What age do you have to be to order pizza? Answered

What age do you have to be to order pizza?

The answer to the question “What age do you have to be to order pizza?” is 13 years. Anyone who wants to order pizza must have to be at least 13 years old.

Anyone who has to order pizza has to be 13 years old, the only reason behind this is that the person who is ordering pizza should be old enough to understand the system of pizza delivery. He or she may not be tricked or fooled by the pizzerias.

If a person ordering pizza is not 13 then he or she may be easily tricked or fooled by the delivery men anytime. It is necessary to have knowledge about this huge tricky world. People involved in the task of delivering pizza has a very bad habit of goofing off.

Pizza delivery men:

The pizza delivering trucks or two-wheelers may reach you late with your order. They may make excuses regarding high traffic inroads. They may ask for greater prices than the retail price. They may ask you for your personal details and may use them for other money-making strategies.

They may fool you by saying that they don’t have the change and may ask you to swipe your credit card, which is risky. They may your credit card details secretly and may reuse them in their stuff. Be aware!!

Most of the renowned and countrywide pizza delivering companies also known as chains have their own individual age restrictions regarding taking pizza orders from their clients. Their order taking group may simply reject your calls if your voice sounds too young. They will think that as of a prank.

International pizza chains:

13 years is the only answer to the question “What age do you have to be to order pizza?” Top pizza companies taking orders for daytime deliveries will only take an order if you pass their age criteria through their online website or android application.

Pizza companies like Panago Pizza, Snappy Pizza, Zpizza and Fox Pizza have an age restriction of 18 years for taking pizza orders. Whereas pizza companies like Gatti's Pizza, Mountain Mike's, Rosati's Pizza and Donatos Pizza have an age restriction of 13 years which is the minimum age requirement for ordering pizza online.

  Must to know things about pizza delivery men of renowned pizza chains:

delivery boy
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1. They can easily detect your age with your voice. They know when they are being pranked. Most of them usually block those specific numbers whereas others just ignore them.
2. They may take upto 20 minutes to knock your front door. You should have enough patience for your order to arrive.
3. They usually don’t deliver to the neighbours when you are not home! Deliverymen always like to deliver orders to the indicated specific destinations, make sure you are home while you make an order.
4. Make sure to provide your deliverymen with a glass of water in case it is summertime, or provide a cup of tea in the case it is winter!!
5. Apart from other deliverymen most of them are very careful about the way they carry your order up to your front door! Show them some love!!
6. People are busy on their phones even while receiving their orders at their front doors, please don’t do that!
7. Don’t smash the front door on your deliverymen’s face. Just keep it nice and gentle!
8. Make sure to add a tip to your deliverymen’s account, it will make them smile.

Know about the top 5 pizza chains in the world and their respective age restrictions regarding taking orders online:

1.Domino's pizza


The basic google search shows that Domino's have an age restriction of 18 years. One who is 18 can only order via their official website. However, they can use their mobile app with an active account of their elders. Here the question of What age do you have to be to order pizza? is simply answered.

2. Uber Eats

Uber etas

The basic google search shows that Uber Eats has also restricted its clientage to 18 years. They will not accept any new account of a person younger than 18. Elders are requested to take care of the delivery in case their kid places an order. Here the question of What age do you have to be to order pizza? is simply answered.

3. Pizza Hut

What age do you have to be to order pizza?

The basic google search shows that Pizza hut has an age restriction of 14 years. You will not be able to sign up to their app if you are 14. In case anything wrong is detected about your age credentials, you will be contacted via email or simply by a telephone call. Here the question of What age do you have to be to order pizza? is simply answered.

4. Pizza Boli's

Pizza boli's

The basic google search clearly shows that Pizza Boli's does not allow anyone to register on their online application or website unless they are 13 years old. Who are under 13 are not allowed to purchase any kind of stuff from their online website. Anyone abiding their rules will simply get their account suspended.

5. Zomato
What age do you have to be to order pizza?

The terms of service page of  Zomato mentions that you have to be at least 18 order anything online from their official website or android application. In addition, you are required to follow their terms and services being provided.

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