What advice would you give a teenager?

What advice would you give a teenager?
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What advice would you give a teenager? Teenagers become teens after passing a long period of life, where they use to be a child. After passing twelve years from their birth they become teens. During teenage, they have a very delicate mind and they are easily driven by the people and their peers. Their mind has maturity but a few of them can control them. In order to control their mind, they must listen well to advise. In order to provide them with a couple of advice, we have prepared the following list of advice.

Below is the list of advice for your teenager:

Never give up, Never quit: The life is full of problems and obstacles, you are a human and you have to deal with problems with your own ways. The life of humans was never easy and it will never be. The only thing you can do to win on these problems is that you have to keep trying, you have to keep going. If you give up then you are simply making way for someone else to win your game. Be the player of your own game and win it every time you are on the field.

Despite several thousand problems coming in your way, never give up. Never think yourself weak or different from others. You are strong enough to defeat them all. Develop a never giving up mindset. No matter what it takes, just keep going, keep working hard and keep playing until you win. Never give up on your dreams, when things go wrong, just think why have you started it. The reason will simply drive you working toward it. The first advice and answer to the question of What advice would you give a teenager?

Believe in yourself: The only thing you have to do to remain in your place is to never stop believing in yourself. Never stop believing in what you are. Never underestimate yourself and your abilities. Do the way you want, but never let others judge you. Never get driven by others. Many times will come when you have to do stuff on your own. Others will criticize you and try to put you low. Even if you are doing it right, that time you have to believe in yourself.

Those who believe in themselves never fails. Believing is necessary. Others may say you are doing it wrong, or you may fail in the near future, but don't go with them. Go forward with your body and soul. Put the work with that natural dedication, devotion and determination. You will surely get success. You will be that successful, that no one had ever imagined of. The second advice and answer to the question of What advice would you give a teenager?

Never get jealous of the luxury of others: You are precious. You alone are precious enough to buy others. You have your own value. Don't get jealous of what your friend wears, or what your friend ride. Actually, you know what, you have no friend at all. You took birth on this planet alone, and you will die also alone. You are not here to become friends with anyone. The luxury your friend has is nothing. One day you and your friend, both will die.

The luxurious car your friend rides, or the type of house he lives, it doesn't matter at all. You are not supposed to think about that. Never get jealous of what your friend has got. You will simply never succeed if you waste your time wondering about what your friend has, and what you don't have. The third advice and answer to the question of What advice would you give a teenager?

If you work on 3D's, you will certainly succeed: The 3D's are determination, dedication and devotion. If you put only these three things on anything you do, success will come to you. You just have to work on these things. If you do a thing with a hundred per cent of dedication, you can never get distracted and which will give you guaranteed success.

If you do something with that unusual determination. Then you will never fail. Just observe a soldier, how does he do anything with determination for his country. His determination make him awake in the early morning and helps him remain straight on the border of his country, resisting the deadly terrorists. This is the power of determination.

When it comes to devotion, then you must also master this. If you put your full devotion to your work, you will surely become successful. It will help you to attach your body and soul to that work to become that successful.

Learn to stay alone: When you master the skill of remaining alone, it will help you stay stable even if your loved ones don't go with you. When they leave you, you will never feel alone. You will remain as you are. Remaining alone helps you to keep your mind in a calm state.

A calm mind can help you grow. It can help you handle things without a single falt. Do great things by mastering this skill. It is advised to remain alone as it also improves your power of concentration a focus. If you are able to focus on your stuff, you will get a sure shot success.

Develop your style: You may be misjudged by others regarding the style you follow. You must maintain or develop a specific style. Your style is a crucial component of your character and personality. The style involves the dress you wear, the accessories you use, the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you behave.

You must be physically strong, you should wear simple and quality clothes. The hairstyle must be simple and good. Your style helps you get recognition. Some teens become popular with their style alone. They become so popular, that others copy their style. This is the power of your style, which is a small but crucial part of your personality.

What advice would you give a teenager?

Never fear problems: You may be familiar with the game of football. The players tackle the ball to take it their way. In the same way, you are a football player in this life, you have to tackle those weird problems and get away from them. Problems are part of life, but guess what they are not life.

Problems will simply come, but you have to deal with them in a very clever way. Put problems in the problem. The irony is that be so tough, such that no problems can make you confused or low. Problems are not problems, they are only the way you play your life. So, it is advised to play it cool!


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