Truth or dare for teenage|| A list of 200

Truth or dare for teenage

Truth or dare for teenage. Truth or dare game is one of the most popular games among teens. It is one of the most played game by teens. It's really fun being attempting the dares set up by others. However, sometimes dares are dangerous and of full risk. Truth or dare questions are very fun to implement and perform in real life. It helps your friends to know about you, and you also get to know about them. 

We have a list of 200 truth or dare questions, which is divided into sections of two. The first 100 is of truth questions and the other 100 is of dares. 

Truth questions:

1. Have you ever been caught by the cops?
2. Have you ever showered at night?
3. Have you ever caught pranking?
4. Have you ever caught a fish?
5. Which is your darkest fear?
6. How long can you stay without food?
7. Have you ever cleaned your underwear?
8. How long have you remained without taking a bath?
9. Have you ever touched a crocodile?
10. Have you ever lied to anyone?
11. Have you ever hated, anyone?
12. Have you ever touched a snake?
13. Will you kiss me?
14. How long can you stay without eating?
15. Have you ever spend an entire day without taking a shower?
16. Can you spend a day without drinking water?
17. Will you die for your brother?
18. Are you afraid of the dark?
19. Have you ever remained in an empty hall?
20. Have you ever taken a ride on a horse?
21. Have you ever clicked a selfie from a parachute?
22. Have you ever been pranked?
23. How many times have you won a medal?
24. What stuff do you like the most?
25. What is your most disliked food?
26. Do you like to have fish as breakfast?
27. Are you afraid of the ghosts?
28. Have you ever lied to your crush?
29. Have you ever kissed a girl?
30. Have you ever stayed in a mansion?
31, Have you ever visited a mental asylum?
32. Have you ever clicked a selfie with any celebrity?
33. What is your crush name?
34. Whom do you want to spend your life with?
35. What is the name of your favourite place?
36. have you ever dreamt of monsters?
37. Do you fear monsters?
38. Have you ever done ice skating?
(Truth or dare for teenage)

Other truth questions for teenage:

39. How long can you remain without breathing?
40. Have you ever communicated with the ghosts?
41. When did you last visited a church?
42. Have you ever got escaped from hunters?
43. Have you ever been in a rollercoaster?
44. Do you fear to ride on a rollercoaster?
45. How long can you remain on the giant wheel?
46. How long can you remain underwater?
47. Do you know to swim?
48. Have you ever eaten an entire fish in one bite?
49. Have you ever tasted your toes?
50. Have you ever gone scuba diving?
51. Are you fear of heights?
52. Have you ever jumped from a multi-storey building?
53. Have you ever mixed coffee with coke?
54. Do you fear your father?
55. How many times you escaped your father?
56. Have you ever fallen from your bed?
57. Have you ever spend an entire day sleeping?
58. Do you want to become invisible?
59. If you get to live a life with celebrities, who would you choose?
60. Have you ever fought a bully?
61. Have you ever been bullied?
62. Have you ever tasted your thumb?
63. Have you ever got confused with your own reflection?
64. Do you like magic?
65. Do you believe in god?
66. Have you ever seen a ghost in your entire life?
67. Have you ever raw vegetables?
68. Which is your favourite veggie?
69. Have you ever remained an empty stomach for a full day?
70. Who is your best friend?
72. Have you ever cheated your best friend?
73. Have you ever changed your grade?
74. Have you ever remained dependent on your friend?
75. Have you ever stolen food from your friend's tiffin? (Truth or dare for teenage)

Other truth questions:

76. Have you ever ridden on a luxury car?
77. Do your parents allow you to play?
78. Have you ever went to a fitness centre?
79. Have you ever copied in an exam?
80. Who is your celebrity crush?
81. How long can you remain without water?
82. Have you ever attained the speed of 100km/h by your bike?
83. Have you ever messed with chemicals?
84. Who is your secret crush?
85. What is your most embarrassing moment?
86. Have you eb=ver been to foreign countries in your entire lifetime?
87. Have you ever peed your pants?
88. How long can you stay in smoke?
87. Have you ever tasted beer?
88. Which planet would you like to live in, apart from earth?
89. What is your favourite teacher name?
90. Have you ever faked the truth?
91. How long can you remain in water?
92. Whom do you love the most?
93. Have you ever jumped from a boat?
94. Have you ever gone fishing in the ocean?
95. Have you ever been to India?
96. How long can you stay without oxygen?
97. Have you ever lied to your parents?
98. Have you ever appeared on youtube?
99. Have you ever bunked a class?
100. Have you ever been ragged? (Truth or dare for teenage)

Dare questions:

1. Dare to prank your teacher.
2. Dare to speak a lie.
3. Dare to spend an entire night inside a haunted mansion.
4. Dare to remain in a vest during the winter season.
5. Dare to run on ice.
6. Dare to remain an hour without speaking a single word.
7. Dare to prank your parents.
8. Dare to spend an hour inside water.
9. Dare to eat an entire plate of noodles in one go.
10. Dare to sleep on the road.
11. Dare to Goff off your work.
12. Dare to lie your tutor.
13. Dare to drink a glass of beer.
14. Dare to kiss your teacher.
15. Dare to touch your nose with your tongue.
16. Dare you spend a day without food.
17. Dare to spend a day without water.
18. Dare to drink 10 bottles of coke at once.
19. Dare to drink a bottle of milk without sugar in it.
20. Dare to bunk your class.
21. Dare to ride a bike at its full speed.
22. Dare to eat ten pizzas in a single day.
23. Dare to eat an entire Indian thali at once.
24. Dare to visit a forest.
25. Dare to spend a day with wild animals.
26. Dare to meet a scary clown.
27. Dare to kiss your crush.
28. Dare to click a selfie with your crush.
29. Dare to spend a day in the Himalayas.
30. Dare to run on the ice.
31. Dare to run a protest campaign.
32. Dare to remain inside a single room for twenty-four hours.
33. Dare to approach your girlfriend.
34. Dare to kiss yourself on the cheek.
35. Dare to play with the ouija board.
36. Dare to ride on horseback. (Truth or dare for teenage)

Other dare questions:

37. Dare to spend an entire day barefoot.
38. Dare to tell a truth to your mom.
39. Dare to finish your entire homework within a day.
40. Dare to remain on the hills during the night.
41. Dare to remain three hours straight inside water.
42. Dare to click a selfie with a tiger.
43. Dare to meet your face-alike.
44. Dare to kiss your crush, you have never approached before.
45. Dare to talk to your crush at least once.
46. Dare to spend a day under the sun.
47. Dare to talk to someone you fear the most.
48. Dare to tease your neighbour's dog.
49. Dare to ask your neighbour for a cup of salt.
50. Dare to imitate a wild animal.
51. Dare to do the mimicry of your favourite star.
52. Dare to spend a day without sleeping.
53. Dare to work continuously for three days straight.
54. Dare to run on the streets bare body.
55. Dare to shout your crush's name on the streets.
56. Dare to eat your foods without using your hands.
57. Dare to skate to your school.
58. Dare to spend your day with whom you hate the most.
59. Dare to shout on your elders.
60. Dare to climb a mountain.
61. Dare to click a selfie with your crush, kissing on her cheek.
62. Dare to remain apart from your friends.
63. Dare to bunk your classes.
64. Dare to answer each and every question your teacher asks you.
65. Dare to stand in only one foot for an hour.
66. Dare to do that which you had never done before.
67. Dare to ask questions to your teacher.
68. Dare to smell your socks after spending a day wearing them. (Truth or dare for teenage)

Some other dare questions:

Truth or dare for teenage

69. Dare to jump from a height of 600m above the ground.
70. Dare to speak only truth for an entire day.
71. Dare to remain shirtless for an entire day during the winters.
72. Dare to remain calm for fifteen minutes.
73. Dare to clean your hands with toilet paper instead of using soap.
74. Dare to shoo a dog alone.
75. Dare to ask the hottest girl for a date.
76. Dare to have a spicy dinner for two days continuously.
77. Dare to eat an entire packet of snacks in one go.
78. Dare to mimic one who has bullied you.
79. Dare to speak before thousands.
80. Dare to ride a luxury car.
81. Dare to prank your teacher.
82. Dare to ask a girl for her number.
83. Dare to do a diet for a month.
84. Dare to spend a day on the beach.
85. Dare to ride your's neighbour car.
86. Dare to dance in front of others.
87. Dare to shoot a video song.
88. Dare to participate in your school drama.
89. Dare to cheat your father.
90. Dare to sit alone inside your room for twenty-four hours.
91. Dare to deliver a lecture in your school morning assembly.
92. Dare to listen to old songs.
93. Dare to write a song for your school function.
94. Dare to remain inside a bathtub for a whole day.
95. Dare to upload the funniest picture you have ever captured on the social media.
96. Dare to eat an entire roasted chicken in one go.
97. Dare to drink a glass of champagne.
98. Dare to go inside a underground tunnel.
99. Dare to tell a lie to your girlfriend.
100. Dare to beat a hacker in an online video game.


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