Teenage emotions list

Teenage emotions list. Teenagers become teens after undergoing certain changes in their mind and their body. First of all, when they step on being teens, their mind stage reaches some other level. There are certain hormones in our body, which makes our body undergo hormonal changes. Hence, teens develop strong emotions. As they grow up, their emotions become so strong as a result it makes them self arrogant. They begin to respect their own self. Above all, they try to show off and when things go wrong, they simply become extremely violent, aggressive and emotional. Consequently, we can find emotions in both boys as well as in girls.


The first place of the teenage emotions list is taken by the emotion of Anger. Teens usually lose it easily. Seems like whenever things don't go their way, they become angry and frustrated. They are highly aware of their esteem and character. Certainly, when someone makes fun of their character they can't handle it, and simply loses it.


Teenage emotions list

The second place of the teenage emotions list is taken by the emotion of Amazed. Almost all the teens mostly have a weird emotion of getting amazed and surprised. Mostly teenage girls are found exhibiting this emotion to a great extent rather than boys do. As a result, teens love surprises and stuff that amazes them.


The third place of the teenage emotions list is taken by the emotion of Annoyed. Teens mostly get annoyed by small things. When something big happens they use to act miserable. Mostly teens are annoyed their friends and anyone who disturbs them unnecessarily.


The fourth-place of the teenage emotions list is taken by the emotion of Anxiousness. Teens become anxious about anything they are going to do, for the very first time. Girls anxiousness to a greater extent and boys exhibit this property a bit less than girls do.


The fifth place is occupied the emotion Ashamed. Teens are very sensitive towards stuff happening around them. They become ashamed of their behaviour, their personality and even sometimes the way they look. Teens are extremely aware of themselves. Teen girls are mostly ashamed with very little things they do wrong.


The emotion of bitter is shown whenever they are punched back with the truth. The modern world runs on full of fraud. And there are still such teens who are sensitive to their fame. So, they can't handle when the are spoken the truth with. They simply losers it.


Teens and boredom are close friends. Where there is work there is boredom. Teens sitting free without any kind of work easily get bored. This is because, they begin to feel lazy, bored and they have to sit idle. Teens get bored in doing something which is not of their interest.


The most relaxing emotion among teens. Teens feel comfortable when they are left with a situation that goes smooth. Things go their way and they are not even bored to do that specific work. This is the work of the emotion Comfortable.


It is more than emotion for teens. They simply get their brain fused on thinking something that is tough. However, their fellow people act enough weird to get them confused. Getting confused is however the mental status that they face when they have a lot of mental stress.


It is a sad emotion. Teens got depressed when things don't go their way. When they are given stress mentally. When something does not go their way socially. They simply get depressed when nothing goes their way.


One of the strongest emotions found in teens. When teens grow up they learn their surroundings. They learn how to survive and live. They want to become better and better. So, they work hard moulding and crafting their stuff with a strong emotion known as determination.


The emotion of disgust is shown by teens who have a strong dislike towards something. They show this emotion when they are completely against anything. When they find something not according to their looks or status.


The emotion of eagerness is shown by those teens who have a great desire to learn something new. They are eager to know something rand new. They try to discover something never discovered, they try to know something never known.


The emotion for those who are eager to do something. Eagerness requires energy. Being energetic is the main reason why people succeed. There should be an energy to do something. The teens who are excited about something are energetic too.


The emotion of extreme sadness and upsetness. These kinds of emotions utter or emerge when someone of your own passes by or you lost anything very close to you. Teens are usually found with this emotion when they lose something precious for them.


The most cheerful and positive emotion found among teens. We can see this emotion mostly from teens. They will show happiness when they have done something incredible or new. They become happy when they achieve something new. We can see the emotion of happiness by a normal smile on the face.


The emotion is exhibited by those teens who are not happy with whatever going with them. They are either unsatisfied or completely unsuccessful they are doing. Teens got irritated by the current situation they are facing or sometimes by the situation they are going to face in the future.


The emotion that had made many teens successful in their life. Jealousy is the only emotion that can make you a millionaire or a billionaire. You need to be jealous of others, of others fam, name and worth. And should ignore when others are jealous of you.


The emotion of being hopeful helps you to expect something. The emotion of expecting something to happen. We will be hopeful for certain stuff in the upcoming future.


The emotion of being arrogant. Teens who have a self-position and attitude usually hurt others by speaking trash about them. We simply hurt others emotionally speaking trash about them.


The emotion of getting inspired by something or someone is awesome. Teens get inspirations from famous personalities or well-known celebrities most of the time. But we need mot to seek for those popular television faces. Inspiration lies deep within us. We just need to discover and navigate ourselves.


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