30 most productive things to do over the summer for college students

Hey there, you might wonder What are the productive things to do over the summer for college students and What to do in summer vacation for college students? Well, the below post is the answer to both of these two questions.

Don't just wonder: What to do in summer vacation for college students? Do something interesting and fun. There are numerous different productive things to do over the summer for college students, maybe some of the good things to do in summer are like gaining extra knowledge, socializing and doing something creative. Note that summer is the only season in the entire year when we get the most number of holidays. There are a ton of activities to do during the summer holidays. We should not waste these holidays, and do some fun stuff. 

1. Camping

Camping is the best productive things to do over the summer for college students
It could be done in summer: Camping is one of the best productive things to do over the summer for college students. It's an outstanding outdoor activity to spend time with your friends and family. Get your friends and your family members. Seek permission from your parents and ask your friends to join camping. Choose the perfect spot for camping. 
Take suggestions from your family and friends. You may choose to camp in the hilltops, or in the backwoods, on a beach, in a park, playground or your own backyard. Don't forget to grab enough food items, a tent, sleeping bags and stuff. If you are out of your city, and travelling by a four-wheeler, make sure it has enough running oil. 

Take the essentials with you: Apart from food items, make sure to carry first aid and matchbox. In case, you are staying outside, carry a mosquito repellant and other insect repellants. Carry an appropriate amount of drinking water. Drinking-Water should be taken in excess. Make sure to carry enough clothes with yourself.

Apart from food items, make sure to carry first aid and matchbox. In case, you are staying outside, carry a mosquito repellant and other insect repellants. Carry an appropriate amount of drinking water. Drinking-Water should be taken in excess. Make sure to carry enough clothes with yourself.

Reach the spot successfully: Once you reach your camping destination, build your tent and place it on a plain and rock-free smooth ground, arrange your clothes and stuff inside the tent, seal your food in airtight plastic containers - it will prevent it from getting sour. Then go and search for pile wood, that you will need during the night time and to keep animals away. When night arrives, cook food, sing songs and enjoy your food. Camping is most fun with friends and family putting a value to the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students.

2. Join a fitness club

Exercising is one of the most productive things to do over the summer for college students
Join a fitness centre: During, the summer holidays, get yourself registered with a fitness club nothing is more productive than this. It's another productive thing to do over the summer for college students which encourages students and teens to start a fitness campaign. Summer or winter, fitness is necessary. Health is wealth. Remaining healthy is necessary, get your body in shape. Do exercises, lift weights, do crunches, squats and leg raises. Maintaining and toning your physique will simply make you look attractive and improve your body functions adding a credit to the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students.

Beat the heat: Wake up early every day. The sun is hard to bear in the summer season. Do 4 am runs, set your everyday goals, walk, run,  sprint but just sweat. We mostly precipitate in this season throughout the day, so make sure to hydrate your body periodically, time-to-time. Drink 10 -12 glasses of water in a whole day.

The benefits of physical exercises are way attractive and will certainly force you engaging in physical activities. Some of which are: healthy heart, healthy blood flow, reduced stress, physical comfort 24/7. Helps you look attractive to your opposite gender, healthy skin, healthy lungs, freshness, anti reversed body temperature i.e you will feel cold during summers and hot during winters.

3. Join a class - do some study

Do some study
Credits: giphy.com
Learning something is always better than nothing: Once, you have passed a couple of days in that class, you will enjoy studying that. And keep learning that subject. Ask whatever you are unable to understand. Make sure to clear all your doubts about that class, and in that class. In case you get all your doubts cleared, you are actually beginning to like that subject.

Good learners not only learn but also spend quality time researching that subject. If you want to be that kind, just do the same. Use every possible resource to learn deeply about that subject. It may be crawling on the web, or chatting with your teachers and clearing your doubts.

4. Swim the English channel

Get your six pack abs during the summer

Just kidding!!! If you like to swim, then do that. Swimming is another very beneficial physical activity and sport to do during summers. It increases your quality of blood, and its flow by making the heartbeat fast hence it is a great sport for those who love water.

It helps to grow your hand muscles, strengthens them, gives you a muscular body. Also, it is a full-body workout, your body remains toned and active, burn extra calorie, it is a sweat-free exercise.
Just look at the picture!!....wow. 
What a body!!

You wanna get a body like that? Go swimming.  
Well, who doesn't like water? especially in the summer season, it gives us heaven like feeling, which helps us remain cool. Sun is above your head, it's burning everywhere, our face and skin are getting tanned, what should we do? It's simple, swim. Remember to apply sunscreen on your skin when you are in a mood to pass a couple of hours under the sun.

5. Develop a garden in your backyard

Gardening is also one of the productive things to do over the summer for college students
Summer vacation is long, so instead of getting bored lying on the couch, do some nature work. Plant some plants in your backyard. Spread the seeds of vegetable plants, flower plants or some sort of medicinal plants.

Do something environment-friendly: Make sure to clean your backyard, before planting the saplings. It's not required to dig deeper, just dig small pits, place the seed on them, water them regularly, every morning and evening. It will be nice having beautiful flowers in your own backyard. The colourful flowers will play as an adorable role in increasing the beauty of your mansion. 
It is also a fact, that having more plants and trees in your surroundings will enrich the air, make it fresh and rich in oxygen. So gardening is also beneficial for your health and respiratory system. 

You may also try to grow plants in pots so that they could be kept inside your mansion. Placing pots with colourful flower saplings will increase the freshness of the air within indoors and will also add to the decoration and beauty of a room. They will also to act as natural room air fresheners.

6. Build your buildings!!

Museums-Productive things to do over the summer for college students
I mean, that if you have an interest in knowing the history related to buildings and monuments. However, it is a subject of great personal interest. People usually have a great interest in searching and visiting ancient monuments. Educational institutions and schools provide such long vacations. You shouldn't waste them.

Explore the past: Get your friends and your siblings, encourage them about historical building and monuments. Ask their interests, cooperate with them and plan for trips to visit ancient and famous monuments. They may be at some distance from your apartment. Just roll the steering wheel, and explore.

It comes without saying, teens who are already interested in such explorations will certainly try to capture their moments. It is advisable and recommended to carry a camera or you may also take cell phones with you. All you have to do is explore, click photos and automatically you will get to know about that monuments and palaces.

7. Socialize

Make new friends!
Summer vacations are long enough to socialize with your friends and relatives. As it comes only once in an entire year, take its full advantage. Go out, meet friends, make friends, hang out with them and enjoy your life and your time.

Don't bore yourself alone, and come out of that stupid attitude of I don't need anyone. Yeah! you do need someone. Keep chatting, talking, meeting others. It is necessary to know your society, its people, its practices, meet new people and stay with them. Share your thoughts, share your experiences. Socializing not only gives you fun but also marks and shines your personality. If you are good enough in interacting with others you will be known widely and ultimately your personality will shine.

It's kind of opening your heart to others. Don't sit and bore yourself on that boring couch. Keep talking, cheer up. In my opinion, make as many friends as you can, talk as much as possible. Share as much as you can. But don't socialize via the social applications on your android. Socialize as a person, not as an emoji or some sort of face.

8. Play pokemon go

Catch your pokemons!!
Credits: giphy.com
Mix virtual life with real life. Install the game Pokemon Go on your android device. It is fun to play, mobile game. All you have to do is to capture your favourite pokemon. The game takes help of the google maps.

Catch your pokemon: So all you have to do is to open the app and walk through the streets, once you find a pokemon, try to catch it. In case it is your favourite pokemon, don't leave it. What's beneficial in playing this game is that it requires you to go outside, that makes you walk, and which is a great exercise to your legs and ultimately to your body.

So, do play the game in long-time summer vacations. In addition, it also gathers social players by placing pokemon at certain spots. The game allows you to connect to your other friends in your locality. So, you can play with them, which will obviously make your day. The vacations will be worth it for you.     

9. Join an NCC camp 

What to do in summer vacation for college students - do a NCC event
In your vacations, it will be great to join an NCC camp. The camp is especially for teens. National credit corps is a tag of respect and honour. All you have to do is to get yourself registered for the NCC camp. Both girls and boys are allowed to join the NCC camp.

Live the NCC life: The camp is concerned with making its members aware of self-discipline, health, self-hygiene. It's kind of camp meant for those who want to learn social and self values. Just think you have a great opportunity for developing yourself. What they do, is convert ordinary students to responsible crops. It's a great opportunity to get such an honoured tag before your name.

Food is free, you have to take clothes with you, study material and pens are free. They will teach you valuable subjects. NCC is believed to be the most prestigious camp for teens at a national level. After successful completion of the camp, you may have future support to join the Indian army.

10. Cool your throat

Productive things to do over the summer for college students
Instead of wasting money on buying ice cream from the icecream stores make your own at home. Homemade icecreams are way healthy than those being bought from stores. Simply get your mom engaged to make one for you, or simply prefer being independent. Surf the net about how to make ice cream. Search for the recipe for making ice cream. Follow the recipe, perform the steps and make one for you.

Cool your throat, stomach and your body having the chilled icy ice- cream you have just prepared for yourself. You can also add cream according to your choice. Creams of several flavours are available in the market, so grab your's favourite one.  

Another 10 items in the list:

11. Do youtube

Productive things to do over the summer for college students
Summer vacations are long enough to shoot and upload videos. It's time to earn some extra bucks, during the vacations. All you need is a good camera, internet and your friends.

We all know, that youtube in today's date is one of the most popular videos sharing sites in the world. And serious YouTubers are making millions. So, what are you waiting for? utilize your holidays, invest your time on shooting videos. In case, you need help with voice editing, hire a voice editor.  
Shoot videos, which may contain your daily life stories, or some function video clip, or you may host some singing or dancing competitions and simply upload their shooted videos. Your work will be worth it. You will get paid. Yeah, believe me!!  

12. Do blogging

Productive things to do over the summer for college students

You can also design a website, which is not rocket science. Simply create a website by making use your very own Gmail account. First of all, create a free blog. Then, add blog posts to it. Since you are writing blog posts, it is known as blogging.

Blog posts are nothing but the content you are publishing on blogger. Anyone can do it. You have to simply express your thoughts in words. As we surf the web, we just land on pages, which are nothing but only part of a website. Similarly, once your website got indexed in the search engine. People will also visit your website.

The most significant part of it is that, once you create a quality post, your website will make you money. yeah! your passion for writing your thoughts can make you money. So don't waste your time, just do some simple work like creating a website and convert it to money.

13. Watch movies

Productive things to do over the summer for college students

When you are indoors, lying lazily on the couch, simply gaze on the television set. Get the remote, switch on the television. Search for your favourite movie or search for that which has been recently released. Watching movies indoors is one of the best options to spend your time during the long summer vacations. Don't need to hang out outside under the sun. Just sit inside and entertain yourself in the air of your air conditioner. Nowadays, its a worldwide practice of watching movies on Netflix. Netflix has become one of the most-watched online movie stores in the world.

Choose movies according to genres which you like. Get yourself thrilled, haunted or entertained. Horror movies are best to be watched during the night, however, you can watch comedy movies any time of the day. So, go solo or get your friends and spend your vacations full of entertainment.

14. Enjoy free summer meals!

Get your friends, search for spots where they provide free summer meals. Go there, eat your meal free of cost, take advantage of the season and free facility of getting quality food. 

Productive things to do over the summer for college students
There are a number of organisations providing free food and meals to teens during the summer season. Don't confuse these meals with midday meals, these are not midday meals, these are only provided free in case the organisation achieved extra success in their trade and stuff. All you have to do is to create a strength of three or four in total, with your friends then simply go to the spot, ask them for the meal coupons. One you and your friends are provided with the coupons, you are ready to feed yourselves. Enjoy your meal and your friendship.

15. Clean your home

Productive things to do over the summer for college students
One of the most productive tasks to do in the summertime is to clean your own home. Get up of your comfort zone, and engage your body and its energy in making your home neat and clean. Make sure that you clean everything from top to bottom. Cleaning will not only make your home dust-free but also make it look attractive and gorgeous, which will promote a hygienic life to you and your family members. Cleaning your home will keep it away from insects, flies and other dirt. 

Engaging yourself in cleaning your home will also exercise your hand muscles, and will help you to sweat which will ultimately help you remain fit and fine. It's kind of minor working out, dust your drawing room, clean your utensils in the kitchen, dry-clean your dirty clothes.

16. Learn a new language

Productive things to do over the summer for college students

Say it aloud: My body is ready to learn anything. Instead of studying and revising what you already know, engage yourself in learning a completely new language. It will add to and improve your language stock and vocabulary.

A new language will help you to interact easily with those who speak the same. If you are devoted a little, then you will simply learn it very easily. If you have to live anytime in a foreign country, and you know their local language, then you can easily interact with them. Even in a foreign country, you will be comfortable with interacting with them. You will never remain alone even in a foreign country.

17. Eat a watermelon

Productive things to do over the summer for college students

Eating watermelon is the best alternative to any kind of soft drink. Watermelon is the best fruit to eat during the summer seasons. Watermelon is like the heart of the summer season. Mostly seasonal watermelons consist of black coloured seeds. Make sure to remove all the seeds from the watermelon by using a sharp chef's knife or simply throw them in an ashtray. It is difficult to eat whole melon at once, so cut it into smaller slices, and then pinch some salt on it. Serve the slices of the watermelon with lemon and enjoy your summer fruit!

18. Visit a fair  

Productive things to do over the summer for college students
Credits: giphy.com
Summer is considered to be the season of fairs. Get your friends and visit fair after the sun sets down. A fair is the best place to share your thoughts, enjoy the rides and for doing friends. Don't forget to take a ride on the gigantic giant wheel. A giant wheel, which is, in fact, the tallest and biggest ride in the entire fair encourages us to visit the fair at least once. Swing in the rollercoasters, take a walk through the horror house, play the shooting game, meet the fortune teller, watch the mystery show, see the giant animal brought, meet the funny cheering clowns, shop as much as you an and finally bag your favourite food items. 

Apart from rides, there are several shops, selling toys and stuff, make your choice and buy your stuff, play games, and spend your money on rare objects. Actually, every year the summer fair has one shop selling rare objects, so spend on rare objects. 

19. Build an electronic project

create a electronic project
Credits: giphy.com
In such long summer vacations, analyze your technical skills, take ideas from the internet. Combine your own thoughts with the thoughts from the internet and build an awesome electronic project. Try to make something unique, that helps you getting comfortable during the summers. I don't mean, a fan, think something creative for the summer season. You may design something, like a smart jacket with built-in cooling technology, or curtains with cooling technology, make sure to apply your technical skills to their fullest.

Last ten items of the list:

20. Go to cold places

go to cold places
Summer vacations are the best time in the entire year to spend your time in cold places. It will be fun, enjoyable especially for your skin and then the body. Places experiencing snowfall will be the best for your selfies and videos. Create instant stories and post them in your facebook timeline.

don't let your mom do that

Get your friends, explore the snowy areas in your vacations. Enjoy ice cream in the cold, I'm telling you, these chances never come again. Then have some hot food, the resorts and restaurants in such places are always helpful to their customers, and will provide with hot and well-packed food,

21.Plant new saplings 

Do some environment-friendly task, like plant new and young plant saplings either in your backyard or in forests or woodland near you. It will give you positive energy. Life is nothing without giving something, learn to give more than you have. By planting saplings we are giving nature some newborn bubbles which will ultimately contribute to its health. Within some months or even years, your planted saplings will grow, and you will be able to get their fruits. Keep caring for them, water them regularly. cut their extra growth and that's it. 

22. Draw a painting

do some creative artwork
Credits: giphy.com
All you need is a big chart paper, some paintbrushes, water paint, and some creativity. employ your mind and creativity in creating a painting. Who knows, it may come out to be an epic one.  Get ideas from your surroundings, go out on a nice clear day, sit on the park or any ground, draw and paint whatever you see in your surroundings. Don't copy-paste from the internet or any other source, just use your imagination and creativity. Draw what you see around you, just open your eyes.

With a good combination of your paint and outlines give your painting a new edge, a new look and create a one of its kind type of painting. Try to put the best of you in that piece of painting and make it a kind of masterpiece. 

23. Go fishing

enjoy fishing
There is nothing good, then spending your time fishing in the pond or lake with your little fishing boat. Fishing is fun, interesting and great for proving your abilities. People and friends go fishing with their boats and compete among themselves. The person catching the most number of fishes wins the competition. Fishes are really great human food and really tastes great when being fried and served with salt. You can also share your fishing experiences in social media. Ask your friend to click a photo with you and the fish being held in your friend and post in your insta feed or on your Facebook feed.


go fishing
Credits: giphy.com

24. Spend an entire day bare body

go bare body for full day
Credits: giphy.com
It's summertime, right! getting the most breeze will be the best for your body. Boys are supposed to remove any kind of cloth from their body. Stay indoors, bare body, enjoy the cool air coming out of the air conditioner. Challenge your friends to stay 24/7 bare body, be a winner. Don't wear a piece of cloth for almost the whole day. Expose your physique. It's time to stay young, right!!!

Click selfies with your friends exposing and showing off your physique. Guys fully ripped are not supposed to wear a shirt for the entire month or so. Mostly ripped guys have a weird craze of showing off their 6 packs and 8 packs abs. Do show off, to the fullest, as much as you can.

25. Explore abandoned places

If you like exploring, summer is great. Search for abandoned places and houses, go there. Get your friends, explore the place, be a ghost seeker. Search for ghosts, or any sort of paranormal experiences. The thrill is necessary for teen life. Along with thrill it's giving you knowledge about ancient times adding to the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students. Feel the thrills, carry a camera, film the entire place. Notice any kind of abnormal behaviour in the air around that abandoned place. Mark everything, notice carefully, film everything.

If you encounter any paranormal experience, just record it, film the entire video in your camera, release in social media sites, let people know about that [lace and its weird happenings, usually your camera focus go blur in the presence of any kind of paranormal being around.   

26. Help your mom

help your mom
Credits: whatsthehype.in
We all know that charity begins at home. so before helping anybody outside, help your mom in her tasks, help her with the market essentials. Do home decorations, dust your home, cut vegetables for your mom. Give her a break, work the entire day and let her take rest. cook food yourself, make the meaks and let you, mom, explain the taste. Clean the kitchen, dust tour bookshelf, keep your books in order, keep your shoes in order, keep your clothes in the right place.

27. Design a sculpture

sculpt a design
Credits: giphy.com
How long can you waste your money buying sculptures from the market? It's summertime, and you have a lot of time to waste. Try new things, among which you can design a sculpture, carve it as per requirement and give it an original look. Building sculptures will really sharpen your creativity and sculpting skills. Don't worry you will not be called a carpenter, but you will certainly learn your inner skills related to arts and crafts.

Also after when you are done with creating a sculpture, you can simply put it to your home decor or gift it to your special and loved ones. Building sculptures is just for fun but it is still productive to some extent which adds credit and acquires the 27th position in the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students.  

28. Join a community club

contribute to your club
You can utilize your time by doing activities for your community club. You have to figure out your abilities and work for the group. If it's a charity club, do work for charity, if it's a sports club, promote and play different sports. Spend your time in a full productive way. Do for others, follow your seniors and instructors, don't disobey them and finally enjoy being a part of your community club. Spending time is more fun when you are enjoying it as well. So this is also a great member of the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students.

29. Organise a water balloon fight 

balloon fight
Credits: giphy.com
Get your friends and other peers, organise and plan a sudden balloon fight. Make sure some friends are only to be told about this balloon flight. And the other half should not be told about this ballon fight. Hide with your friends with your balloons and throw them on your fellow friends.

Make water balloons, by filling water in it. Create the bigger, some that they burst with a splash on your friend's body. Make sure not to fill any kind of harmful liquid inside the ballons. Play balloon flight, click selfies, enjoy your moments and enjoy a watery and colourful summer. Water is just given a form of a toy when being filled in ballons which also adds credit to the list of productive things to do over the summer for college students.

30. Take part in local stage performances

perform a stage act
Credits: attitude.co.uk
Is there anything good than interacting with your local people, or knowing your local people. the best way to do this is to organise a stage performance among your local people. It is one of the most productive things to do over the summer for college students. it helps you know your own people. The immediate result of doing this is that they will begin to know you, they will begin to interact with you. And you will make your name. Keep an opinion sharing round, which will make you aware of your local people, which will let you know about their thoughts and opinions and certainly encourage you to improve it.  

In case you are on a long holiday vacation, you must utilize your time and don't waste it. Studying is one of the most productive things to do over the summer for college students. All you have to do is to simply find your interests, and choose a class and course engaged with the same. Know your interest first, find which subjects or topics you are interested in, then simply surf the web and try to find the best classes providing the same.


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