts: In case, something is not going according to you. You are recommended to go against it. If you and your friends want to support a voice. Just get printed t-shirts of the same. Wear, t-shirts printed with the same. It will be funny, bold and rebellious as well.
  • Ignore a lad: In case, you hate someone. And he is just trying to correct himself. The best thing to do is to just ignore him. Ignore him whenever he attempts to approach you. Just ignore, and walk like you don't give a f***.
  • Use weird sounds: It is fun, however rebellious too. Just install a weird sound on your phone. And play it during the class of anyone you hate to attend. It will simply be fun and kind of rebellious too.
  • Chewing gum: It is the best alternative to the fun. Such gums are fun to chew as well as fun to use. Just attach the gum under the benches. It's a lot of fun. The gum is strong enough to stick your hand once put on it. It may also stick one's pant to the benches if put on the bench.
  • Say the 'f' word: It is a kind of fun and in fashion to do the same. The 'f' word is kind of a symbol or maybe the voice of fun.
  • Create your Fb account: The most fun thing to do as a rebel. Create your Facebook account. Just do it without informing your parents and elders. It will be fun doing the same.
  • Attend a late-night party: It will be fun and rebellious at the same time. Attending a part in the night will be full of fun. Have your favourite food, your favourite drink, and move your body to your favourite music.
  • Fast the classroom clock: Just, fast the time of your classroom clock. It will help you leave your class as soon as possible. Will help you leave the boring lecture very soon. Fastening the classroom clock will get rid of the boring teacher as soon as possible.
  • Engage in a relationship: If you are a teen, you are young enough to find your love. You are eligible to get the taste of young lovers. It will simply be against your elder's will. But it is fun and rebellious at the same time.
  • Eat a lot of cookies: You may be fond of eating cookies. It may be unadvisable regarding your elders. But do it, as it is good for you and full of fun. Cookies are tasty, and eating cookies will be fun. But mostly when none is looking at you.
Rebellious things to do as a teenager

  • Drink a beer in your water bottle: It will be full of fun. Just get a bottle of beer in your water bottle. And have it during your intervals.
  • Skip your classes: Just sort out your boring classes. And if the teacher is also not according to your choice. Just plan to bunk it. It will be full of fun.
  • Lock your friends: In case you want to have real fun, you must try it. Just lock your friends inside the class from outside. It will be really fun and a kind of rebellious thing to do.
  • Tie the laces of your friend's shoes: In case, you have an opportunity like that. Just tie the laces silently. It is a fun thing to do and kind of a bit rebellious also.
  • Spit on the classroom: It will be highly rebellious. But still, accommodate a lot of fun. Spit as much as you can!!


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