Teenage problems with parents essay

Teenage problems with parents essay

Teenage problems with parents essay. Teenage is the most life-changing phase in anyone's life. When we are only twelve years old, we are not aware of the surroundings and the life we are living. But the moment we step in the age of thirteen, we undergo certain changes. Teenage then arrives. The changes are both physical as well as mental. There is a sudden increase in height, the body may gain more amounts of fats and in boys, there is a change in their voice. Our brain becomes more mature, developed and aware. We become more protective and our mind doesn't allow anything that doesn't go our way. We begin to promote a certain value to ourselves and become over-aggressive when something goes against us.

In this modern age, teenagers are completely bounded with the digital world. Gadgets, appliances and our communication systems are all replaced by modern technology. We are over-dependent on mobile phones and the internet. Teens generally found to create problems for their parents by their weird habits and commitments. They rule the world. They think like this The teenage is not less than the development of a harmful poison within one's body. Teens start hating their parents, become habitual with the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and whatnot. They can't stop using abusive terms. They start goofing off. Start disrespecting their parents. These things are very sad to mention but are literal facts. There are a lot of points on the topic of teenage problems with parents essay.

How body changes during teenage:

Usually, it is noticed that when a person reaches teenage, a number of things changes. They try to show off. They try to go in their own way, live in their own way. Even if the way is not correct. Sometimes they act insane to show their popularity and impression. Ones who have cared for them from their childhood should be respected. It is well-advised to stay calm in dealing with aggressive and abusive teenage children. Nothing is their fault. All the fault is of the age they are living in. Parents should be mature enough to understand and control the situation. They must agree with their teenage child and make them aware of the fact that they are present for them in need.

Teenagers are found taking drugs and alcohol. It is not fair. Alcoholic beverages are of no good. Teens must avoid its consumption. They goof off their work. They attend late-night parties. Deal with and make friends with people who are not good. They are havoc creating persons. Parents are advised to set up strict and serious restrictions regarding their children time to leave and arrive at the home. They must not be left alone with their friends and they should not be allowed to go out for parties and stuff. Teenage drama can be said as the most award-winning drama on planet earth. As there is nothing dramatic and boring than teenage drama. Parents are advised to deal carefully with such rubbish as teenage dramas. They should not lose their temper and hurt their children anyways.

The strange phase of life:

Teenage is the phase of life when children want it to live it to the fullest. They try to do everything during this age of their life. So, they start spending money on unnecessary stuff. They start spending money on alcoholic beverages, on their high budget girlfriends, on their unnecessary dressing sense, on their personal accessories and almost each one of them requests their father once for a bike to ride on. Teen life is full of dreams.

Some of them work hard to succeed whereas others waste it spending all the money of their parents. This is another major problem faced by the parents for their teenage children. Those who are in college must be aware of their fees being filled by their parents. They even force their parents for greater and even greater monthly pocket money. which they don't deserve at all. Parents have already invested their huge savings on those teenage children and in return, they are demanding more and more.

The worst problem parent face:

Teenage problems with parents essay

The worst problem faced by the parents is that their teenage children are going against their own parents. Who raised them, who made them whatever they are int the present time. They sometimes get a real shock from their children's behaviour. The parent-children anger, quarrels and arguments sometimes get so much heat that they create history. During this age, teenagers have some unearthly self-importance and self-respect. they start to show off. Parents are mature enough to show mercy. But children sometimes show up so much that they want to show that they were not the same. However, teens don't care about their parents. It is so sorry to mention that it had become a literal and meaningful sad fact.

Next comes the role of the relationships. Teenage is a very light phase of life. During this age, boys are very serious with their relationships and the case is the same for girls. Most of the time boys remain tensed with their girlfriends and girls took the unfair advantage of their boyfriend's worth. The man is always loyal to his love. Boys put up a fight for money and stuff they need to fulfil their love's dreams and requirements. It may cause serious problems in families. The most serious part of teenage problems with parents essay.

Violent cases lead to trouble:

The anger and unnecessary requirements may put the parents in serious trouble and literally brings up sadness. Sometimes, things go so wrong that the boy is ready to live his parents for his dream girl. Boys spoil their relationships with their family. They speak that abusive language. Parents simply get restless and start acting against the normal one. They respond by beating their children and leave them on their own decisions to cope with. Sometimes such cases go violent and they become so loud that the entire colony get to know about. Life is a mess when children do such stuff.

Teenagers have a weird habit of thinking themselves the best. They start to fool their own parents. The only motive to do that is their unwanted needs and requirements. They prank their parents and asks for money for some unknown weird reasons. This is simply not good for their parents. Parents get fooled by their own children. The reason may be their own requirement of money, or they may require it for their girlfriend. teenage kife is the worst life when they are involved in malpractices to raise or snatch the money.


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