Top 6 reasons why pizza is good for you

Why is pizza good for you?

Get to know Why is pizza good for you?. Let's start with the intro!!

Pizza is one of the most delicious and jaw-dropping food on the planet. We all love to have that one slice of it!! Hardly, we can find anyone who doesn’t like pizza. Our tastebuds start to dance as we have that first bite of the round pizza. The tastebuds start responding to glutamate. They are awakened by the glutamate, present in the pizza.

It is acidic. Yes, pizza is acidic!!

Don’t worry our stomach can easily digest it!!

6 reasons why pizza is good for you

Apart from its extremely attractive appearance, it is extremely tasty too. The more it looks colourful and attractive, the more it has ingredients on it. Starting from veggies and fruits to acidic sweet sauces. It contains almost everything. The crispy pizza, the non-veg chicken pizza, the stromboli pizza, the deep-dish pizza, all of them are tasty, sweet and contains a bit of non-harmful acidic sauce.

People usually say that pizza is not good for health! It’s junk food! It will make you fat! It will make you gain extra pounds!!

But people it is not the fact. Apart from its delicious taste, it is healthy too. Pizza is actually a baked dough, made up of wheat. We find it topped with a certain amount of veggies, fruits and meat. For instance, olives, tomatoes and fried chicken in non-veg. So all these toppings add some nutritious values to the pizza. Apart from the wheat dough, which is healthy and nutritious too. People think of it as junk food, which is not a fact. Pizza is not junk food. It has its own nutrition count.


We have a video from the youtube channel: EVERYDAY HEALTH. In this video, Joy Bauer talks about pizza. Its benefits and a bit about its history.

She talks as follows:

  1. She suggests us to go for a strategic plan on pizza intake.
  2. Suggesting to go for thin crust rather than having the thick crust.
  3. Thick crust and hand-tossed crust contain lots of extra calories.
  4. If your pizza shop offers whole-wheat crust then it won't save you any calories, but it will add more filling fibre and nutrition to every slice.
  5. Cut on the cheese topping.
  6. Use high-fibre veggies that can bulk you up for a long period of time.

Believe me or not, pizza is good for you!!

There are many reasons for pizza being good for you, let us have a look at the 6 reasons why pizza is good for you:

Pizza prevents cancer!

Why is pizza good for you

The first and most important among all. We are not familiar with the fact that pizza prevents cancer. Pizza is always counted in the list of junk food. It is always considered as a fat-rich food. We literally sorted it out as a big guilty food. But recent scientific studies have claimed that pizza prevents cancer.

People usually eat the slices two to three times a week. Most of them are likely to have a healthy oesophagus. Having pizza for at least once or twice a week is good. It reduces the risk of having an oesophagus cancer. It also drives a healthy life to your throat. Studies have proved it. Those who eat pizza once or twice a week. Have a reduced risk of throat cancer by 33.8%. Almost every pizza comes with tomato sauce at the top. Tomato sauce is also thought of junk food. But tomato sauce helps to prevent cancer. All the magic is done by the “lycopene”. Fresh farmed tomatoes contain lycopene. Tomatoes are red. They are red due to the presence of lycopene in them. Lycopene is an antioxidant.

Tumours are a kind of cancer. Tumours are easily healed by lycopene. Lycopene, when absorbed in the skin does the magic. It can reverse the growth of tumours. Lycopene is not easily absorbed by the human body. Our digestive system has to work hard to get lycopene absorbed. They are efficiently absorbed when consumed via cooked food. This is the top reason among the 6 reasons why pizza is good for you.

Pizza is rich in protein!

Apart from other food nutrients, protein is the most important. Most of us require protein to live. Protein helps to recover damaged tissues faster. It is required to generate enzymes, juices and hormones inside our body. Protein works as cells. Cells are building a block of our entire body. Similarly, protein is considered the building block. It is the basic building block of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. Pizza contains cheese. Cheese contains protein. The topping of pizza contains cheese. Along with other fruits and veggies. An average pizza slice contains about 10 grams of protein. Consumption of protein is scientifically fixed. An average adult must take about 6.9 grams of protein for every 21 pounds of his/her body weight.

Minor physical movements may burn your calories. Protein helps you to conserve your calories. Protein helps you to remain filled up. It helps you to remain strong. With a small intake of protein, you can remain filled up for a long time. Pizza is rich in protein. So, it can be used to remain filled up. Mostly pizza toppings contain good quality cheese. Which helps you to remain fast and strong. You have completed the second reason among the 6 reasons why pizza is good for you.

Pizza makes you vegetable-friendly!

Pizza contains lots of vegetables. It is rich in vegetables. Pizza tastes better when they are eaten along with cooked vegetables. If you eat pizza, you are also eating vegetables. The cheese, tomato sauce, fried dough and vegetables really taste awesome. Just place your vegetables on the pizza instead of placing them on the plate.

Vegetables are rich in various nutrients and minerals. They are crucial sources of potassium, fibre, folic acid and many different vitamins. They are mostly rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. White potatoes and tomatoes which are used in pizza are great. They are rich sources of potassium. Vitamin A keeps your eyes clear and good. Your body skin also remains healthy. Vitamin C helps you to get strong teeth and gums. Since vegetables are rich in fibres, fibres are also beneficial. Fibres give you good blood circulation. It lowers the cholesterol level in your blood. It also helps your heart. The heart is able to pump quality blood. It reduces the risk of heart failures. Helps your body to remain filled up for a long time. You have completed 3rd and about to read the 4th one.

You have a choice!

Why is pizza good for you
There is a wide variety of pizza available in the market. Pizza has great taste. It really gives joy to your tastebuds. We all love to have it. You may love the toppings. Or, may love the tomato sauce on it. The veggies are awesome! And the dough is first class. The entire set up makes you go crazy!

One who eats it, begin to want it repeatedly. People like to eat pizza. The most amazing thing is: You have a choice! You don’t have to stick to only one pizza type. Pizza restaurants and centres have made it well. The pizza industry is aware of its customers. People like to eat pizza. Pizza restaurants are providing you with various kinds of pizzas.

The most popular pizza types are Laham Bi Ajeen, Margherita, Calzone, Stromboli, Marinara, Neapolitan, Deep dish. We all like these types of pizza. We will find those pizzas may choose among them! You have a variety of choice! It may make your tastebuds dance! The 4th reasons among the 6 reasons why pizza is good for you.

A great breakfast!

Why is pizza good for you?
Pizza is a sensational meal. It is in great demand. Restaurants and pizza centres are greatly aware of this fact. People like to have pizza. We can have it at breakfast. It will be the most delicious breakfast ever. The baked dough along with its awesome toppings makes it taste awesome. Cooked vegetables increase your nutrient value and tomato ketchup adds to the sweet content. The crispy pizza toppings are out of this world.

And the entire combination builds the setup. This setup is totally tasty, healthy and full of nutrition. Since you have it for your breakfast. You may also have it for your lunch. Pizza arrives at your door the fastest. Deliverymen are very aware of the time limit. Domino’s have put their step on making the fastest deliveries. Apart from quick and fast deliveries, pizza is the most affordable tasty meal available on this planet. We can easily afford this 12 dollar dough. Apart from being cheap and affordable, it also adds value to your diet. If you are on a diet. And you are having two to four slices of pizza. Then it is great! You will not gain weight. Neither you will lose any. Having pizza in your breakfast will simply be great. Your stomach will meet with vegetables. Which are full of vitamins and minerals. Apart from giving you a great taste, it also keeps you healthy. this is the 5th reason among the 6 reasons why pizza is good for you.

Pizza is a balanced treat!


Pizza being the most delicious food items, we can use pizza to give the treat. Parties and functions usually have pizza. We are really addicted to pizza. Pizza makes you feel out of this world. It tastes awesome! The pizza market is going up day by day. The only reason is its popularity.

People like to have pizza in their breakfast. This is not less than a treat. We address pizza as a treat food. It also can be considered as a celebration meal. Apart from its awesome taste, it is a perfect instance of a balanced diet. Being balanced is necessary. Pizza contains a full balanced nutrient content. Starting from its topping, and ending to its dough layer. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients. Also full of tasty cooked vegetables. Pizza dough contains a combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The crispy crust is rich in carbohydrates, the pizza cheese is rich in protein and some tiny pieces of potatoes contain fats. Pizza is great to have for breakfast or in any other meal.

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