100 goals for a teenager

100 goals for a teenager

100 goals for a teenager. Let me tell you something, you already know, life is not about sunshine and roses. It is a very mean and nasty place. And it does not cares who you are, and how strong you are. It will beat you to your knees and will keep you there permanently if you let it. You can never be anything in your life. You can not there be financially where you want to be. All you need to do is to set goals. And accomplish them as soon as possible. Teens are required to have some goals in their life. They have got a life to live it to the fullest. They must accomplish certain goals to get a stand-in their near future. It should be remembered that a person without any goal is useless and just wasting his/her time living their respective lives.

The last nine members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

100. Become capable to understand the world. You should not be easily tricked by anyone. Become able to understand the psychology of others. The hundredth position is taken by the goal of understanding others in the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

99. Get your physique carved as John Cena. Build your muscles and conquer on having the six-pack abs carved on your torso. Sweat as the beast does. The ninety-ninth position is taken by the goal of understanding others in the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

98. Conquer on your stage fear. Do something, you had never done before. Speak and share your thoughts before millions of people. Become the host.

97. Conquer the fear of the ghosts. Shoo the fear of ghosts and the paranormal world. Be brave enough to fight the dark and the paranormal worlds alone.

96. Win million hearts. Become so much able to win hearts of millions of people by doing great work. That is worthy and valuable.

95. Learn the art of making others agree with you. It is not an easy task. And neither everyone can conquer on this skill. Keep it simple to wait for their opinion. You will simply master this art.

94. Master the skill of driving. A lot of teens don't know how to drive effectively and that is the reason why they usually met violent accidents. If you own a two or four-wheeler, then run your wheels and drive it.

93. Learn computer programming. Set a goal to learn an entire computer course within a few days. It will make your brain work effectively on learning the code.

92. Master the skill of communication. You can easily master the skill of proper communication. Just get set and go. Go and talk with strangers.

The next seven members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

91. Go bike riding. Ride your bike as far as you can. It will simply make your legs work and you will conquer on the goal of covering a thousand miles only with your bike.

90. Set a goal. Set your mind to finish your entire syllabus with a time period of only five days. It will make you conquer the fear of learning and the fear of the night before exams.

89. Set your mind to complete an entire novel from one of the most popular writers within a week. It will gain you a handful of knowledge and an entirely new stock of words to learn from.

88. Read the entire bible in a day. This goal is the weirdest one. But conquer this goal with uncommon dedication. Grab crucial knowledge from the sacred book of the Bible.

87. Go visit your village. Teens are usually seen to visit cities and towns. But to visit a village or maybe your hometown requires some uncommon dedication and goal setting strategy.

86. Set your goals to set up an online brand and business. It requires a time managing strategy and hard work to be successful in an online business.

85. Get your goals set towards building a website that should contain a decent amount of content almost a thousand number of articles.

The next nine members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

84. Build your attitude and go give a rose to your crush. Set an iron motive to impress your crush and make her your dearest girlfriend.

83. Learn horse riding. It requires courage and bravery to ride a horse on its back. It requires balance and control over the horse you are riding on.

100 goals for a teenager

82. Set a goal to score a goal in the game of football. Try to be the unstoppable forward player in the field of football.

81. Get your ass off and hit the gym at least four times a week. Conquer on your weight loss plans or on your diet to gain weight.

80. Try to be the most popular in your society. It will make you well known and loved by everyone. Set goals to become the most popular teen in your town.

79. Read a newspaper daily, go through every single line printed in the newspaper. Or grab a magazine to read it.

78. Try to solve all the puzzles that come to newspapers and magazines daily to your house.

77. Set a mind state to watch the most horror movie of all time. Dare to watch it alone in the dark alone in the living room.

76. Eat a meal full of diet dishes mostly consisting of green vegetables and fresh fruits.

The next eleven members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

75. Set a goal to score the maximum runs in a cricket match having the maximum number of sixes and the maximum number of boundaries.

74. Become an inspiration not to follow others like a sheep who uses to follow the flock. This the seventy-fourth member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

73. Research and find something cool in the field of science that should get its place on the Limca books of world record.

72. Do extreme racing with your monster truck. Try to conquer the first position in the race. It will be a real honour to acquire the first position in such a race.

71. Try to earn money online. Try to earn even more than your monthly income in case you receive some sort of monthly income.

70. Try to do the most noteworthy work. Try to be the best and well known in the specific domain you work at. Furthermore, try to make your competitors jealous of you by achieving the greatest things.

69. Stay the same when it seems like you are going to lose it. Remain as you are when almost loses faith in you.

68. First of all, choose your niche and then work on it. Build a decent website with enough content in it to become a successful entrepreneur.

67. Get your mind attached to a work. Make all possible attempts to get it done in the minimum time possible.

66. Click the best photos of the popular places present in your locality. Do a good collection of photographs of popular places or monuments in your local place.

65. Make your mind to visit places all around the world. Make an attempt to visit the seven wonders in the world, once in your life.

The next fourteen members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

64. Cook an entirely new dish on your own. Get your ingredients ready as per the need of the recipe. Cook food and give your hundred per cent to make it tasty.

63. Do journalism. Get your name famous. Do some quality of work on the field of media and newspapers.

62. Try and give your hundred per cent to become the most good or the best or the one in a million. Do whatever it takes.

61. Spend an entire day with the soldiers of your country. It will make you aware of your nation and will raise the sense of patriotism inside you.

60. Visit a nearby military camp and just watch the discipline present in them. Try to implement all that inside you.

59. Ride a glider. Feel the air at that height. And experience how it feels like to fly. Find out how birds feel while flying.

58. Go almost everywhere you have dreamt to visit once since your childhood. It will help you remain satisfied and will make you feel comfortable.

57. Develop a motive to earn your money. It will help you remain financially independent.

56. Work until your bank account does not have a count as the number of digits presents in your mobile number.

55. Make your own plastic models and try to make something out of the waste.

54. Set a goal to create something seriously useful from the waste in your storehouse.

53. Make a commitment to yourself that you will never lie to yourself. It will simply make you weak.

52. Watch a three-hour movie without taking breaks and having popcorns in between.

51. Go to a spiritual trip. Meet a spiritual leader.

The next thirteen members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

50. Earn a lot of money, such that you can own a Mercedes or maybe a Lamborghini.

49. Develop a motive such that you can stay happy with whatever you have. The happiness should be that much such that it can keep you happy even if you are thrown into the hell.

48. Use your mobile phone running on the android platform. Think completely different ideas to develop something interesting out of your android mobile phone.

47. Develop a motive as the iron man. Remain still and calm even you are dealing with something serious.

46. Make your strengths out of your weaknesses. Change your life by yourself and do whatever you love the most.

45. Try to remain selfless. Help the poor and needy as much as you can.

44. Invest in such ideas which can make you millions in the future. Don't ever invest your money in small scale businesses.

43. Create character ou of you, such that everyone can trust you no matter whatever the situation they come across.

42. Concentrate on your own work. Don't bother about what others are doing. Involve in yourself, remain involved with yourself and not with others.

41. Buy a new car and make money from it. Charge your passengers for picking them up.

40. Master the computer you have placed on your wooden table. A computer can't be known completely. But try to know at least something from it.

39. Plan a trip to attend various workshops in various colleges in your country.

38. Plan your trip to various different colleges in the country. Visit different colleges in your state or country. First of all, visit the most prestigious and well-known colleges in your country.

The next sixteen members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

37. Create a solar charger or something you can charge your phone with. Maybe a dedicated science project on converting solar energy to D.C. current.

36. Learn to engineer as a hobby. It will help you in many domains of your life.

35. Spend an entire day in a vest during the winter season. It is probably risky but challenging.

34. Develop a strong mindset to never give up on whatever you are doing in the very moment with your life.

33. Develop a song expressing your own thoughts and ideas in the lyrics.

32. Attend a social awareness campaign and give a quality lecture.

31. Dare to share your thoughts either funny or something strange in front of thousands of people.

30. Join a karate club and practise it until your bone breaks. Literally, make it tough.

29. Do the hardest attempts to gain something really precious. The twenty-eighth position in the list of 100 goals for a teenager is taken by this point.

28. Do motherfu****g work. Let them hate you. Don't let yourself get lost.

27. Achieve something never achieved. Hit life as hard it hits you.

26. Go to the church daily. Develop your spiritual connections. Develop your identity and name in the spiritual world.

25. Pray before god. Occupy the strength of the god. Pray for yourself and others.

24. Swim the English channel. Get your body ready for swimming the English channel.

23. Try to write a rap song like the great Eminem. Get your name known in the field of rap music.

22. In your entire lifetime, once visit the country of India. It is one of the most unique countries with incredible people, culture and societies.

The next thirteen members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

21. Meet at least one celebrity in your entire lifetime. Take an autograph or a selfie. Ask about how they are doing?

20. Increase your social presence, reach more and more people in your entire lifetime. The more people you know, the better it will be.

19. Get yourself some fun. Nothing is more good than having fun in your life.

18. Go to a politician ceremony, learn something about politics.

17. Do everything beforehand. Wake up as early as you can. Go for a four a.m. run and do some exercises. Drink a glass of warm water.

16. Believe in what you are doing. Don't get distracted easily. Make your mind tougher than a stone.

15. Always remember to use the Yoast SEO plugin while writing a blog post for your blog in WordPress.

14. Do an epic Instagram story in your insta feed. Make your feed go viral worldwide.

13. Attain a lightning speed and do your work as fast as you can. Doing fast work and doing it effectively both should go hand by hand.

12. Don't fear the weak. They are only trying to fear you because they are already feared by someone.

11. Try to become something else. Don't stay being the average guy or girl. Try to show off. The winner always shows off.

10. Learn something from the surroundings where you live. Nature is a great teacher of yours. Learn to remain silent from the flowing water. Learn to remain arrogant as the fire. Don't depend on others as the soil does. This point takes the tenth position in the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

9. Don't afraid of the dark and make the dark fear you. Consequently, it will make stronger.

The first eight  members of the list of 100 goals for a teenager:

8. Focus on a particular topic to succeed without any difficulty. Don't go for multiple topics. Like a blogger focuses on a single niche.

7. Don't go after anything you can't get. Choose an easy topic and an easy path. It will make you successful quickly.

6. Do some domestic work. It will not only get your domestic work completed but also will help you remain physically fit.

5. Develop something unique so that the world comes to see you. Don't let your mind get flicked easily. It will simply make you distracted from your goal. Unique things always get recognition.

4. Do something great in your lifetime, so that the world remembers you forever.

3. Create an awesome design on the layer of your cup of coffee.

2. Get yourself completed with everything you want in your entire lifetime. Keep yourself updated and satisfied all the time.

1. Never settle down. Never remain satisfied with what you have. Don't ever lose your hunger to get more. It will simply ruin you and your life. Create your own goals, conquer them like a lion. Awaken the lion inside you.

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